Unit 2 What's the matter?
If you are happy
head arm
neck back hand knee
stomach leg
hair eyes face ear mouth throat
What's the matter with you? I have a sore throat.
What's the matter with her? She has a sore back.
have a stomachache
have a headache
have a toothache
have a fever
have a cold
?What's the matter with…? ?I have/She(He) has a…
headache -ache stomachache toothache earache
?What'the matter with…? ?I have /He(She) has a…
sore throat sore sore back sore arm sore eyes
?What'the matter with…? ?I have /He(She) a…
fever cold
What should I do? You should …
Maybe I should drink some hot tea with honey.
What should he do?
He should see a dentist.
lie down and have a rest What shouldn't he do? He shouldn't do…
Advice: You should…
drink a lot of water /hot tea with honey lie down and rest /go to bed early / stay in bed take some medicine /Chinese herbs
Advice: You shouldn't…
drink coffee /cold drink go to work /lift heavy things eat desserts /ice-cream /sweets
1b Listening
Nancy__ Sarah__ David__ Ben__ Judy__
2a Listening

  1. toothache
  2. sore throat
  3. stomachache
  4. fever a. lie down and rest b. hot tea with honey c. see a dentist d. drink lots of water
2b Listening
I have a sore throat. throat. You should drink some hot tea with honey.
Oh, I have a toothache. toothache.
You should see a dentist
I have a stomachache. stomachache.
You should lie down and rest. rest.
You should drink lots I have a fever. of water. fever. water.
Situation 1: You are not feeling well, so you go
to see a doctor.The doctor gives you some advice.
Situation 2: You are not feeling well, so you
are calling your teacher to ask for a leave(请 请 假).Your teacher gives you some advice.
Useful expressions:
I'm not feeling well./I don't feel well. What's wrong with you?/What's the matter with you? I'm sorry to hear that. When did it start? You should/shouldn't… That's a good idea./That sounds like a good idea./I guess I should./I guess you are right. I hope you feel better soon.
Dear Dr Know,
I am a Junior 1 student .I'm not feeling well. Every day I have so many classes to have and so much homework to do. I'm as busy as a bee. I 'm tired and have a lot of headaches. I study late every night,but I don't think I'm improving. Sometimes I even want to give up study. What should I do? Yours sincerely,
Fill in the blanks. A: What's the matter? B: I'm not feeling well. I have a c. old A: When did it start? ays B: About two d ago. A: Oh, that's too bad. You should rest . get some B: Thank you .That's a good i. dea A: I hope you feel b soon. etter
Let's act.
I have a cold. What's the matter? When did it start? You should…

  1.What's the matter? . 你哪里不舒服?(你怎么了?) 你哪里不舒服?(你怎么了?) ?(你怎么了 matter n.问题,麻烦,事件,通常 问题,麻烦,事件, 问题 与介词" 连用. 与介词"with"连用. 连用 What's the matter with him? 他怎么了? 他怎么了?
这个句型可以与下面这两个句子互换: 这个句型可以与下面这两个句子互换: What's wrong with him? What's the trouble with him? wrong是形容词 前面没有"the"; 是形容词, 是形容词 前面没有" matter和trouble都是名词 前面应有 都是名词, 和 都是名词 "the", trouble前还可以用形容词性的物 前还可以用形容词性的物 主代词. 主代词. What's your trouble, young man? 年轻人, 你怎么了? 年轻人 你怎么了?

  2. I have a sore throat. 我喉咙痛. 我喉咙痛.
  1)have vt. 患(得)病,(不用于 进行时态) 进行时态)
He had a bad cold last week. 他上周患了重感冒. 他上周患了重感冒.
She often has a stomachache. 她常胃(肚子) 她常胃(肚子)疼. 一般情况下用have+a+ 一般情况下用have+a+n. 表示患 了某种疾病. 了某种疾病.
  2)sore"痛,疼",通常指因发炎引 起的肌肉疼, 起的肌肉疼,在表示身体的某部位疼 痛时,常置于部位名词前. 痛时,常置于部位名词前.ache常指 持续性的疼痛, 持续性的疼痛,它常与身体部位的名 词构成复合词, 头痛, 词构成复合词,如:headache头痛, backache背疼等. 背疼等.

