Sentences: Simple, Compound, and Complex Name:
Identify the following sentences as simple, compound, or complex based on what you have learned just now. 1: The teacher walked into the classroom, greeted the students, and took attendance. Simple Compound Complex
2: Juan played football while Juanita went shopping. Simple Compound Complex
3: Juan played football, yet Juanita went shopping. Simple Compound Complex
4: Although Mexico has the better football team, it lost. Simple Compound Complex
5: The island was filled with many trails winding through the thick underbrush, a small lake, and dangerous wild pigs. Simple Compound Complex
6: Naoki passed the test because he studied hard and understood the material. Simple Compound Complex
7: Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama, in 1880 and died in 19
  68. Simple Compound Complex
8: Until she was 19 months of age, her sight and hearing were normal. Simple Compound Complex
9: At the age of 19 months, a severe illness left her deaf and blind. Simple Compound Complex
10: When she was seven, she began her education in reading and writing with Anne Sullivan of the Perkins Institute for the Blind. Simple Compound Complex
11: Through persistence and stubbornness, Anne breaks through Helen's walls of silence and darkness and teaches her to communicate. Simple Compound Complex
12: Helen Keller learned to read by the Braille system, and she learned to write by using a specially constructed typewriter. Simple Compound Complex
13: Later, she entered Radcliffe College and graduated with honors in 19
  04. Simple Compound Complex
14: Helen Keller's story needed to be told, so in 1962, a beautiful movie was made about her life. Simple Compound Complex
15: "If there were only joy in the world, we could never learn to be brave and patient." -- Helen Keller Simple Compound Complex
16: "Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing." -- Helen Keller Simple Compound Complex
17: The Americanization of Shadrach Cohen is a short story about values by Bruno Lessing. Simple Compound Complex
18: Shadrach Cohen had two sons, Abel and Gottlieb. Simple Compound Complex
19: When Abel and Gottlieb moved to New York, they opened their own business in their father's name. Simple Compound Complex
20: The business was successful, so Abel and Gottlieb told their father to join them in New York City. Simple Compound Complex
21: When Shadrach came, he brought Marta, the family maidservant. Simple Compound Complex
22: When the ship landed, Shadrach was met by two dapper-looking young men. Simple Compound Complex
23: Each son wore a flashy tie with a diamond pin. Simple Compound Complex
24: Shadrach's sons welcomed him to the new land, but they were amazed by his old fashioned appearance. Simple Compound Complex
25: Shadrach looked like so many new immigrants that Gottlieb and Abel had ridiculed in the past. Simple Compound Complex
26: Gottlieb and Abel first wanted to take their father to a barbershop to trim his beard to make him look more like an American. Simple Compound Complex
27: Although Gottlieb and Abel already had a servant, Marta stayed with the family. Simple Compound Complex
28: At their first meal together, Shadrach saw a wall between him and his sons. Simple Compound Complex
29: Shadrach realized some change had occurred, and he was puzzled. Simple Compound Complex
30: When the meal was over, Shadrach donned his praying cap and began to recite grace. Simple Compound Complex
31: While Abel and Gottlieb thought their father would change after a few months, he didn't. Simple Compound Complex
32: When Gottlieb told his father about the wedding, Shadrach wanted to meet the bride right away. Simple Compound Complex
33: Because Gottlieb was ashamed of his father, he did not want to indroduce him to his future bride. Simple Compound Complex
34: Shadrach was upset and told Gottlieb to go straight to bed. Simple Compound Complex
35: Shadrach then began running both the house and the business. Simple Compound Complex
36: Shadrach dismissed two employees and told Abel and Gottlieb to take their places. Simple Compound Complex
37: After Shadrach imposed new rules on the business, it began to improve. Simple Compound Complex
38: Other businessmen in the community saw the business grow, and they began to respect and revere Shadrach. Simple Compound Complex
39: While the sons were working for Shadrach, they were earning bread by the sweat of their brow. Simple Compound Complex
40: After Shadrach earned their respect, Gottlieb wanted to bring Miriam, his bride to be, to meet his father. Simple Compound Complex
41: Joy beamed in Shadrach's eyes when Gottlieb invited Miriam to meet his father. Simple Compound Complex
42: When Miriam saw Shadrach, he looked like a patriarch from the Pentateuch. Simple Compound Complex
43: Miriam seized Shadrach's hands and asked him to bless her. Simple Compound Complex
44: Shadrach, along with Abel, Gottlieb, and Miriam prayed to give thanks after the meal. Simple Compound Complex



   英语句子的类型 一、简单句 二、并列(复合)句 三、(主从)复合句 一、简单句 简单句的五种基本句型: 1. S + V He works. 2. S + V + O We study English. 3. S + LiV + P I am a teacher. 4. S + V + In.O + D.O She gave her son a cake. 5. S + V + O + C I asked him to help me. 二、并列(复合)句 连词不能独立担任句子 ...


