Lesson Plan

英 语
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课 型

Unit 3 Using Machines
1 课时
节 次
教学目标 能力目标

  1. Four-skill: button, key, door, lid, direction, open, close, turn, press, unplug, call;
  2. Three-skill: copier, computer, telephone, microwave, coffee maker, lawn mower, cash register;
  3. Sentence Pattern: Let’s do….
  1. Ss will be able to identify some machines used in our daily life and will be able to use some verbs about how to operate the machines.
  2. Ss will be able to understand and give directions for machines. Ss will learn to cooperate with partners and be a good team player.

  1. Ss can make dialogues with their group members;
  2. Ss can understand some simple instructions about machines.

  1. How to make student active in every step of the class;
  2. How to help Ss understand and use what they learn in this unit.
Task-based learning Teacher: PPT; Divide the Ss into groups. Students; Try to collect as many words about machines as they can. 教 教学程序/教学内容 学 过 程 教师活动 学生活动
Step 1: Warming up (5’): Show some pictures Try to describe the
  1. The teacher shows some pictures to students and ask pictures. about machines to the Ss on the PPT questions like this: and let them tell their English names. What is it called in English? One of the Ss gives
  2. Ss say out some other words about machines that they have collected by themselves before the class. the Chinese name of the machine and let other Ss tell its English name. Purposes:
  1. Activate Ss’ background knowledge;
  2. To check how well Ss remember the new words about machines in this unit.
  3. Build and enlarge Ss vocabulary. Step 2: Conversation(8’):
  1. Ss finish Task B by themselves;
  2. Ss check the answers in pairs; The teacher gives a guide about how to do it and walk around, giving explanation to some of the Ss. The Ss finish the task on their own first and then check answers with their partners.

  3. Ss work in pairs to create more The teacher can Ss practice with give one or two their partners. the words they learn in this unit as many examples first. as they can; conversations about this topic; try to use
  4. Ask some pairs to do the presentation in front of the whole class;
Purpose: Develop Ss’ speaking fluency;
Step 3: Grammar(8’):
  1. Ss give some explanation about how to use the sentence pattern: “Let’s do …”;
  2. Ss give some examples about how to use “Let’s do …”;
  3. Ss finish Task C by themselves;
  4. Ss check the answers with their partners;
Ss repeat some sentences after the teacher.
Walk around to Ss exchange their
  5. Ask Ss to make sentences with the guide the Ss who sentences in front have difficulties. of the whole class. following words: button, key, door, lid; open; close; press; turn; unplug; call; let’s; … Purposes: Ss can master the usage of sentence pattern “Let’s do …” Step 4: Reading and Writing(10’)
  1. Ss complete the microwave oven instructions;
  2. Check Ss answers together;
  3. Suppose a factory has produced a new product?coffee maker. They are asking Show a picture of a us students to design an introduction for coffee make on it. PPT to the Ss. First, Ss work in groups of four to prepare their work. After that, the group leader shows their production to the whole class in turn. Listen and follow the teacher’s orders.
Discuss with group members.
  1. Develop Ss’ creativity;
  2. Encourage Ss to put what they’ve learnt in this unit into use.
Step 5: Exploration(5’): T: Your neighbor has bought a new television, but its instruction is English. So he is asking you for help. Can you give some explanation about how to use the The teacher show television to him? the Instruction on PPT to the Ss. Instruction of Television If you want to turn on or turn off the television, please press the red button. If you want to choose the programs, please press the number button. If you want to change the voice, just press the voice button. If you want to put up, press the left button. If you want to put down, press the right button. Purposes:
  1. Practice Ss’ reading skills;
  2. Ss can understand some simple instructions of machines;
  3. To build up Ss’ team spirit.
First, Ss read the instruction by themselves. Second, Ss work in groups of four to have a discussion. If they have any questions, they can either refer to the dictionary or ask the teacher for help; Thirdly: Choose one or two groups to give their presentation.
Step: Summary and Homework(4’): T: Today, we reviewed this unit by doing some speaking, writing and reading practice. All of you have done a very good job. The homework for today is to finish the exercises on Page 1
  60. Thank you! Purposes: Summarize the whole class. 板书设计 Unit 3 Using Machines Review New words about machines that the Ss collected before the class:



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