1.上课(Beginning a class) (
  1)Let's start now./Let's begin our class/lesson. (
  2)Stand up,please. (
  3)Sit down,Pease.
  2.问候(Greeting) (
  4)Hello,boys and girls/children. (
  5)Good morning,class/everyone/everybody/children/boys and girl s. (
  6)Good afternoon,class/everyone/everybody/children/boys and gi rls. (
  7)How are you today?
  3.考勤(Checking attendance) (
  8)Who's on duty today?/Who's helping this morning/today? (
  9)Is everyone/everybody here/present? (
  10)Is anyone away?/Is anybody away? (
  11)Is anyone absent?/Is anybody absent? (
  12)Who's absent?/Who's away? (
  13)Where is he/she? (
  14)Try to be on time./Don't be late next time. (
  15)Go back to your seat,please. (
  16)What day is it today? (
  17)What's the date today? (
  18)What's the weather like today? (
  19)What's it like outside?

  4.宣布(Announcing) (
  20)Let's start working./Let's begin/start a new lesson./Let's beg in/start our lesson. (
  21)First,let's review/do some review. (
  22)What did we learn In the last lesson? (
  23) Who can tell/remember what we did In the last lesson/ yesterda y? (
  24)Now we're going to do something new/different./Now let's lear n something new. (
  25)We have some now words/sentences.
  5.提起注意(Directing attention) (
  26)Ready?/Are you ready? (
  27)Did you get there?/Do you understand? (
  28)Is that clear? (
  29)Any volunteers? (
  30)Do you know what to do? (
  31)Be quiet,please./Quiet,please. (
  32)Listen,please. (
  33)Listen carefully,please. (
  34)Listen to the tape recorder/the recording. (
  35)Look carefully,please. (
  36)Look over here. (
  37)Watch carefully. (
  38)Are your watching? (
  39)Please look at the black-board/picture/map…
  40)Pay attention to your spelling/pronunciation.
  6.课堂活动(Classroom activities) (
  41)Start!/Start now. (
  42)Everybody together./All together. (
  43)Practise in a group./Practise In groups/In groups,please. (
  44)Get into groups of three/four… (
  45)Every body find a partner/friend. (
  46)In pairs,please. (
  47)One at a time./Let's do It one by one. (
  48)Now you,please./Your turn(Students name). (
  49)Next,please.Now you do the same,please. (
  50)Let's act./Let's act out/do the dialogue. (
  51)Who wants to be A? (
  52)Practise the dialogue,please. (
  53)Now Tom will be A,and the other half will be B. (
  54)Please take(play)the part of… (
  55)Whose turn is It? (
  56)It's your turn. (
  57)Wait your turn,please. (
  58)Stand inline./Line up. (
  59)One by one./One at a time,please. (
  60)In twos./In pairs. (
  61)Don't speak out. (
  62)Turn around.

