(A) In the world ,soccer of football is the most popular sport. This is because many countries have wonderful teams for the World Cup. The World Cup is held every four years. To remember 2002 FIFA World Cup ,children from different countries and more than 60 children from Japanese schools came together and spent three weekends drawing a big picture called "Dream(梦幻) World Cups "in Japan .The children drew animals, flowers and people playing soccer under a bule bright sky. They wished each football team good luck by drawing the flags(旗帜)of all the countries that will take part in the World Cup in Japan and South Korea.The picture was put up in a park near a playground in Yokohama .Some football teams will have games there. Are you a football fan(迷)?The World Cup makeds more and more people interested in football Teenagers(青 少年)like playing and watching football .Many of them love some football stars so much that they get the pictures of their favourite players on the walls of their rooms. That is the way to show their love for the World Cup as children in Japan.
  1.If a country wants to take part in the World Cup ,she must have. A.Many football fans B.a very good team C.many football player D.a big playground
  2.The next World Cup will be held in. A.2006 B.2007 C.2005 D.2004
  3.From the passage ,in the picture children drew many things except. A. people playing football B. pictures of some football stars C. a sunny sky D. flowers
  4.In "Dream World Cup",the children drew the flags of some countries. A. to show their love for their owe country B. to tell the people their stories C. to show their good wishes for the football teams D. to show their new ideas about football
  5.Many teenagers owe the pictures of some football stars because. A. they are interested in football B. they are football fans C. they think their favourite players are great D. all of A,B and C (B) In 1826, a Frenchman named Niepce needed pictures for his business .But he was not a good artis .So he invented a very simple camera (照相机).He put it in a window of his house and took a picture of hia garden .That was the first photo. The next important date in the history of photography (摄影术) was in 18
  37.That yeat ,Daguere,another Frenchman ,took a picture of his reading room .He used a new kind of camera in a differentway.In his picture you couild see exerything very clearly ,even the smallest thing.This kind of photo was called a Daguerreotype. Soon, other people began to use Daguerre's way .Travellers brought back wondeful photos from all around the world .people took picture of famous buildings,cities and mountains. In about 1840, photography was developed .Then photographers could take picture of people and moving things .That was not simple .The photographers had to carry a lot of film and other machines.But this did not stop them ,for example,some in the United Ststes worked so hard. Mathew Brady was a famous American photographers.He took many picture of gread people .The picture were unusual beause they were very lifelike(栩栩如生的)
Photographers also became one kind of art by the end of the 19th century .Some photod were nor just cooies of the real world .They showed and feelings,like other kinds of art.
  6.The first photo taken by Niepce was a picturte of A.his business B. his house C. his garden D. his window
  7.The Daguerrotype was. A. a Frenchman B. a kind of picture C. a kind of camera D. a photographer
  8.If a photographer wanted to take pictures of moving things in the year of 1840j, he had to. A. watch lots of films B. buy an expensive camera C. stop in most cities D. take many films and something else with him.
  9. Mathew Brady. A.was very lifelike B. was famous for his unusual pictures C. was quite strong D. took many pictures of moving people
  10.This passage tells us. A. how photography was developed B. how to show your ideas and feelings in pictures C. how to take pictures in the world D. how to use different cameras (C) Americans with small families own a small car or a large one. If both parents are working, they usually have two cars. When the family is large, one of the cars is sold and they will buy a van(住房汽车) A small car can hold(容纳)four persons and a large car can hold six persons but it is very crowded(拥 挤). A van hold seven persons easily, so a family three children could ask their grandparents to go on a holiday travel They could all travel together. Mr.Hagen and his wife had a third child last year. This made them sell a second car and bus a van. Their children sixth and seventh seat are used to put other things, for a family of five must carry many suitcases(衣 箱)when they travel. When they arrive at their grandparents' home , the suitcases are brought into the two seats can then carry the grandparents. Americans call vans motor homes. A motor home is always used for holidays. When a family are traveling to the mountains or to the seaside, they can live in their motor home for a few days or to the seaside, they can live in their motor home for a few days or weeks. All the members of a big family can enjoy a happier life when they are traveling together. That is why motor homes have become very popular. In America there are many parks for motor homes.
  11. From the passage, a van is also called . A. a motor car B. a motor home C. a motorbike D. a big truck
  12. Before Mr. Hagen and his wife bought a van, they. A. sold their old house B. moved to their grandparents' house C.built a new place for a van D. sold their second car
  13. A motor home is usually owned by a family with. A. a baby B. much money C. more than two children D. interest in vans
  14. Americans usually use motor homer. A. to travel with all the family members of holiday B. to do some shopping with all the family members C. to visit their grandparents at weekends D. to drive their children to school every day
  15. Motor homes have become popular because. A. they can take people to another city when people are free
B. they can let families have a happier life when they go out for their holidays C. some people think motor homes are cheap D. big families can put more things in motor homes
参考答案 参考答案
  6. C
  10. A
  13. C
  15. B



   详细是:阅读的三大层次; 做题九个技巧; 文章的四大总结; 一般来说,阅读一篇文章可以分为三个层次。 第一,从文章的整体结构上来把握文章的大意。这个阶段,需要做 到的事把文章所想要阐述的事物弄清楚, 比如这篇文章说明的什么样的 社会问题, 或者介绍了什么样的风土人情, 或者描述了个什么样的事件。 当然,很多情况下不可能马上就把文章所希望阐述的问题具体搞清楚, 但是起码要找到关键的名词, 也就是说起码要弄清楚文章的目的事物或 目的事件。这样子看文章才能有的放矢。要做到这点其实只需要找到一 两个 ...


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   如何提高英语阅读理解能力 英语学习,包括听、说、读、写多种技能的培养,其中最基本的应是阅读能力了。 在现在的英语考试中,对阅读能力的要求很高。阅读题的分数在整个试卷中占有很大 的比重,而这一部分得分的多少,往往决定了学生考分的高低。英语的阅读内容涉及 的范围较广,有关于历史的也有关现实生活的,有故事性的文章,也有经济、科技、 军事等方面的文章,这样的阅读内容要求学生有比较广泛的知识面、兴趣和较强的分 析理解判断能力。可以说,阅读理解能力的提高是一个学生综合能力提高的过程,而 要想提高学生的英 ...


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