1.More that twenty (papers)will be presented at the coonference next week.
  2.Among the visitors are five(women chemists).
  3.How far is it from your home to the factory?It,s about(half an hour,s).
  4.The(police)were searching for the (thieves).
  5.My wife bought me(an article of clothing)at a(tailor,s)shop.
  6.He has recently got an interesting(job)in a textile factory.
  7.A long line of traffic had to wart at the (level crossing)until the train had passed.
  8.High in the sky a (flock)of birds were flying southward.
  9.The Alps is one of the best-knoen mountain (ranges)in Europe.
  10.We have a large staff but there (isn,t enough furniture)in the office.
  11.Every means(has been)tried but all i vain.
  12.He is very tired.He needs (a night,s rest).
  13.This question is too difficult,and everyone is(at one,s wit,s end)to solve it.
  14.The farmers held two(sit-ins)last week.
  15.The whole bunch of flowers (are) scattered over the floor.
  16.There (is) plenty of work for us to do today.
  17.Although this part of the book appears easy,te rest(is) rather difficult.
  18.They accumulated(a vast amount of) information before designing the new model.
  19.Our team received(some new equipment)from the supplier last month.
  20.The number of students in this college(has been increased)this year.
  21.Nobody but Mary and Beth(was)in the lab yesterday.
  22.Professor White together with his assistant (is)to arrie this afternoon.
  23.Tow thousand miles from here to the old castle(seems)a long distance.
  24.He got very tired but felt happy after he had finishde(a day,s work).
  25.She was no more than foty years old, but all(her hair)turned gray.
  26.Would you piease give me (a pair of)scissors.
  27.The Canterbury Tales (was)written by Chaucer.
  28.In the past few years new machinery (has been introduced )in the factory.
  29.Yesterday I was invited to the dinner at (turnes,).
  30.People cheered when the Chinese (women,s)football team won the champion.
  31.Mathematics(is) the language of science.
  32.A library with five thousand books (is offered)to the country as a gift.
  33. When and where to build the new station (in not decided)yet.
  34.The old man went to the doctor for (advice)about his heart disease.
  35.All but Tom (were)at the meeting yesterday evening.
  36.All the(heroes)have two(photos)each.
  37.The airport is (two hours, drive)from our college.
  38.How many (pieces of bread)do you want?
  39.You can put (a lot of information) about the moon into the computer.
  40.It is a pity that we should stay at home when we have(such fine).
  1.He is (the)man whom I have been looking for.
  2.She learnt to play(the piano).
  3.He had (an) exciting experience last night.
  4.You need (a piece of)furniture.
  5.I can,t wemember exactly when he came from Beijing,but I,m sure it was on(a)Friday.
  6.(The) computer is so fast that it can do very complicated mathematical problems in(a) small fraction of a second.
  7.(The)sun is like a great ball of fire in (the)sky.
  8.We usually have (x)breakfast at half past six.

  9.(The wounded)were taken to hospital immediately.
  10.You should take only one at (a)time.
  11.What (a)pity!You missed the film again.
  12.She enjoys piaying(the)violin,while her brother enjoys playing(x)football.
  13.Most of(the) students in our college are fond of (x)sports.
  14.(x)Europe and (x) America are separated by (the) Atlantic Ocean.
  15.I bought (an)umbrella at (the)small store near (the)corner.
  16.We love (the)Himalayas especially in summer.
  17.Families like (the) Rockefellers have become synonymous with wealth.
  18.Western art of (the)19th century shows the influence of (the) Far East.
  19.(X)Filand is known for its beautiful forests and seacoasts.
  20.(The) whale is (a) mammal, not(a)fish.
  21.On(x)saturday evening,we usually have adance.
  22.He is(an)expert in(x)American history.
  23.Will you give me (a)cup of(x)coffee.
  24.On our trip to Spain,wecrossed (the)Atlantic Ocean.
  25.As (the)earth goes around (the)sun,we have four seasons.
  26.(The)Smiths traveled from (x)New York to(x) California in their own car.
  27.Please take(a)chair and have(a)rest.
  28.You should show respect for(the)old and help (the)weak.
  29.They traveled along (the)Mississippi River and enjoyed (the)most beautiful sights.
  30.If you want to get high scores in the exam,you must learn all this by (x)heart.
  31.Take (an) umbrella with you in case of (x)rain.
  32.She brought me(a little)fruit.
  33.Would you give me(some)advice about this?
  34.I,d like to have(some)information about your university.
  35.Jenny is not quite (as good a singer)as her cousn.
  36.Would you please pass me (the sugar)?
  37.(The)Empire State Building used to be (the)tallest building in(the) world.
  38.(The)Yellow River is (the)second iongest river in China.
  39.He was elected (x) chairman of(the) Olympic committee.
  40.Betty is (an )honest girl and she studies (the)hardest in her class.
  1.The two girls are such good friends that they frequently exchange gift with (each other).
  2.The painter lived for a long time Europe,where he could be in close contact with (other)cubists.
  3.(His)arrival was a good news to us.
  4.If you want the book back nex week,I will have to finish(it)quickly.
  5.One of (us)has to come earlier.
  6.No one would think of (him)in that way.
  7.Not only you but also (I)was mistaken on this point.
  8.(One) cannot see bacteria with one,s naked eyes.
  9.Plant the trees on (either)side of the street.
  10.Do you remember (all that)he said at the meeting?
  11.(Everyone)in our country has a right to education.
  12.Here is (another)example, which shows that petroleum is a very important industrial material.
  13.I have two magazines.You have read one.New I,ll give you (the other)
  14.Without careful investigation,(any one) is liabla to come to wrong conclusions.
  15.He has (something important) to attend to.

