总 课 题 课 题 教学目标
Unit 3 Good friendsA! Reading !
  1.New words and expressions in this part
  2.The way to describe someone using correct adjectives.
  3.To have the conscience of making friends over the world.
  4.To stimulate Ss’ interests in learning English.
总 课 时
第 3 课时 课型 新授课
教学重点 教学难点 教学过程
The way to describe someone using correct adjectives. The same as the above.
教 教师活动内容、 教师活动内容、方式
学 内 容 学生活动方式
Step one:Revision
  1.Revise the adjectives we learned before to describe someone and the greetings. Warming up:Introduce some Ss in our class to the other Ss.(Teach sth new here) Eg: …. is a girl.She is tall/slim… She is from BaoYing. Step two:New Learning
  1. Look at the pictures and dialogues here.Explain the difficulties here (words and expressions) Eg:friend girl England boy America(n) She’s from England. She’s English.
  2. Practise using the adjectives learned before to describe some Ss including their ages .
教师活动内容、 教师活动内容、方式
Writing this on the blackboard.
Get the Ss to practise it with their partners.
总 课 题 课 题 教学目标
Unit 3 Good friends!
总 课 时
第 4
  1.To know different uses of different personal pronouns.
  2.To know different uses of ‘be’vervs.
  3.To improve their abilities in introducing someone.
  4.To stimulate their interests in learning English.
课时 新授课
教学重点 教学难点 教学过程
The use of the ‘be’verbs and personal pronouns.
The same as above

教师活动内容、 教师活动内容、方式 Step one:Revision correct adjectives. Step two:Warming up
学 内 容 学生活动方式
Introduction: Introduce someone by using the
Get the Ss to be prepared for learning the personal pronouns. We can just have a revision of some simple personal pronouns eg. I,you,he,she,etc. Step three:New Learning.
  1. Get the Ss to be familiar with this dialogue first and remind them what we shall write here. (Tell them the use of different be verbs for different personal pronouns)
  2. Get the Ss to check the answers here and read it in different roles.
  3. Finish Part B in Page 19 and check the result in a form of competition. 教师活动内容、 教师活动内容、方式 学生活动方式
Check it in competition. We can use the way used to introduce their friends or partners.
总 课 题 课 题 教学目标
Unit 3 Good friends! Task! To revise the adjectives in this unit to describe someone. To have a better knowledge in using the ‘be’ verbs. To stimulate the Ss to use them in daily life. To stimulate and improve their interests in learning and using English.
总 课 时
第 5
课时 新授课
教学重点 教学难点 教学过程
Revision Revision 教 学 内 容 学生活动方式 备课札记
教师活动内容、 教师活动内容、方式
  1. Daily greetings: Good morning! How are you today? Etc.

  2. Revision : Revise the use of the ‘be’ verbs we learned the day before. Get the Ss to turn to page 19 and look at the table here together.Analyse different characteristics for different people. Then we can see the passage here and help the Ss to finish this part.(Remind the Ss to use the right pronouns and adjectives.) Get the Ss to read the sentences that need to be filled. Let’s read the passage together. Get the Ss to introducing someone around them using the adjectives above and let’s guess who he/she is.
We can finish this part in the form of guessing game. Get the Ss to describe someone or something using ‘be’verbs.
To have a revision in this unit including words and expressions.


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