2.5 分 总 25 分) 选词填空( amusing lower frown rank presence approximately promising swear fuss indifferent outburst
persist unfair tropical
would 1,I would like to find a job in a(an) graduate.
company after I
2,The mother couldn’t help laughing at her little boy’s couldn’ boy’ appearance. 3,The tall men room. his head so that he could enter the room. in follwing it.
didn’ 4,Though the plan didn’t work well ,he
would_____ 5,Should it be a failure,as many experts predict , it would_____ manas one of the worst man-made disasters. 6,Don’ 6,Don’t you are. 7,It is really because of her skin color! 8,She was very glad to see the birthday party. 9,Why 9,Why are you all the time? Try to look hapry! 100 students will of many old friends at her didn’ that she didn’t get promoted just at others in any situation no matter how angry

  10,I cann’t tell the exact number;
  10, cann’
be presented with medals as recognition of their excellence. 四,将下列英文谚语翻译成中文(每题 5 分 总 25 分) 将下列英文谚语翻译成中文( 英文谚语翻译成中文
  1, The cat shuts its eyes when stealing.

All things in their being are good for soming.

Nothing in the word is difficult for one who sets his mind to it. is

The water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up.

speak words. Actions speak louder than words.



   2006 年初二英语竞赛试题 答案全部写在答题卡上 语音: 一. 语音 找出下列每组词中画线部分发音与众不同的选项 (10×0.5’) × 1. A. bank 2. A. word 3. A. worked 4. A. list 5. A. scientist 6. A. early 7. A. idea 8. A. delicious 9. A. forest 10. A. festival B. Mary B. work B. visited B. listen B. discuss ...


   高一英语竞赛试题 第一部分: 单项选择(每小题 1 分,计 20 分) 1. What does Sarah’s manager think of her? He has a very high of her work. A. idea B. advice C. thought D. opinion 2. As we all know, deaf people use sign language to . A. express B. exchange C. communicate D. ex ...


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   1. Fill in the second line, using the first line as an example. IMPOSE(SOON)WINNOW REPENT(….)MORTAL 答案:NEAT 2. Two airplanes are flying straight towards each other. One is traveling at 10 kilometres per minute, and the other at 15 kilometres per mi ...


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   冀教版八年级上英语句型转换专项练习 冀教版八年级上英语句型转换专项练习 1. They did some sports last week.(改为否定句) They sports last week. 2. Kate was not at school for three days . (改为同义句) Kate was for three days . 3. Kate never gets to school late .(改为反意疑问句) Kate never gets to school ...


   1. abnormal a. 不正常的> I’m normal, you’re ~ ! 2. abolish v. 废除 > CET-Band 4 should be abolished ! A daydreamer 3. abrupt a. 突然的, 唐突的 > Your~ manner embarrassed her! 4. absurd a. 荒唐的 >What an ~ idea! 5. accessory n. 附件, 零件 >Handbag, lip ...


   2010 年 12 月英语六级考试写作模板 大全(17) 大全 1. in the first place, some aspects of the traditional technology and methods a re harmful and hampering the development of modern technology science. 首先,传统技术方法有些部分是有害的,并且会阻碍现代科技的发展。 2. although modern science and te ...


   高中英语学习方法总论 第 1 部分 整体建议 1. We'd better develop our interest in English at the beginning of our study. To develop interest in English study is not very hard. We may have the feeling of satisfaction and achievement from our English study when we are a ...


    答题技巧   1?仔细阅读表格,预测听力材料的内容,确定精、泛听侧重点。   在录音材料正式播放以前,考生应该利用这一段时间阅读表格,利用表格中已经提供的信息和部分细节提示来预测所听材料的内容,通过这种听前预测,考生就可以确定精听或泛听的部分。甚至在听力材料开始播放指导语(directions)的同时,考生就可以继续来研读表格,因为考试之前考生就已经对这种测试形式比较了解了,所以完全可以将时间更加有效地利用在对表格的分析上。   2?边听边记,迅速捕捉信息。   考生在第一遍听材料的时候,重 ...