写作切入点( 字数标准化, 字左右) 写作切入点(brainstorming): 三段论 字数标准化,190字?220字左右 ) 三段论(字数标准化 字 字左右 描写图画,提出宏观见解段):enterprise,milk station, milch cow,grass responsibility. (what?)
  2. analysis(分析展开原因段):responsibility is a keyword that we should never disregard,defined not only as the courage to face every foreseeable risk,but as the braveness to entail every malpractice when it really takes place as well, the shortage of responsibility or even conscience(
  1) inner cause: destructive influence emanating from the decay of morality, materialism (
  2)outer impetus: deficient supervisal gives rise to the fearless adventurer who is at the risk of anything ,not to say to deviate from his own liability ,to pursue as many as profits. Case Melamine-laced Milk Incident (why?)
  3. prospect(展望,提出建议段)(
  1)to enact related law to avoid the behavior of kicking the ball when something bad happen, to reinforce our supervisal mechanism(
  2)to regain our Chinese traditional virtue,which is called “who would enter the hell if I wouldn’t”, undoubtedly,to learn to be responsible for the blunder means sensible Unflinchingness (how?) 过程,正如课堂上所说,大家会发现两个问题:第一是审题, (前面这个部分为我的 brainstorming 过程,正如课堂上所说,大家会发现两个问题:第一是审题,这 篇文章是很容易写偏题的,因为主题不应该是责任,而是怎么会没有人愿意承担责任, 篇文章是很容易写偏题的,因为主题不应该是责任,而是怎么会没有人愿意承担责任,漫画的主题把握 非常重要, 围绕的都是学会承担责任这个主题, 非常重要,所以我的展开在回答 what,why,how 时,围绕的都是学会承担责任这个主题,而不是责任对 我们社会有多重要。今年考研很可能直接考社会需要责任这个话题, 我们社会有多重要。今年考研很可能直接考社会需要责任这个话题,并不会考的这么直接像我漫画中那 么难,所以希望大家到时注意审题! 么难,所以希望大家到时注意审题!) ! 范文演示: 范文演示:When the issue of poisonous milk powder gains an overwhelming focus from the public,what are these malefactors doing?As we can see from the depiction, enterprise,milk station, milch cow and even grass are trying to find someone scapegoating for this credit crisis, in my view point,that’s nothing to do with the credit but the problem of responsibility. Responsibility is a keyword that we should never disregard,defined not only as the courage to face every foreseeable risk,but as the braveness to entail every malpractice when it really takes place as well.The causes of the shortage of responsibility or even conscience may be as follows. Firstly, inner cause ascribing probably to the destructive influence emanating from the decay of morality may result in the over-materialism .Furthermore,outerly ,deficient supervisal gives rise to the fearless adventurer who is at the risk of anything ,not to say to deviate from his own liability ,to pursue as many as profits. A case in point is the Melamine-laced Milk Incident which almost destroyed the whole of China’s milk industry. It is imperative that drastic measures should be taken to end this thorny situation,such as enacting related law to reinforce our supervisal mechanism to avoid the behavior of kicking the ball when something bad happen and promoting social entities to regain one of Chinese traditional virtues,which is called “who would enter the hell if I wouldn’t”,that means, undoubtedly, to learn to be responsible for the blunder means sensible Unflinchingness. **** 新东方 大功能段落? 新东方10大功能段落 大功能段落 第一段:[
  1.现象/现状说明段] [
  2.图画/图表描述段] 第二段:[
  3.对立观点陈诉段](四,六级多用) [
  4.利弊说明段] [
  5.意义阐述段] [
  6.原因列军段] [
  7.举例段] 第三段:[
  8.归纳结论段] [
  9.趋势预测段] [10建议措施段] Love is a lamp
  1.现象/现状说明段] Love is of utmost importance to us humans. Everybody not only needs love, but also should give others love. As can be seen from the picture, "love is a lamp which is brighter in darker places. " This is indeed true. People in darker places need more light than other people. Maybe even a dim light can give them much hope for a better life. Maybe just a thread of light will call forth their strength and courage to help them step out of their difficulties. [
  7.举例段] I can think of no better illustration of this idea than the following example(s).For instance when someone is starving to death, just a little food and water from you may save his(her) life. Again, when a little girl in a poor rural area drops out of school because of poverty, just a small sum of money from you may support her to finish school and change her life. In these case/circumstances you have given love which is like a lamp in a dark place where light is most needed. [
  8.归纳结论段] To sum up, we should offer our help to all the needed. We expect to get love from others and we also give love to others. So when you see someone in difficulty or in distress and in need of help, don't hesitate to give your love to him (her). I believe that the relationship between people will be harmonious and that our society will be a better place for us to live in. [
  2.图画/图表描述段] Pollution is becoming more and more serious all over the world. As is shown in the cartoon, two cars are giving off waste gas and three people are trying to avoid breathing in the poisonous gas by masking their face with their hands. The poisonous gas sent off by factories, domestic appliances and automobiles has made the air unhealthy for people to breathe. [
  5.意义阐述段] There is no denying that automobiles are indications of civilization, progress and development; nevertheless , automobiles cause the serious problem of air pollution. Scientists have warned that unless effective measures are taken, the problem of pollution will eventually get out of hand. Actually, people are showing a real concern over the problem. For example, there is an increasingly loud voice from the public for firm action against pollution from automobiles. [10建议措施段]Indeed, the earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our descendants. In my opinion, we should work out concrete solutions to the problem of pollution from poisonous gas given off by automobiles. For example, the automobiles should be equipped with a device which can dispose of waste gas so as to prevent it from polluting air. Only in this way can we really solve the problem of air pollution caused by automobiles. [
  2.图画/图表描述段]As is shown in the picture, we can see clearly the relation ship between people and desert. In the left hand picture, people are fleeing from greedy sand hills because they cut down all the trees. The caption reads, ”As the sand advances, we retreat.” In the right hand picture, the people have returned carrying tools, water, and young trees to plant the land again. The caption reads: “As we advance, the sand retreats. ” [
