Unit 6
Period 1
How long have you been collecting shells ?
Deng Yaping Be born 1973 Started to play Finished playing 1978 1997
How long did she play ping-pong ? She played ping-pong for 19 years.
Zhang Yining Be born 1982 1987
Started to play
How long has she been playing ping-pong ? She has been playing ping-pong since 19
  87. She has been playing ping-pong for 21 years.
Interviewing Liu xiang
Be born 1983 1995
  12.91 seconds Started to run The best score
现在完成进行时表示过去某一时间开始一直延续到现在 现在完成进行时表示过去某一时间开始一直延续到现在, 表示过去某一时间开始一直延续到现在 并且有可能持续下去的动作,也用于表示经常反复的动作. 并且有可能持续下去的动作,也用于表示经常反复的动作. 我们常常用以下句型来表示: 我们常常用以下句型来表示
for +一段时间 一段时间 have / has(助动词 been + doing 助动词) 助动词 since +过去的时间点 过去的时间点 since + 从句 (一般过去时 一般过去时) 一般过去时
How long have they been waiting for the bus ? They have been waiting for the bus for 15 minutes. They have been waiting for the bus since 15 minutes ago.
15 minutes
How long has he been riding a bike ? He has been riding a bike since 8 :
Work in pairs
What is she doing ? She is... .
2 hours
How long has she been …ing …. ? She has been …ing … for /since … .
half an hour
an hour
10 minutes ago
Little Johnny Collecting toy cars Started to collect 2 years ago
How long has he been collecting toy cars ? He has been collecting toy cars since two years ago . He has been collecting toy cars for two years .
Work in pairs
What's your hobby ? I like …ing… . When did you start to … . I started to … when I was … years old. How long have you been …ing … ? I have been …ing … for/since… .
Alison Victor How long have you been skating ? How long did you skate ?


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   浅谈初中英语的教材教法 九年义务教育三年制初中英语教材(新版本)是一套贯彻结构与功能相结合原则的新型教材. 它在设计的思路, 教学指导思想, 语言项目设置和具体训练方式上与以往教材均有一定的差 异. 它自始至终体现了重视发展交际能力, 增强语言的自然接触和扩大信息输入量的教育思 想. 它的使用所引起的是人们教学观念和教学方法的一次全面更新. 教师们在使用初期乃至 今后相当长的一个时期内, 不可避免地会碰到这样那样的问题与困难: 诸如上课越上越难上; 课堂学生反映还好,可一到考试就发昏;一堂课 ...


   The World Expo in 2010(世博会 英文作文 世博会)英文作文 世博会 The World Expo in 2010 Shanghai will host the 2010 World Expo. The World Expo has a long history but it has never been held in Asia. So the 2010 World Expo is an honor for all of the Asians. ()ur governm ...


   构造生动而高效的英语课堂教学模式 教师的授课是乏味的,学生的学习就是被动的,课堂缺乏生气,学生则缺乏活力,教育效 果自然不理想。 只有生动的课堂才是高效的课堂,才能激发和更大限度地提高学生的学 习兴趣。那么如何能使课堂生动而高效呢? 以下几点是我在实践中的一些体会。 一、进行生动有趣的课前交际 1.free talk,教师在讲授新课前可和学生作简单的语言交流,在教师的启动下和适当的引 导下, 自然过渡到新课的学习上, 这不失为一种轻松而有效的方法, 很多课型都可用此法。 2.自编短剧,调动学 ...


   自我介绍 Good morning.Professor. I am very glad to be here for this interview. My name is XXX. I come from XX,a very beautiful and famous tourist city which attracts millions of visitors come to here every year. I’ll finished my undergraduate education ...

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