  16.It,s a beautiful handbag,but I can,t pay (that much).
  17.The speed of radio waves is equal to (that of) light.
  18.He is afraid that they know his brother but not (him).
  19.Never leave to others what you can do (yourself).
  20.Those magazines on the shelf seem more diffcult to read than(these)on the desk.
  21.One cannot do such a thing(oneself).
  22.Useful animals are preserved,culitivated or herded.Other animals are killed.Still(others)are ignored.
  23.Come if you like to see(his)painting.(It,s)very beautiful.
  24.This computer is(his)(Mine)is in(my)room.
  25.Disappointed by the result of the experiment,she started(a new one).
  26.(It,s)no use quarrelling with her.
  27.Do you need my dictionary? No,thanks, I,ve got (one)myself.
  28.A lot of young men have tride,but(few) have succeeded.
  29.My clothes were so small that I gave(them)to my folks in my home village.
  30.(Each)of the engineers in this institute has a personal computer.
  31.I,ll have to go to a medical conference.(That is)why I can,t stay long.
  32.I agree with most of what you said,but I don,t agree with (everything).
  33.I have seen a lot of American movies.Now I,d like to see(some)movies from (other)countries.
  34.The prize is to be given to (whoever)arrives first.
  35.It was about 200 years ago (that)the business of selling and buying slaves began.
  36.The match was put off,(which)was exactly (what)he wanted.
  37.(Which)is the smallest among the four numbers?
  38.I have finished my work,but I don,t think Jane has finished(hers).
  39.Linda and James didn,t know(each other,s)address.
  40.Don,t tell me the answer,I,ll work(it)out(myself).
  1.He sends his (best)wishes for your future happiness.
  2.The judge said that he was (impressed)by the high standards of the rider,s performance.
  3.The neighbors do not consider him quite (respectable)as most evenings he awakens them with his drunken singing.
  4.The autumn air felt (chilly)so she went to fetch a coat.
  5.The crowd stared at the giant and the dwarf as if they were (incredible)monsters.
  6.She felt very (disappointed)when her husband forgot her birthday.
  7.After lunch I felt(bold)enough to ask my boss for a rise.
  8.His compass proved(valuable)to him when he was lost in an unknown country.
  9.Polar explorers have to be extremely (tough)to endure the climate and other hardships.
  10.We have little (up to date)information about developments in this field.
  11.He asked his friends to help him to carry the tree,which was (taller) than a three-story building.
  12.One of (the most difficult)courses this semester is History.
  13.The plan was considered(the best)one.
  14.The proposal calls for a(stronger)defense than the one we currently have.
  15.It is (warmer)this year than last year.
  16.He wrote his name (clearly)and carefully at the top of the paper.
  17.The mechanic examined the car engine (thoroughly)but could find nothing wrong with it.
  18.He (usually)spends his holidays in the mountains though occasionally he goes to the seaside instead.
  19.He has impressed his employers considerably and (accordingly)he is soon to be promoted.