  3. You should drink some hot water. 你应该喝点热水. 你应该喝点热水. should情态动词"应该",shouldn't 情态动词"应该" 情态动词 "不应该", 其后接动词原形 没有人称 不应该" 其后接动词原形, 不应该 和数的变化, 用于提出建议. 和数的变化 用于提出建议.
You should be more careful next time. 你下次应更加小心. 你下次应更加小心. She shouldn't go to the party. 她不应该去参加晚会. 她不应该去参加晚会. ※用来表示建议还可能用以下句型: 用来表示建议还可能用以下句型: Let's go to play soccer. 我们去踢足球吧. 我们去踢足球吧.
Why not go home together? 为什么不一起回家呢? 一起回家 为什么不一起回家呢?(一起回家 吧.) How /What about watching TV? 看电视好吗? 看电视好吗?

  4. I'm not feeling well.=I don't feel well. 我觉得不舒服. 我觉得不舒服. feel v. (自己 感觉到 自己) 感觉到……,(心情 觉 心情)觉 自己 , 心情 得……,+形容词 ,+形容词 ,+ I feel hungry/sick. 不舒服). 我觉得饿 (不舒服 . 不舒服
The good words made her feel good. 那些好话使她觉得心里很舒服. 那些好话使她觉得心里很舒服. I hope you feel better soon. 我希望你能马上感觉好点. 我希望你能马上感觉好点. better 是well的比较级. 的比较级. 的比较级

  5. Do you have a cold? 你感冒了吗? 你感冒了吗? cold在这里是名词,意为"感冒". 在这里是名词,意为"感冒" 在这里是名词 患感冒:have a cold, catch (a) cold, 患感冒: get a cold.
cold还可用作形容词 意为"冷的 寒 还可用作形容词, 意为"冷的, 还可用作形容词 冷的" 冷的". It's so cold today that I have a cold. 今天太冷了, 我都感冒了. 今天太冷了 我都感冒了. 是形容词, ※第一个cold是形容词,第二个 第一个 是形容词 第二个cold是 是 名词. 名词.

  1. I hope . A. you better soon. B. you to be better soon. C. you are better soon. D. you'll be better soon. '

  2. ?I feel tired. -- . A. Why not go to bed? B. You'd better go to bed. ' C. Why don't you go to bed? ' D. All above.
  3. ? does he take this medicine ? -- Twice a day. A. How soon B. How long C. How much D. How often

  4.There is with my back. A. wrong something B . something wrong C. wrong anything D. anything wrong

  5. If you this medicine three times a day; you better soon. A. take; will get B. will take; get C. take; get D. will take; will get
  6.?What is wrong with you ? ?My back is very . A. sore B. hurts C. hurting D. pain

  7. ? I have a sore back. A. What's the matter? B. What's wrong with you ? C. Do you have a sore back? D. either A or B

  8. The nurse his temperature and found he had a bad fever. A. take B. takes C. took
  9.--What's the matter you, Lucy? ' --Nothing much. A. on B with C. to D. of

