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3Maintenance 3维护
吴有祥1 吴有祥1
Hazardous voltage can shock burn or cause death. 危险电压可以电击烧伤或引起死亡。 Do not service before disconnecting power. 在服务之前必须切断电源。 Vacuum circuit breaker may be used to switch high power circuits.
吴有祥2 吴有祥2
All power sources connecting to the circuit breaker must be isolated to avoid possibility of electrical shock during inspection and servicing. 在检查和维修时所有电源连接到断路器必 须被隔离,以避免触电的可能性 。
吴有祥3 吴有祥3
Under certain conditions dangerous voltages may exist even with the power connection removed.
在某些拆除连接情况下甚至可能存在危险 电压与电源。
龙岳轩1 龙岳轩1
To avoid injuries, always disconnect power, discharge circuits and disconnect external voltage sources before touching components.
在触摸组件之前为了避免受伤,总是断开 电源、放电电路和断开外部电压源。
龙岳轩2 龙岳轩2
All inspection and maintenance operations carried out on the BVAC circuit breaker must be performed with the power off, pantograph lowered and circuit breaker earthed. 所有检查和维护工作进行了BVAC电路必须 所有检查和维护工作进行了BVAC电路必须 与电源进行开关时,受电弓降低和断路器 接地。
马勇1 马勇1
Do not attempt internal service unless another person, capable of person, rendering first aid and resuscitation, is present. 不要试图进行内部服务,除非另一个人在 旁拥有呈现急救和复苏的能力。
马勇2 马勇2
Operating personnel must not remove device covers. Component replacement and internal adjustments must be made by qualified service personnel. 操作人员不得移除装置封面。更换元件和 内部调整,必须由合格的服务人员。
马勇3 马勇3
Do not substitute parts or modify the circuit breaker. Because of the danger of introducing additional hazards, do not install substitute parts or perform any unauthorized modification to this device. 不要替换零件或修改电路断路器。由于危 险而带来更多的危险,不要安装替代部分 或执行任何未经授权的修改这种装置。
刘建业1 刘建业1
The circuit breakers that appear damaged or defective should be made inoperative and secured against unintended operation until they can be repaired by qualified service personnel. 断路器出现损坏或有缺陷应避免意外操作 失效和担保误操作直到他们能由合格的维 修人员修理。
刘建业2 刘建业2

  3.2 Periodic inspection and servicing planning
Inspection and servicing Specific 具体的检查及维修 Visual inspection 目视检查 Tools 工具 Worker Category Duration 车间分类时间 General education 3 通识教育3 通识教育3 Interval 区间
None. 无。
3 months Work time and interval time depend on the air pollution 3个月的工作时间和间隔时 间取决于空气污染
Appearance of insulators and seals. 外观绝缘子及印章。 General appearance. Appearance of BTE connections. 总体外观。外观耳背 机连接。
Checking tightening torque 检查拧紧力矩
Torque wrench. 扭矩扳手。
High voltage connections 高电压连接 Earthing connections. 接地连接 BVAC fixing screws. BVAC 固定螺丝
General 3 months education 3个月 5 通识教育5 通识教育5

Inspection of pneumatic circuit 气动回路的检查 Drain pressure regulator. 排水压力调节器。
None. 无
General education 10 通识教育 10
3 months 3 个月
Drain BVAC tank. ?排水BVAC坦克。 排水BVAC坦克。
Check no leakage. Must be carried out before each winter. 检查无渗漏。必须在每 ?检查无渗漏。必须在每 年冬季前进行。
Minor service 未成年人服务
Vacuum tester: HSBA433418 P1 真空度测试仪: HSBA433418 P1
Electrician 30 电工30 电工30
Check vacuum in the switch tube. 检查在真空开关管。
1 year Or after a special conditions like a shortcircuit under unknown current, abnormal mechanical shock,lightning without surge arrester, etc 1年或之后就像一个没有未 知条件下避雷器短路电流, 异常的机械冲击,雷电等特 殊条件
Intermediate service 中介服务
Inspection of wear of main contacts in vacuum switch tube 检查主开关管的真空接 触磨损
Inspection gauge: SG310093R1 检查 压力表: SG310093R1
Mecanicin 30
5 years or refer to §Lifetime 5年或终身参阅§ 年或终身参阅§
刘政1 刘政1
This table is a summary, for further details refer to the §Inspection and servicing procedures. procedures. 此表是一个总结,为进一步详情,请参照 §检验服务程序。
刘政2 刘政2
We strongly recommend that you synchronize the various inspections and servicing. 我们强烈建议您同步的各种检查和维修。 E.g.: when you carry out the Intermediate service, you should also perform the minor service. 例如:当你开展中介服务,还应该执行未 成年人服务。
欧阳妮1 欧阳妮1
All this inspection and servicing can be done on-car. on所有的这些检查及服务都可以在车上进行。 The usual workshop's tools are not described in the specific tools column. 通常车间的工具列中没有说明具体的工具。
欧阳妮2 欧阳妮2
The time to repair doesn't considerate time to access the component in the vehicle. The time to access the BVAC depends on each design application. 修复时间不周到的时候访问组件的线性车 辆。访问的时间BVAC取决于每个设计中的 辆。访问的时间BVAC取决于每个设计中的 应用。
欧阳妮3 欧阳妮3
This preventive maintenance can change in according with our experience and the feed back of our customers. 这种预防性维护可以随着我们的经验和广 大客户的反馈而改变。



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