Unit 2
Lesson 3 Sports Stars
设计教师: 设计教师:(
  2) 教学年级: 教学年级:高一 课题名称: Lesson 3 Sports Stars 课题名称 Unit Two HEROES 教材版本: 教材版本:北京师范大学出版社 Module 1 授课时间: 授课时间: 40mins Teaching objectives:
Teaching aims: To read a text for specific information To provide a title appropriate for a whole text To use the Present Perfect and Past Simple tenses appropriately To practise using positive and negative opinion adjectives. Teaching difficult and important points New words and expressions, the reading skill To use the Present Perfect and Past Simple tenses appropriately Teaching Aids: pictures and cassette Teaching methods: Task reading and role playing Teaching procedures: Step 1 Leading?in T: They are many sporting heroes and heroines. Do you think so? Who are you favorite sporting heroes or heroines. S: T:Who can tell me some foreigners? Please look at the picture. Who are they? S: T:They are sisters,what’s more , they are both tennis champions.Do you feel surprised?How do they become champions?Do you want to know more about them? Name:Venus Williams Sex :female Birthday :19
  07.17 Weight:
  72.7kg Height :185cm
Name :Serena Williams Birthday:19
  09.28 Height:178cm Weight :
  65.9kg Nationality :America Step2 Presentation Fast reading Ask ss to read the text and find out the following sentences which wrong or right
  1. They both sisters have no chance to play with each other
  2. The both were born in a dangerous area
  3. Except playing tennis ,they don’t like to do other things
  4. Venus won the US open in 1999 and 2002 Careful reading: Ask ss to read the text again, then do exercise
  3.Let ss discuss with each other, and check the answers:
  1. They are both tennis champions who have to play with each other.
  2. A poor background or they lived in a poor area of California ,full of violence and drugs.
  3. Their parents
  4. They get on well Have ss the following words’meanings Look back, compete against, keen, come to an end , be strict with, do the dishes Step 3 Drill Roleplaying For example: S1-reporter: Welcome Venus and Serena to our studio. How do you feel as a tennis champion? S2-Venus:I like playing tennis very much. S3-Serena:I just try my best to do what I like. S1:Where were you born? ……. Step 4 Language points
  1. speak about 谈论,讲述 We couldn’t get him to speak about his war experiences. 我们无法让他讲述当年战争的经历。
  2. interest 兴趣;可以和某些动词搭配 He has no interest in fine arts. 他对美术没有兴趣。
I’ve lost my interest in collecting coins. 我已经失去了收集硬币的兴趣。 The guests showed great interest in the new design. 客人们对这种新设计表示出极大的兴趣。
  3.come to an end 结束 The meeting came to an end at last. 会议终于结束了。
  5. compete Compete against/with 与。。竞争 。 e.g They will compete against/with a rival company. Compete for 为。。而竞争 。 e.g They are always competing for attention.
  6.keen Be keen on sth(be fond of)喜欢 e.g She’s keen on football. Be keen to do 热心做某事 e.g He is keen to help others Venus spoke about the time when she and Serena were practising tennis.(when 引导定 语从句) e.g I always remember the time when we stayed in the middle school. The first time Venus played in a big event was in 19
  96.(定语从句) (by the time,the day(s),the time ,every time 后接定语从句,可以省略 when) e.g DO you still remember the day( when) we first met. Step 5 Grammar Ask ss to read the sentences,and match them with the uses.then check the answers The use of the present perfect
  1.past events and activities with results or consequences in the present e.g Her last book has been a great success
  2.a single or repeated activities in the past , the time isn’t given or known e.g I have ever walked across the Amazon jungle. 3 things that started in the past and continue up till now. offen with time such as always,since ,for,and so on e.g I’ve always loved travel. Then ask ss to answer these questions and check the answers afterwards
  1. leave at the end of this month. I don’t think you should do that until another job. (2006 北京) A. I’m going to; you’d found B. I’m going to; you’ve found C. I’ll; you’ll find D. I’ll; you’d find
  2.Although medical science control over several dangerous diseases, what
worries us is that some of them are returning. (2006 江苏) A. achieved B. has achieved C. will achieve D. had achieved
  4.-- you him around the museum yet? (2007 江苏) --Yes. We had a great time there. A. Have … shown B. Do … show C. Had … shown D. Did … show
  3.My friend, who on the International Olympic Committee all his life, is retiring next month. (2006 浙江) A. served B. is serving C. had served D. has served
  5.The unemployment rate in this district from 6% to 5% in the past two years. (2007 上海春) A. has fallen B. had fallen C. is falling D. was falling Answers:BBADA Do exercise 9 and 11 Step 6 Homework If time is limited ask students do the exercise 10, and 12 as homework



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