Address: 602#, 5 Hong Run Apartment, 2179 Pu Dong (S.) Road, Shanghai
Tel: (86
  21) *************
Mob: (
  86) 139012345
09/86-07/90 Bachelor of Economics
Shanghai University of Finance & Economy
09/83-07/86 The High School Affiliated to Fu Dan University
Over the last ten years, have worked in various multinational corporate or investment house in the position of finance director or chief financial controller overcharging the financial operation of the company starting from financial planning, budgeting, monitoring and risk control system etc.. Very familiar with relevant legislative and financial framework of either local Chinese companies or foreign companies operating in China. Strong relationship with local government entities and intermediary firms especially in the field of accounting, auditing, asset appraisal firms and commercial banks.
04/99-Present NewMargin Ventures
Chief Financial Controller
NewMargin Ventures is one the leading venture capital firms in China with a range of domestic and international investors including such names as Motorola and GIC.I was hired as one of the key members involved in the setting up of NewMargin Ventures especially in the area of financial and internal operation system detailed as follows:
Responsible for leading the group’s finance function and establishing & improving the internal control system;
Responsible for internal finance & accounting;
Developed the staff performance evaluation system and incentive scheme;
Monitored the fund’s financials and prepared the shareholders reports;
Coordinated with the fund / custodian bank to execute our investments effectively;
Coordinated with the audit firm to implement the annual audit of the fund and financial due diligence on potential deals;
Assisted the investment manager monitor the portfolio companies;
Assisted in the merger negotiation and listing of portfolio companies;
Assisted in the raising of an RMB fund, which was the first JV fund in China under the latest PRC laws.
01/98-04/99 Toshiba (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
Finance Director
Led a team in managing the group’s financial & accounting function;
Developed strategic tax plans for the company;
Prepared the annual budget and reviewed / supervised its implementation;
Performed financial analysis of the group’s cost control function.
05/94-01/98 Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Developing (Holding) Co., Ltd.
Financial Manager
Prepared the budget and controlled the execution;
Prepared strategic tax plan under P.R.C. laws;
Organized the accounting work.
05/92-05/94 Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Zone Developing Co.Ltd.
Assistant Financial Manager
Responsible for taxation claims;
Conducted budget setting and monitoring.
07/90-05/92 Shanghai Tea Import & Export Co.Ltd.
Chief Accountant / Internal Auditor
Responsible for bookkeeping and maintenance of general ledger.
Fluent written and spoken English and Mandarin.
Actively participate in sports, reading and traveling.



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