  5.意义阐述段]It seems to me that the cartoonist is sending a message about the importance of trees in water and soil conservation and the need for everyone to fight against the danger of the desertification. In fact, what he is saying is that the sand hills will drive away from the land if we do fight against the sand. If we let this situation continue as it is , our environment will suffer a great destruction. [
  10.建议措施段]The best way to fight back against the greedy desert in made clear in the second picture. There the local people are actively setting about the task of planting trees to reclaim the land and make it fertile. The fact that there are three people in the picture, each with a different job suggests that working together is the key to success in the battle against soil erosion. A Brief History of World Commercial Fishing [
  2.图表描述段] As is shown in the pictures ,with the increase of commercial fishing ,the number of fishes
dramatically(sharply) decreased .In one pictures ,there were various kinds of fish and only one fishing-boat in 1900 .On the contrary ,in1995 there was only one fish ,with many fishing-boats. [
  5.意义阐述段] The purpose of this picture is to show us that due (great enough) attention has to be paid to the decrease (decline) of ocean resources .Owing to over-fishing the number of fishes has obviously dropped .If we let this situation go (continue) as it is ,we do not know where fish will be in the future .By that time ,our environment will suffer a great destruction . [
  10.建议措施段] Therefore ,it is imperative for us to take drastic (effective) measures .For one thing ,we should appeal to our authorities to make strict laws to control commercial fishing .For another ,we should enhance(imperative arouse) the awareness of people that the ocean resources are very vital to us .Only in this way can we protect our ocean resources .Also I believe that we humans can overcome this difficulty ,and we will have a brighter future . [
  2.图画/图表描述段] From these graphs, we can draw a conclusion that, with the growth of human population, the number of species has decreased rapidly in America, and some species have even vanished from our planet. [
  6.原因列军段]Why does this phenomenon appear? There are several possible reasons for this. Above all, as the human population grows rapidly, a growing number of people came to live where some wild species have been living. Then these species have to move to other places. Some of them probably can not adapt to the new environment and die. In addition, although many people look on the wildlife as their friends, some people may not think so. They catch a lot of wild animals and sell them in order to get more money. Even worse(坏)/More importantly(好), as the result(中性) /consequence(贬义)of the industry, the natural balance and the ecologic environment are destroyed. The clear cutting has become increasingly serious. So some of the wildlife become homeless and extinct. [
  10.建议措施段]In order to protect the wildlife, I have some suggestions. First, the governments should make laws to prevent them from being caught and killed. Second, the governments should educate people to love nature and protect it. Third, as for ourselves, we should take practical actions to protect our living environment. [
  1.现象/现状说明段]The majority of people would agree that cigarette smoking has caused serious problems. But the tobacco companies insist that they contribute greatly to the world economy by paying taxes to the government and employing hundreds of workers. [
  4.利弊说明段]Personally, I believe that cigarette production and consumption threatens to do more harm than good. Firstly, smoking is responsible for many fatal diseases such as lung cancer, heart diseases and so on. According to the survey, tobacco consumers account for about 20% of the world population, and among them, three million people die from smoking-related diseases every year. The fact that the output of tobacco production is reduced from 1
  43.64 billion pounds in 1994 to 142 billion pounds in 1995 also suggests that people have come to realize the negative effects of smoking. Secondly, tobacco consumption is extremely wasteful of money. As is indicated in the pictures, 200 billion US dollars is lost due to smoking each year. Obviously, the total loss of money around the globe substantially exceeds the gain in the industry. [
  8.归纳结论段]In conclusion, as the economic development aims at making our life better, we cannot sacrifice our health for short-term financial benefits. If we have to spend more and more money providing medical services for those who suffer from smoking-related illnesses, the notion of promoting economy via tobacco production is not justifiable. It is high time that we fought for the total tobacco ban. Statistics in People's Daily Expenses in Xi'an
  2.图画/图表描述段]What is shown in the table above indicates that dramatic changes have taken place in the daily expenses in Xi' an from 1995 to 19
  99. The expenses on food have declined by 30% while those on clothing and recreation have increased respectively by 9% and 7%. The statistics of rise and fall seem to exist in isolation but closely related to one another. [
  6.原因列军段]There are two factors accounting for these changes. Development in economy is an essential one in the five years. The increased income resulting from economic growth plays an important part in the less expense on food. Hence, a small percentage of total income is enough to cover food expense. Another one is the changes in life style. When food presents no worry to the average, people begin to focus more of interest on handsome appearance and happy leisure time. As a result of such a shift, spending on clothing and recreation increased year after year. [
  9.趋势预测段]From the analyses made above, we may come to the conclusion that people's living standards in Xi' an have been constantly improved between 1995 and 19
  99. With the further growth in


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