  7.请求(Request) (
  63)Could you please try It again? (
  64)Could you please try the next one? (
  65)Will you please help me?
  8.鼓励(Encouraging) (
  66)Can you try? (
  67)Try,please. (
  68)Try your best./Do your best. (
  69)Think it over and try again. (
  70)Don't be afraid/shy.
  9.指令(Issuing a command) (
  7)Say/Read after me,please. (
  72)Follow me,please. (
  73)Do what do. (
  7)Repeat,please./Repeat after me. (
  75)Once more,please./One more time,please. (
  7)Come here,please. (
  77)Please come to the front./Come up and write on the blackboar d/chalkboard. (
  78)Come and write It on the blackboard. (
  79)Please go back to your seat. (
  80)In English,please. (
  81)Put your hand up,please.Raise your hand,please. (
  82)Put your hands down,please./Hands down,please.
  83)Say it/Write it in Chinese/English. (
  84)Please take out your books. (
  85)Please open your books at page…/Find page…/Turn to Page… (
  86)Please answer the question/questions./Please answer my qllllst 1On(s). (
  87)Please read this letter/word/sentence out loud./Please readou t this letter/word/sentence. (
  88)Please stop now./Stop now,please./Stop here,please. (
  89)Clean up your desk/the classroom,please. (
  90)It's clean-up time./Tidy up your desk/the classroom. (
  91)Put your things away./Clean off your desk./Pick up the scrap s (
  92)Clean the blackboard. (
  93)Plug in the tape-recorder,please. (
  94)Put the tape-recorder away. (
  95)Put the tap,In it's box/cassette. (
  96)Listen and repeat. (
  97)Look and listen. (
  98)Repeat after me. (
  99)Follow the words. (1
  00)Fast./Quickly!/Be quick,please.
  01)Hurry!/Hurry up,please
2 了. 3 Please come earlier next time. 上课. 4 Class begins.
1 Let's get ready for class. 准备上课. I'm sorry I'm late. /Excuse me for coming late. 下次请早点到.
5 Who's on duty today? 今天谁值日? 6 Is everyone here? 都到齐了吗? 7 Who's absent today? 今天谁没来? 今天是星期几? 8 What day is today? 9 What's the date today? 今天是几号? 10 Li Hong, have you collected all the exercise-books? 李红,作业 本都收齐了吗? 11 Here are your exercise-books. Please hand them out. 这是练习 本,请发下去. 12 Monitor, would you please fetch some chalk for me? 班长, 能帮我 去拿些粉笔来吗? 13 Open your books, please. 请翻开书. 14 please turn to Page
  12. 请翻开书到 12 页. 请拿出笔记本/ 15 Please take out your notebooks/exercise books. 练习本. 16 No more talking, please. 请安静. 17 Attention, please. 请注意. 让我们来听写. 18 Let's have a dictation. 19 We're going to have a new lesson today. 今天我们要上新课. 首先我们复习一下. 20 First let's have a revision. 21 Who can answer this question? 谁能回答这个问题? 22 Do you have any questions? 你们有问题吗? 让我看看/想想. 24 Let me see. 25 Put up your hands if you have any questions. 如果有问题请举 手. 26 Raise your hands, please. 请举手. 27 Hands down. 把手放下. 跟我读. 28 Repeat after me/Follow me. 29 Listen to me, please. 请听我说. 30 Look at the blackboard/screen, please. 请看黑板/屏幕. 31 All eyes on me, please. 请都看着我. 32 Can you solve this problem? 能做出这道题吗? 大家齐声朗读,预备,起. 33 Let's read it together. Ready, go! 34 Read slowly and clearly. 读慢一点,清楚一点. 35 Who wants to try? 谁想试一试? 36 Who wants to do it on the blackboard? 谁愿意到黑板上来做? 37 Are you through? 做完了吗? 38 Have you finished? 做完了吗? 39 You did a very good job. 做得不错. 40 Very good./Good try./ Well done! 完成得不错. 41 Terrific!/ Wonderful! / Excellent! 很棒! 42 Please give him (her) a big hand. 请给他/她一些掌声. 43 Can you follow me? 能跟上吗? 你听懂了吗? 44 Do you understand?
45 Don't be nervous. 不要紧张. 46 Any one can help him/ her? 谁来帮他/她一下? 47 Any volunteers? 谁自愿回答? 对不起,能再说一遍吗? 48 I beg your pardon? 49 Take it easy. 请放心/别紧张. 50 Be brave / active, please. 请勇敢/主动些. 51 Who wants to try? 谁来试试? 52 Come up to the front, please. 请到前面来. 请回座位. 53 Go back to your seat, please. 54 Come on. You can do it. 来吧!你能做到的. 55 Come on, you're almost there. 来吧!你快(做/答)对了. 56 I'll give you a clue (hint). 我给你一些提示. 57 You can do it this way. 你可以这样来做. 让我们玩个游戏. 58 Let's play a game. 59 Are you tired? Let's take a break. 累了吗?休息一下. 60 Look up the word in the dictionary. 在字典里查这个词. 61 Take notes, please. 请作笔记. 明白了吗? 62 Are you clear ? 63 Is that right /correct? 那个正确吗? 你能找出错误吗? 64 Can you find the mistakes? 65 Do you know how to correct the mistakes? 你知道怎么改错 吗? 准备好了吗? 66 Are you ready? 67 Can you guess it? 能猜猜吗? 对,你对了. 68 Yes. You're right. 69 I'm sorry. Can you say that again? 对不起,能再说一遍吗? 70 Take your time. 慢慢来. 动动脑筋. 71 Use your head. 72 Good idea! That makes sense. 好主意.有道理. 73 Whose turn is it? 轮到谁了? 74 Now you're going to read one by one. 现在你们依次朗读. 75 Who's next? 接下来是谁? 接下来是你. 76 You're next. 77 It's your turn. 轮到你了. 78 Just hands. No voices. 不要说,请举手. 79 Do it on your own. 自己做. 80 From the very beginning. 从头开始. 81 Please read it to the end. 请读到结尾. 82 Stop here, please. 请停下来. 83 Hands up before you answer. 回答问题前,请举手. 84 Here's your homework for today. 这是今天的家庭作业. 85 Hand in your homework tomorrow. 家庭作业明天交. 86 Please pass the exercise books to the front. 请将练习本递到前 面来.
87 Who wants to come to the front? 谁愿意到前面来? 88 Come to my office after class. 下课后到办公室找我. 89 Come and see me after class. 课后找我. 看着我,我来演示. 90 Watch me and I'll show you. 91 I want all of you to answer this question. 我请大家一齐来回答 这个问题. 92 That's all for the new lesson/ revision. 新课/复习就到这儿. 93 I want you to work in pairs/groups. 请大家做对子/小组练习. 对不起耽搁大家了. 94 I'm sorry to have kept you so long. 95 That's all for today. 今天就到这 96 We stop here for today. 今天就到这. 97 Let's call it a day. 今天就到这. 98 Don't copy others' work. 不要抄别人的作业. 下课.谢谢! 99 Class is over. Thank you, class. 100 Good-bye./ See you tomorrow. 再见/明天



   英语教师课堂用语以及一些日常用语 Beginning a class (开始上课) 1. Let's start class. =It's time for class.上课 2. Hello, boys and girls / children.同学们好 3. Good morning /afternoon, boys and girls / teacher/同学们/老师们,早晨好/下午好 4.Stand up / Sit down, please.起立/请坐 5. Who is on d ...


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   小学英语教师课堂用语 在课堂上教师可以用以下句子对学生进行指挥、指导或解释说明。也可教学生用下 列句子提出一些问题或要求。 40) Read after me. (请)跟我读。 41) Look at your books. (请)看书。 42) Look at the blackboard. (请)看黑板。 43) Do you understand? 懂了吗? 44) Is that clear? 明白了吗? 45) Read slowly/clearly. 读慢/清楚些。 46) Lo ...


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   1.上课(Beginning a class) (1)Let's start now./Let's begin our class/lesson. (2)Stand up,please. (3)Sit down,Pease. 2.问候(Greeting) (4)Hello,boys and girls/children. (5)Good morning,class/everyone/everybody/children/boys and girl s. (6)Good afternoon,c ...


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