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  1.行百里者半九十。 行百里者半九十。 行百里者半九十 复制链接
张璐译文: 张璐译文:Half of the people who have embarked on a one hundred mile journey may fall by the way side.
译文直译:在百里的旅途中,有一半人会在途中放弃。 译文直译:在百里的旅途中,有一半人会在途中放弃。
点评: 点评:“fall by the way side”在英语中是半途而废的意思,用英语中的成 ”在英语中是半途而废的意思, 语来翻译中国古语,对接得很巧妙。 语来翻译中国古语,对接得很巧妙。

  2.华山再高,顶有过路。 华山再高,顶有过路。 华山再高
张璐译文: 张璐译文:No matter how high the mountain is,one can always ascend to its top.
译文直译:无论山有多高,我们都能登到顶峰。 译文直译:无论山有多高,我们都能登到顶峰。
  3.亦余心之所向兮,虽九死其尤未悔。 亦余心之所向兮,虽九死其尤未悔。 亦余心之所向兮
张璐译文: 张璐译文:For the ideal that I hold dear to my heart,I'd not regret a thousand times to die.
译文直译:我遵从我内心的想法,即使要死千万次我也不会后悔。 译文直译:我遵从我内心的想法,即使要死千万次我也不会后悔。
点评: 九死” ),很地道 点评:“九死”翻译成 thousand times(上千次),很地道。 (上千次),很地道。

  4.人或加讪,心无疵兮。 人或加讪,心无疵兮。 人或加讪
张璐译文: 张璐译文:My conscience stays untainted inspite of rumors and slanders from the outside.
译文直译:我的良知纯洁没有污点,不管外界的流言飞语和造谣中伤。 译文直译:我的良知纯洁没有污点,不管外界的流言飞语和造谣中伤。
点评: 会更客观一些,总体来说用词非常好, 点评:如果把 my 改成 one's 会更客观一些,总体来说用词非常好,把握得 恰到好处。 恰到好处。
  5.兄弟虽有小忿,不废懿亲。 兄弟虽有小忿,不废懿亲。 兄弟虽有小忿
张璐译文: 张璐译文:Differences between brothers can not sever their bloodties.
译文直译:兄弟之间的分歧,是无法割断他们的血脉亲情的。 译文直译:兄弟之间的分歧,是无法割断他们的血脉亲情的。
点评: 小忿”有愤恨的意思,在极短的时间内, 点评:“小忿”有愤恨的意思,在极短的时间内,能想到用 differents(分 ( ),而不 而不是用 等表示愤怒的词,非常有急智,比较得体。 歧),而不是用 angry 等表示愤怒的词,非常有急智,比较得体。
点评人: 点评人:中国传媒大学外国语学院英语系主任洪丽
张璐个人简历: 张璐个人简历:20
  10,温总理记者会翻译,现任中国外交部翻译室英文处 ,温总理记者会翻译, 副处长,有着丰富的高翻经验,是胡主席主席、温家宝总理的首席翻译。 副处长,有着丰富的高翻经验,是胡主席主席、温家宝总理的首席翻译。也是 重要对外场合的首席翻译之一,外界普遍赞赏她反应敏捷、举止优雅。 重要对外场合的首席翻译之一,外界普遍赞赏她反应敏捷、举止优雅。 温总理引用《离骚》诗句“亦余心之所善兮,虽九死其犹未悔” 温总理引用《离骚》诗句“亦余心之所善兮,虽九死其犹未悔”,许多网友发 现张璐的翻译有很巧妙的地方, 汉语以‘ 为多,所以用‘九死’ 现张璐的翻译有很巧妙的地方,“汉语以‘九’为多,所以用‘九死’,但英 语一般要 thousand times(一千次)才够。” (一千次)才够。
网友认为张璐把“ 网友认为张璐把“九”翻译成“thou-sand times”非常贴切,猜测她是出身 翻译成“ ”非常贴切, 名门,饱读诗书。还有不少网友为张璐的气质倾倒, 在微博中写道: 名门,饱读诗书。还有不少网友为张璐的气质倾倒,KelseyLiu 在微博中写道 高翻张璐就是我永远的榜样啦!她才是真正的职业范儿,有气质,有品位, “高翻张璐就是我永远的榜样啦!她才是真正的职业范儿,有气质,有品位, 发型也好看。我要向她这个目标勇往直前! 发型也好看。我要向她这个目标勇往直前!” 据了解到, 级学生, 年毕业, 据了解到,张璐是外交学院国际法系 1996 级学生,2000 年毕业,后来改行 做高级翻译,现任外交部翻译室英文处副处长,有着丰富的高翻经验, 做高级翻译,现任外交部翻译室英文处副处长,有着丰富的高翻经验,是国家 领导人的首席翻译, 也是重要对外场合的首席翻译之一, 外界对她的赞赏是: 领导人的首席翻译, 也是重要对外场合的首席翻译之一, 外界对她的赞赏是 “反 应敏捷、举止优雅” 应敏捷、举止优雅”
■工作历程: 工作历程 温家宝访问英国会见首相布朗,张璐担任现场翻译。 ●2009 年 2 月,温家宝访问英国会见首相布朗,张璐担任现场翻译。 杨洁篪外长答记者问,张璐为翻译。 ●2010 年 3 月 7 日,杨洁篪外长答记者问,张璐为翻译。 总理记者会,张璐为温家宝总理做翻译。 ●2010 年 3 月 14 日,总理记者会,张璐为温家宝总理做翻译。
全文句子: 全文句子:
  1. 我们应该记住这样一条古训:行百里者半九十。 我们应该记住这样一条古训:行百里者半九十。
We should always remember this important thing, that is half of the people who have embarked on a one hundred mile journey may fall by the wayside.