  10. Billy had a fever, so he didn't ' go to school today. A. tall B. big C. high D. height
What's the matter? What's wrong with you?
  1.You should.
  2.You'd better.
  3.Why not?
  4.Why don't you?
根据提示给你的英语老师写一张请假条. 根据提示给你的英语老师写一张请假条. have a fever ; doctor told me to stay in bed for two days; can't go to school ' today ; tomorrow ; hope get well; very soon; thank you
Dear Miss Jiang, I'm sorry to tell you that I'm not feeling well today. I have a fever. The doctor told me to stay in bed for two days. So I can't go to school today and tomorrow. I hope I can get well very soon. Thank you!
Section B
Match the advice with the people below. What's the matter? I am stressed out. You should listen to some music.
What's the matter? I am tired. You should go to bed.
What's the matter? I am hungry. You should eat an apple.
What's the matter? I am thirsty. You should have a drink.
2a Listening
Problem Gina Should Shouldn't go to the party tonight study tonight eat any more dumplings play soccer before dinner go to bed tired early Tony stressed out listen to some music have a Julie thirsty drink eat an Alan hungry apple
Conversation 1 Mom: What's the matter, Gina? ' Gina: I'm tired. ' Mom: Well, you should go to bed early. Gina: That's sounds like a good idea. ' Mom: You certainly shouldn't go to ' that party tonight. Gina: I guess you're right. '
Conversation 2 Bill: What's the matter, Tony? ' Tony: I'm stressed out. ' Bill: You should listen to some music. Tony: That sounds like a good idea. Bill: And relax, you shouldn't study ' tonight. Tony: Okay. I think I'll stop. '
Conversation 3 Mary: What's the matter, Julie? ' Julie: I'm thirsty. ' Mary: You should have a drink. Julie: I guess you're right. ' Mary: And you shouldn't eat any ' more dumplings.
Conversation 4 Dad: What's the matter, Alan? ' Alan: I'm hungry. ' Dad: You should eat an apple. Alan: That's a good idea. ' Dad: You shouldn't play soccer ' before dinner.
Pairwork: What's the matter?
A: What's the matter? ' Do you have a sore throat? B: No, I don't. ' A: Do you have a headache? B: Yes, I do. A: You should lie down and have a rest.
What's the matter? I have a . fever drink lots of water and go to bed You should. You shouldn't. go out and exercise
A:What's the matter? B:I have a stomachache . A:You should. lie down and have a rest eat anything for two hours You shouldn't .
A: What's the matter with Gina ? ' B: She's tired. ' A: Well, she should go to bed early . She shouldn't go to that party. '
3a Reading
Yes or No
  1. Doctors believe we need a balance of yin and yang. (N)
  2. If you are weak and often tired, maybe you have too much yin. ( Y )
  3. If you have too much yang, you should eat hot yang foods, like beef, Dangshen and Huangqi hurbs. ( N)

  4. If you are stressed out and angry, maybe you have too much yang. (Y)
  5. If you have too much yang, you should have some yin foods like tofu . (Y)
problem yin weak and tired
should eat yang foods , like Dangshen and Huangqi herbs eat yin foods like tofu
yang too stressed out and angry
What are the students' problems? A: What's the matter? B: I have a …. He / She has a ….
You should take some medicine and rest.
You should drink lots of water.
You should see a dentist.
You should drink some hot tea with honey.
You should lie down and rest.

  1. She shouldn't go to the party. ' should是一个情态动词 意思是 是一个情态动词, 是一个情态动词 "应该, 应当", 表示建议 它用于所 应该 应当" 表示建议, 有人称, 其后接动词原形, 否定形式 有人称 其后接动词原形 是在其后加not, 也可以缩写为 是在其后加 shouldn't, 变为一般疑问句时 ' 变为一般疑问句时should 提到主语的前面. 提到主语的前面.
We should study hard. 我们应该努力学习. 我们应该努力学习. We shouldn't listen to music in class. 我们不应当课上听音乐. 我们不应当课上听音乐.

  2. Traditional Chinese doctors believe we need a balance of cooling yin and yang to be healthy. 传统中医认为我们需要通过阴阳调 和来保持健康. 和来保持健康.
  1) 其中 balance of……平衡 其中a 平衡 keep a balance of 保持一个 保持一个……平衡 平衡
keep a balance of nature 保持自然(生态)平衡. 保持自然(生态)平衡.
  2) be healthy, keep healthy, stay healthy 都是保持健康的意思. 都是保持健康的意思. healthy是形容词 其名词形式为 是形容词, 是形容词 health.

  1. - How many f does a cat have? eet -Four.
  2. -What's the matter with you ? - I have a s throat. ore
  3. The doctor give me a lot of a. dvice
  4. -I 'm s out . tressed - You need a rest.
Tom每天都不能按时上交老师留的 每天都不能按时上交老师留的 作业, 请你至少给他写5条建议 条建议, 作业 请你至少给他写 条建议 建议要 合情合理. 合情合理. Tom can't finish the homework on ' time. I think he should take the advice like: He should …
He should finish homework on time every day. He shouldn't watch TV every night. He shouldn't play computer games until midnight. He should watch TV after he finishes homework. And he should play computer games once a week only on Saturday evening. I think he can become a good boy.
How can we stay healthy?
Thank you for listening!



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