Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Curriculum Vitaes
(English Edition)
Computer Science and Technology, Computer college English Major, Foreign Language College
Self Information
Name Gender
Wei Yang Male
Birth Date(dd/mm/yy)
  10.1981 Folk Native Place Stature Health Condition Education Level Graduated University Major(with main certifications) Han
Wuhan City, Hubei Province
172cm Excellent Undergraduate
Huazhong University of Science and Technology(H.U.S.T.) First Major: Computer Science and Technology (IBM Java) Second Major: English (TEM
Telephone Number Address E-Mail
027-85883746(HOME) 13627125499(Mobile Phone) Chao Yang Rooming House,
5-B-702,Xinhuaxilu Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan
Self Experience
Education Background

  00. Studied in Huazhong University of Science and Technology Studied in Wuhan No.1 Middle School
Job Intent
Prefer jobs on translation (both interpret and written translator), distribution, art design, etc. Especially for jobs witch related to English.
Self Abilities

  1. Take computer as first major. Good at C language, compile technology and port technology;
  2. Take English as second major. Excellent marks of each courses;
  3. Able to communicate with those take English as native language. Standard Cambridge accent. Highly familiar with the culturals and geographies of English speaking countries.
  4. Long-time experience of contacting with foreigners.
  5. Expert Business English trained. Up to international business intercourse codex.
  6. Expert fine arts trained before entering university. Especially good at painting and charcoal drawing.
  7. Be art-culturaled. Familiar with western classical literature. Enclose: Authentications
  1. Diploma from H.U.S.T.
  2. Degree of Engineer of computer
  3. Degree of Literature of English
  4. TME-4
  5. CET-4
  6. IBM Visual Ages for Java
Working Experience

  1. Been monitor, minister of college propaganda, minister of college outer affairs from 2000 to 20
  2. Practiced in Lanxin Internet Technology Company as a tester in the summer of 20
  3. Having been working in New Oriental Wuhan since 20
  10. and sent to Pecking for training and completion.
Self Experience Characters

  4. Good mentality. Calm, cautious. Full of patient. 148 degrees in Standard Test of Edward. Always excellent mental condition in adversities. Quick reaction.
  5. Strong sense of moral and responsibility. Honor.
Hobbies and Strong Suit

  6. European classical arts. Western classical literature. Floriculture. Painting and charcoal drawing. Collecting military items. Collecting British and American movie DVD. (More than 1,000 sheets so far)
Self Assess

  1. Good studying habits.
  2. Strict self requirement. Great sense of responsibilities. Always finish jobs well and on time. Never delay.
  3. Inaugurate thoughts. Good at summarizing and discovering.
“Trust my ability, you will gain a lot!”

  1. College report card of Computer Department from 2000 to 20
  03.(of original)
  2. College report card of English Department from 2000 to 20
  03. (of original)
  3. Pass of TME-4(of copied)
  4. Pass of CET-4(of copied)
  5. IBM Visual Ages for Java(of copied)
  6. Diploma from H.U.S.T. (of copied)
  7. Degree of Engineer of computer(of copied)
  8. Degree of Literature of English(of copied)
  9. Treatise of computer(in U-disk)



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