Good morning everyone! The material I am going to say is Unit5 Can you come to my party?
From Learning English book 3 published by people education press. This is the outline has four parts. Part 1 Analysis of teaching material
The teaching material that I’m going to say is from the leaning English, which is a good and elementary teaching material for the Chinese secondary students continue to develop their language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing . Part 2 Analysis of the students
The Ss has learned English for about 5 years. They have owned some vocabulary , grammar knowledge ,and the skill of conversation ,reading and writing ,the Ss have taken a great interest in English now .however, different Ss develop language in different ways , and the Ss basic knowledge and culture knowledge of English , the skill of using English have to be improved step by with the help of the teacher.
Part 3
Analysis of the teaching methods
Teaching aims and demands
  1), knowledge objects Can you come my party? Suer I’love to.
※Can you go to the movies? I’m sorry.
I have to help my mom.
※Can she go to the baseball game? No she
can’t. she has to study for a test.
※Can they go to the concert? No they can’t.
they’er going to a party.
※go to the doctor, babysit my sister, have a piano
  2) Ability objects
Ss ’
listening,speaking,reading and writing. B:Improve the Ss’ cooperative study. Ss’ C:To develop the Ss’ ability of communication Ss’ by learning the useful structures. structures.
  3)Moral goals A:To enable the Ss to be polite and love life.
B: To enable the Ss to keep time and words in life. Part 4 Analysis of the teaching procedures Step1 Warm-up

  1. Free talk between T and Ss . Such as : Can I borrow your pen, please? Sorry, I’m using it now.
  2.Purpose of my designing: I think it is important to form a better English learning surrounding for the Ss by imitating and at the same time it is necessary to provide situations to review learned knowledge. Step2 Presentation Write the words about English jobs’ name, such as: translator, diplomats, Business person,
computer programmer, hotel worker, scientist, and journalist. and explain the words one by one
  2.Purpose of my designing: to words is much easier for present the Ss the to
understand. Step3 Practise
  1)play the tape recorder three times (
  2)Practise the dialogue in pairs (
  3)Ask the Ss to underline or read the new words .
  2、Purpose of my designing: to improve the Ss listening , spoken English , writing by new
words and pharse . Step4 Sum up
In this step ,review the key points .check weather The Ss can understand the task or not . Step5 Homework
  1.Learn to use the new words and make sentences with the words.
  2. make a investigate with your classmates (7 people in pairs )sush as: Where did you go on vacation? I went to … How did you get there? What other transportation do people use?
Blackboard Design
Unit 5 Can you come to my party? A: Can you come to my party?
concert B: Sorry, I can’t. I have to.
another A: That’s too bad. to B: has to A: Can she / he….. B: Sorry. She / he has to……. Sure. Thanks for asking. Maybe another time. have



   Good morning everyone! The material I am going to say is Unit5 Can you come to my party? From Learning English book 3 published by people education press. This is the outline has four parts. Part 1 Analysis of teaching material The teaching materia ...


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