  2. 同时我们要坚定信心,华山再高,顶有过路。 同时我们要坚定信心,华山再高,顶有过路。
We must reinforce our confidence no matter how high the mountain is, one can always ascend to its top.

  3. 我深深爱着我的国家,没有一片土地让我这样深情和激动,没有一条河流让 我深深爱着我的国家,没有一片土地让我这样深情和激动, 我这样沉思和起伏。亦余心之所向兮,虽九死其尤未悔。我将以此明志, 我这样沉思和起伏。亦余心之所向兮,虽九死其尤未悔。我将以此明志,做好 今后三年的工作 年的工作。 今后三年的工作。
I have deep love for this country. I love every inch of its land. I love every river that flows on this piece of earth with deep passion and deep affection. For the ideal that I hold dear to my heart, I will not regret a thousand deaths to die. With this strong committment, I will continue to devote myself to my work in the next three years.

  4. 中国有一句古语,人或加讪,心无疵兮。(总理回应记者“为何中国缺席哥 中国有一句古语,人或加讪,心无疵兮。(总理回应记者“ 。(总理回应记者 本哈根某次重要会议”的提问) 本哈根某次重要会议”的提问)
As a Chinese proverb goes: My conscience stays untainted inspite of rumors and slanders from the outside.

  5. 我知道商签协议是一个复杂的过程, 我知道商签协议是一个复杂的过程, 但是正因为我们是兄弟, 兄弟虽有小忿, 但是正因为我们是兄弟, 兄弟虽有小忿, 不废懿亲,问题总会可以解决的。(总理答台湾记者问) 。(总理答台湾记者问 不废懿亲,问题总会可以解决的。(总理答台湾记者问)
I understand the negotiation may be a complex process, but differences between brothers cannot sever their blood ties, and I believe that problems will eventually be solved.
性相近也,习相远也。By nature, men are nearly alike; by practice, they get to be wide apart. 过而不改,是谓过矣。Not to mend the fault one has made is to err indeed.
己所不欲,勿施于人。What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others. 言必信,行必果。Keep what you say and carry out what you do. 君子以文会友, 以友辅仁。 superior man on grounds of culture meets with his friends, and by The their friendship helps his virtue. 三军可夺师也,匹夫不可夺志也。The commander of the forces of a large State may be carried off, but the will of even a common man cannot be taken from him. 后生可畏,焉知来者之不如今也?A youth is to be regarded with respect. How do you know that his future will not be equal to our present? 有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎? Is it not delightful to have friends coming from distant quarters? 人不知而不愠,不亦君子乎?Is he not a man of complete virtue, who feels no discomposure though men may take no note of him? 父在,观其志。父没,观其行。三年无改于父之道,可谓孝矣。While a man's father is alive, look at the bent of his will; when his father is dead, look at his conduct. If for three years he does not alter from the way of his father, he may be called filial. 不患人之不己知,患不知人也。I will not be afflicted at men's not knowing me; I will be afflicted that I do not know men. 诗三百, 一言以蔽之, 思无邪。 the Book of Poetry are three hundred pieces, but the design 曰: In of them all may be embraced in one sentence-- "Having no depraved thoughts." 关睢乐而不淫, 哀而不伤。 Kwan Tsu is expressive of enjoyment without being licentious, and The of grief without being hurtfully excessive. 父母在, 不远游, 游必有方。 While his parents are alive, the son may not go abroad to a distance. If he does go abroad, he must have a fixed place to which he goes. 德不孤,必有邻。Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practises it will have neighbors. 吾十有五而志于学, 三十而立, 四十而不惑, 五十而知天命, 六十而耳顺, 七十而从心所欲, 不逾矩。 At fifteen I set my heart upon learning. At thirty, I planted my feet firm upon the ground. At forty, I no longer suffered from perplexities. At fifty, I knew what were the biddings of Heaven.