  20.He is (apparently)a very old man but in fact he is only fifty.
  21.The policeman looked me (up and down)several times and obviously disliked what he saw.
  22.He (still)lives in the house where he was born.
  23.She arrived(earlier than)she had done the day before.
  24.He went (the furthest)of the explorers.
  25.She works (best of all)when she is alone.
  26.(Too long an article)would not be accepted.
  27.The Smiths(nearly always spend)their holiday in Hawaii.
  28.You can,t expect to become a millionaire(overnight).
  29.The water is (hot enough)to drink.
  30.The changes in this city have occurred(rapidly).
  31.John said that no other car could go(as fast as his car).
  32.Oxford and Cambridge are(the oldest)of the British universities.
  33.There is still(much too big a gap)between the top and the bottom income groups in this country.
  34.I have never known anyone (as well as)Sam.
  35.We couldn,t find an open restaurant(anywhere)
  36.Advertising is now a (highly developed)business.
  37.It is (dangerous)to walk(alone) at times in Central Park.
  38.They have tried (almost everything possible).
  39.It was cold last winter,but it is (even)colder this year.
  40.All of us were(pleased)with the news.
  1.Look,the sun(is shining)brightly in the sky.
  2.The problem (will be)settled in a few days.
  3.I don,t think he (will change)his mind.
  4.The workers in that country(are fighting)for better working conditions.
  5.I think the students already (know)the answer.
  6.Peter (has been looking)for a job for a month,but he hasn’t found any.
  7.When they reach the top of the mountain,they(will have climbed)over five hundred meters.
  8.Tom (was reading)newspapers when his mother came in.
  9.My brother (works)in the same unit as your sister.
  10.If you go to Canada you(will)notice many differences from your country.
  11.Someone (has broken)my glasses,Who(did)it?
  12.The work was more difficult than we(had expected).
  13.She asked me what I(had been doing)all these years.
  14.Where is Mr.Black?He(is working)in a factory.
  15.I don’t like my new neighbors because ther(are always making so much noise)at night.
  16.He (has been I the army)for three years.
  17.When I arrived Tom (was talking on)the telephone.
  18.John Smith(had written)a number of short stories before he died in 19
  19.The postman(has not come)yet.We are still expecting him.
  20.The boys (were throwing)snowballs through the open window.
  21.When you(have worked)for me for me for six months you will get a rise.
  22.I (will have to pay)40 rent at the end of this month and I don’t know nothing.
  23.If the police (come)just pretend to know nothing.
  24.When I was a little girl,I (used to)like riding
  25.Ice will change into water if(it melts)
  26.The woman(has been waiting)for her husband at the entrance for two hours.
  27.When they leave for Beijing at the end of this month,they(will have stayed)here
  28.Some useful ideas were suggested while the social committee (was discussing)the club’s.
  29.I know all about the story because I(have read)it three times.
  30.We’ve already sent out the invitation cards,but we don’t know how many people(are coming)
  31.There was a knock at the door,It was the second time someone(had interrupted)me that evening
  32.They told me that by the end of the month they(would have been living)in this house for
  33.By the time he retires John (will have been teaching0here for 30 years.
  34.The things talked about in this report (took place)over a year ago.
  35.Will you go to the theatre this evening?I will if I (have)no visitors.
  36.The pen of yours is better than the one I(bought)yesterday.
  37.He (has translated)several books on computer in the past few years.
  38.I met him in the street the other day.We (had not seen)each other for many years.
  39.Don’t throw your cigarette in the grass.That (will start)
  40.While the car(was turning)the corner.
  1.He said that the issue of environment protection(would be discussed)
  2.My watch goes well now,It(was repaired)yesterday.
  3.(Is)French(spoken)in this country.
  4.Can I have a copy of the latest magazine?Sorry,all(have been sold out).
  5.This letter(will have been typed)by noon.
  6.There language iads(have been set up)in the college in the past few years
  7.A big airport(is being built)in the suburbs.
  8.Hundreds of people(were killed)in the terrible earthquake.
  9.The fried chicken(had been eaten up)before it got cold.
  10.The construction of the dam(started)three years ago It ought to(have been completed).
  11.I didn’t expect that I (should be asked.
  12.Is the sports meeting (to be held)in May?
  13.The curtain wants(to be dyed)darkred.
  14.The young man decided not tospeak a word until he (was sp



   英语口语考试试题 编辑:admin 英语口语考试试题 点击量: 4613 次 NAMES Does your Chinese name have any special meaning? What special habits do Chinese have when giving names? What special meaning does your Chinese name have? How did you get your name? How do Chinese have th ...


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   大学英语口语 为进一步推动我国大学英语教学, 适应国家改革开放的需要, 使大学生更加重视英语口 语学习,获得更强的英语口语交际能力 国家教育部高等教育司为检验与认定高校非英 语专业在校生对英语口语掌握的程度, 全国大学英语四六级考试委员会在 1999 年 11 月开始 施行的大学英语四六级口语测试。全称叫大学英语四、六级口语考试(CET Spoken English Test)简称大学英语口语考试(CET-SET) 。 申请参加口语考试的考生必须是已经获得 大学英语四、 六级考试证书的在校生 ...


   The importantance of environment protection Some people think that the urgent task is to develop economy on a large scale. First, they hold that many people are living in poverty and can’t afford the basic schooling for their children, who often ha ...


   08 第四学期口语考试办法 考试地点: 文 B420 考试地点: 考试形式:朗读课文( 话题阐述( 考试形式:朗读课文(8 分)+话题阐述(12 分) 1. 朗读课文。 考试时间:每位同学 1 分钟,无准备时间。 要 求: 语音正确,有语调的起伏变化,朗读以意群为单位,能正 确断句 2. 话题阐述。 准备时间:2 分钟,抽签决定阐述的话题 阐述时间:2 分钟 1) How do TV programs affect education?(some TV programming can be ...