   简单句、并列句、复合句、 简单句、并列句、复合句、并列复合句 1、简单句 、 只包含一个主谓结构,个个成分都是单词或短语的句子。 只包含一个主谓结构,个个成分都是单词或短语的句子。 All roads lead to Rome. He got up, dressed quickly, washed himself and went out. Is he a superman? Don’t be shy. Have a try. The man dressed in black seems t ...


   写好英语句子的 8 种方法 一、代入法 这是进行英语写作时最常用的方法。 同学们在掌握一定的词汇和短语之后, 结合一定的 语法知识,按照句子的结构特点,直接用英语代人相应的句式即可。如: ◎ 他从不承认自己的失败。 He never admits his failure. ◎ 那项比赛吸引了大批观众。 The match attracted a large crowd. ◎ 他把蛋糕分成 4 块。 He divided the cake into four pieces. 二、还原法 即把疑 ...


   句 子 的 类 型 简单句(simple sentence) 简单句 并列句(compound sentence) 并列句 复合句(complex sentence) 复合句 exercises 简单句只有一个限定动词( 简单句只有一个限定动词(即 只有一个主谓结构), ),它是最 只有一个主谓结构),它是最 小的句子单位。 小的句子单位。 Examples: The boy hit the dog. / The dog bit the boy. Vi 主 语 谓 Vt 语 V-l Noun ...


   BOOK TWO ( I ) 1) Welcome back to school.  欢迎返回学校。 2) Who is on duty today?  今天谁值日? 3) Here is a card for you with our best wishes.  送您一张卡片,表达我们最良好的祝愿。 4) Thank you for making English fun! 谢谢你把英语课变得如此有趣! 5) For example, Jim is short for James. 例如,Ji ...


   1.With my own ears I clearly heard the heart beat of the nu clear bomb. 我亲耳清楚地听到原子弹的心脏的跳动。 我亲耳清楚地听到原子弹的心脏的跳动。 2. Next year the bearded bear will bear a dear baby in the r ear. 明年,长胡子的熊将在后方产一头可爱的小崽 长胡子的熊将在后方产一头可爱的小崽. 明年 长胡子的熊将在后方产一头可爱的小崽 3. Early I ...


   最美丽的英语句子 1.没有人值得你流泪,值得让你这么做的人不会让你哭泣. No man or woman is worth your tears and the one who is , won''t make you cry . 2.失去某人最糟糕的莫过于他近在身边却犹如远在天边. The worst way to miss someone is to be . sitting right be side them knowing you can''t have them . 3.纵然伤心 ...


   What are you trying to say?(你到底想说什么?) Don't be silly.(别胡闹了。 ) How strong are your glasses?(你近视多少度?) Just because.(没有别的原因。 ) It isn't the way I hoped it would be.(这不是我所盼望的。 ) You will never guess.(你永远猜不到。 ) No one could do anything about it.(众人对此束手无 ...


   Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass aim 目的在于;引导; vt. 目的在于;引导;把…对准 打算; vi. 打算;对准目标 n. 目的;目标;对准 目的;目标; 相关短语 aim of旨在;瞄准;致力于… of旨在;瞄准;致力于… 旨在 aim at 针对;瞄准;目的在于 针对;瞄准; aim for 瞄准;以…为目标 瞄准; aim high 胸怀大志力争上游;向高处瞄准 胸怀大志力争上游; take aim瞄 ...


   建议背诵的50句英语口语 1Great minds think alike. 英雄所见略同。 2 Get going! 赶快动身吧. (用在开始行动时) 3 We've got to hit the road. 我们要快点了. (和上一句用法相同,hit the road表现出紧急,很形象) 4 I can't place his face。 我想不起来他是谁。(碰见帅哥或者美眉给你打招呼而你不记得他她是谁,这时可以用这个句子) 5 Once bitten , twice shy(一朝被蛇咬, ...



   北京一对一家教 2011 高校自主招生英语模拟试题 高校自主招生英语 英语模拟试题 1 北京一对一家教 2 北京一对一家教 3 北京一对一家教 4 北京一对一家教 5 北京一对一家教 6 北京一对一家教 7 ...


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   2006-2007 学年度第一学期 小学四年级英语知识自查 听力部分 一.听读音,选出正确的图画,并在括号里打“√”(10 分) 。 1. 2. ( 3. 、 ) ( ) 4. ( ) ( ) ( 5. ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 二.听读音,判断图画是否与读音相符,相符的请打“√” ,否则打“×”(10 分) 。 1. 2. ( 3. ) 4. ( 5. ) ( ) ( 1 ) ( ) 三.听读音,用“√”勾出下列人物喜欢的食物。 (10 分) Foo d Name Amy ...


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   ★★★★★ 2008 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(湖北卷) 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(湖北卷) 英语 第一部分:听力(共两节, 第一部分:听力(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节(共 5 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 7.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话。 每段对话后有一个小题, 从题中所给的 A、 B、 C 三个选项中选出最佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听完每段对话 后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对 话仅读一遍。 1. Where does the c ...