At sixty, I heard them with docile ear. At seventy, I could follow the dictates of my own heart; for what I desired no longer overstepped the boundaries of right. 贤哉回也!一箪食,一瓢饮,在陋巷,人不堪其忧,回也不改其乐。贤哉回也! Incomparable indeed was Hui! A handful of rice to eat, a gourdful of water to drink, living in a mean street. Others would have found it unendurably depressing, but to Hui's cheerfulness it made no difference at all. Incomparable indeed was Hui. 知者乐水,仁者乐山。知者动,仁者静。知者乐,仁者寿。The wise find pleasure in water; the virtuous find pleasure in hills. The wise are active; the virtuous are tranquil. The wise are joyful; the virtuous are long-lived. 逝者如斯夫,不舍昼夜。It passes on just like this, not ceasing day or night! 食不厌精,脍不厌细。He did not dislike to have his rice finely cleaned, nor to have his minced meat cut quite small. 非礼勿视, 非礼勿听, 非礼勿言, 非礼勿动。 Look not at what is contrary to propriety; listen not to what is contrary to propriety; speak not what is contrary to propriety; make no movement which is contrary to propriety. 人无远虑,必有近忧。If a man take no thought about what is distant, he will find sorrow near at hand. 君子有三戒。少之时,血气未定,戒之在色。及其壮也,血气方刚,戒之在斗。及其老也, 血气既衰,戒之在得。There are three things which the superior man guards against. In youth, when the physical powers, are not yet settled, he guards against lust. When he is strong and the physical powers are full of vigor, he guards against quarrelsomeness. When he is old, and the animal powers are decayed, he guards against covetousness. 唯女子与小人, 为难养也。 近之则不孙, 远之则怨。 all people, girls and servants are the most Of difficult to behave to. If you are familiar with them, they lose their humility. If you maintain a reserve towards them, they are discontented



   2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题五 "句子翻译 年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题五 " 考点一、根据中文补全句子 (2010 江苏省宿迁市五、根据所给汉语完成下列句子,每空词数不限 ,满分 10 分) 61. 迈克敲了敲门,但没有回应。 Mike ▲ the door, but there was no answer. 62. 昨天这位医生为病人做手术了吗? Did the doctor ▲ the patients yesterday? 63. 我认为用毯子扑灭火是个好方法 ...


   对客服务英语句子练习 Guest Service Sentences for English Practice I want a bit more 我想要多一点 Ok. How can I go to lobby? 大堂怎么走 I can show the way to you. Please follow me. Can you use ** to instead of **? Can you change ** to ** 你可以把**换成** **换成**吗? 你可以把**换成**吗? ...


   初中英语句子翻译功略 一,句子翻译的类型 初中阶段的句子翻译题主要指"将汉语句子译成英语",其常见的类型有:①根据汉语提 示补全句子(每空一词); ②根据汉语意思和英语提示词语, 写出语法正确的句子(所给的英文 必须都用上);③根据所给提示词,将下列各句译成英语;④根据部分汉语提示完成句子等. 二,句子翻译的技巧 I. 认真审题,确定词义. 审题包括"审"英语,汉语两部分内容.审英语部分时(跳过空格)读一下已经给出的那一 部分,然后再仔细分析一下要求翻 ...


   1 稍等一会儿,我会帮助你的. (for a while)Just wait for a while and then I'll help you. 句型:祈使句, and / or 主语+谓语… 如:请尽早做出决定,不然你会坐失良机.(or) Please make your decision as early as possible, or you'll miss the golden chance. 2 他们作了自我介绍.(introduce) They introduced them ...