   职场英语口语考试 ??吴兴超整理 ??吴兴超整理 吴兴超 一. Job interview I: Please come in and sit down. Make yourself comfortable. Y: Thank you. I: May I ask why you are interested in this job? Y: When I saw the position your company advertised in China Daily, I decided to ...


   Is science mainly a monster or an angel? A: Hi! How are you doing? B: Moody Monday, ah. We have two classes in science and technology today. A: Why? feel sleepy and dreary ? B: Oh…God. Don’t u think science is mainly a monster? A: Of course not! I ...


   商务英语考试 百科名片 证书样式 商务英语考试(BUSINESS ENGLISH CERTIFICATE) ,简称 BEC,指的是剑桥商务英语 资格考试。它是由教育部考试中心和英国剑桥大学考试委员会合作,于1993年起举办的商 务英语证书考试。考试分两个阶段进行。第一阶段为笔试,包括阅读、写作和听力,第二阶 段为口试。多年来,通过考试培养了大批商务英语人才。 目录 背景 学习基础 BEC 考试的报名条件与考试费用 考试内容 考试机构 关于证书 1 评分标准及考试通过标准考试评分标准 1 通过 ...


   商务英语考试(BEC)中级应试技巧 商务英语中级考试共分听说读写四个部分。因为在听力和阅读部分考生失分较为严重,故在以下陈述中关注这两个部分;又因听力的第一项和第二项、阅读的第一和第二项多数中国学生感到棘手,所以所述范围进一步缩小,不想浪费诸位时间,以期给诸位考生些许帮助便不胜欣慰了。   听力部分   第一项:单词填空   应对技巧:   1. 播放录音前的一般会有几分钟的时间。快速在试卷上划出关键词。三个会话都划完后,小声重复这些关键词,这样会留下较为明确的印象。   不要指望说话人会在提 ...


新东方英语讲座精华篇1 单词记忆技巧 词根记忆 阅读口语技巧

   新东方英语讲座精华篇 1 单词记忆技巧 词根记忆 阅读口语技 巧 2007-12-19 23:46 学好英语非常重要。因为英语已经成了事实上的全球 通用语言,每年最出科研成果的两个国家是美国和英国,因为他 们的母语就是英语, 他们的科研人员可以方便直接的阅读全球最 新的科技论文,直接从中受益。 但是对于国人,却是不得不拿出很多很多的精力来面对的 英语的学习的问题。奇怪的是,这么多年来,平均智商 93%的 中国人却怎么也学不好平均智商只有 83%的美国人使用的英语。 为什么我们的英语总是学不好 ...


   牛津小学英语二年级第二学期期中测试题 听力部分( 听力部分(50 分) 一.听单词,辨别图片与单词是否相符,相符的打√,不相符的打×。 (2*10) 14. ( ) A. B. C. 1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( ) 4. ( ) 15. ( ) A. B. C. 三.听录音,用√和×判断句子正误。 (2*5) 5. ( ) 6. ( ) 7. ( ) 8. ( ) 16. ( ) 17. ( ) 18. ( ) 9. ( ) 10. ( ) 19. ( ) 20. ( ) 四.听录 ...


   商务英语必备翻译 商务英语必备翻译 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程 体验全部外教一对一课程: 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程:http://www.pacificenglish.cn 在世界经济全球化和一体化的今天,翻译作为经济交往的桥梁,其地位日趋突出。中国自改 革开放以来, 与国外经济技术交往频繁, 特别是中国加入世界贸易组织后, ...

初一 英语 期末

   初一英语期末复习 2010年12月 通知 2010年1月4日进修222教室教学 首师大教授 刘北利阅读教学 请各校协助印刷答题纸,答题纸样教务 处下发。 期末全区统考 考试性质:阶段测评(诊断性) 目的:检测,诊断,鼓励 对本学期学生的学习和教师的教学进行阶 段性反馈,获得一些教学信息。有利于树 立学生信心发现问题及时调整学习策略。 命题:全区统考 考试内容 七上 Unit 1-12 听力理解 知识运用 阅读理解 书面表达 听力理解 一、听对话,选择与对话内容相符的图片, 听对话,选择与对话 ...


   广东省汕头市金山中学 届高三上 广东省汕头市金山中学 10 届高三上期期中考试 英语试卷 2009.10 语言知识及应用(共两节 共两节, 第二部分 语言知识及应用 共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节完形填空(共 小题; 第一节完形填空 共 10 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21-30 各题所给的四个选项中选出最佳选项,并在答 题卡上将该项涂黑. As Christmas drew near, Ursula was faced with just ...