   1。去年我爸爸许诺: 如果我在考试 。去年我爸爸许诺: 中取得好成绩, 就带我去度假。 中取得好成绩,他就带我去度假。 Last year Father promised to take me on a holiday if I did well in the exam . 2. 大家都认为杰克是个非常聪明的 孩子,因为他考试总是很好。 孩子,因为他考试总是很好。 Jack is considered very smart, for he has always done very well ...


   从功能来说,英语有三大复合句,即:①名词性从句,包括主语从句, 宾语从句,表语从句和同位语从句;②形容词性从句,即我们平常所说 的定语从句;③状语从句正确翻译英语句子是英语学习者必须解决的问 题.对于一些结构复杂的难句,我们应当使用技巧使其简单化.一般来说, 可以使用顺序法,逆序法,分句法和插入语灵活翻译法.这些句子结构 复杂,逻辑性强,翻译起来困难相当大.但是,无论多长的句子,多么 复杂的结构,它们都是由一些基本的成分组成的.只要弄清英语原文的 句法结构,找出整个句子的中心内容及其各层意思 ...


   姓名: 英语复习卷 班级: 学号: 1. 按实际情况回答。 (1). How big are your feet? (2). How long are your legs? (3). How heavy are you? (4). Who is tallest in your class? (5). What’s the matter with you? (6). How do you know when you have the flu? (7). How does Amy fell? ( ...


   定语从句的翻译 自由式定语从句 自由式定语从句是指一个句子中两个或两个以上不同成分带定语从句的情况.这种从句的先行词没有固定模式,在句中充当 不同的句子成分,故该结构中的定语从句称为自由式定语从句.它们拆开来看,其实就是一个一个简单的定语从句,因此, 其翻译也和简单的定语从句相同. Examples: Thus the Arab Umayyed Dynasty of caliphs, which had moved the capital from Medina to Damascus in ...


   1、 On this area of the sea, the pandas like to drink tea with peas in soda.在 海里的这个地区,熊猫们喜欢就着苏打碗豆喝茶。 2、 And the Oceanian militias like to go to cafeteria via the peninsula with a formula of dramas.而大洋州的民兵则喜欢经过半岛,带着编剧本的公式上餐厅去。 3、 T### are extra opera ...


   一、   I.汉语从反面表达,译文从正面表达   例1:他提出的论据相当不充实。   译文:The argument he put forward is pretty thin. (词)   例2:我们确信,年轻一代将不会辜负我们的信任。   译文:We are confident that the younger generation will prove worthy of   our trust. (短语)   例3:他七十岁了,可是并不显老。   译文:He was 70, but h ...



   2010 学年度第二学期普陀区高三质量调研英语试卷 第一卷 (共 105 分) 共 第一部分 听力 I. Listening Comprehension Part A Short Conversation (10 分) 2011.4 (17~24 写在第二卷答题纸上 其余选择题 请按题号涂在相应的答题卡上 ~ 其余选择题,请按题号涂在相应的答题卡上 请按题号涂在相应的答题卡上) Direction: In part A, you will hear ten short conversatio ...


   2008?2009 学年上学期高二期中考试试卷 B. She is a visitor just arriving in Tokyo C. She is a foreigner who’s been staying in Tokyo 英 时间: 时间:120 分钟 满分:150 分 语 命题人: 命题人:何昕 7. What is the man worrying about? A. He can’t deal with the time difference B. He doesn’t k ...


   lpf1999 整理 2004-9-1 Provide a Better Life for Senior Citizens(为长者提供更美好的生活) Now we have a growing population of senior citizens. To ensure happy lives for them has become a focus of attention. Our traditional respect of the aged needs updating(更新). ...


   专科学校英语三级词汇表 1. a bit (of) 有一点儿 2. a couple of 两个;几个 3. a group of 一群 4. a kind of 一种; 一类 5. a lot of (lots of) 许多 6. a pair of 一双; 一副 7. a piece of "一(块,张,片,件)" 8. according to 按照;根据 9. after all "终究, 毕竟" 10. after school 放学后 11 ...


   2008 年瓯海区初中英语八年级下期末口语考查试卷样卷 试卷编号:01 学校: ,班级: ,姓名: (三项都用中文填写) 2、朗读以下英语课文片段: (改为教材听力材料模音 4 分) In ten years, I think I’ll be a reporter. I’ll live in Shanghai, because I went to Shanghai last year and fell in love with it. I think it’s really a beauti ...