Mobile Phones May Soon Test for STIs and Blood Pressure 手机可能很快应用于性病检测与血压监控
Mobile phone technology is quickly changing the way the world operates. Today, we tell about two new projects involving mobile health, also known as m-health. 移动电话技术正飞速改变世界运行的轨道。今天,我们将讲述两个与手机保健相关的项目,也被称为 m-health。
Doctors and technology experts in London are developing a new way to test for sexual infections. The new device uses mobile phones and computers to help people find out if they have been infected with a sexual disease. People will be able to perform the test in the privacy of their own homes. 伦敦的医生和技术专家们正在开发一种检测性传播疾病的新方式。这种新设备借助手机和计算机,帮助人 们检查他们是否已经感染性病。人们可以在家中自行检测。
People place urine or saliva on a small piece of paper. They place the test strip in a small device that contains a computer chip. Then they place the device in their mobile phone or a computer for testing. 检测者将尿液或者唾液滴到一小张试纸上,放入一个含有计算机芯片的小设备里。然后将该设备连接到手 机或电脑进行检测。
Within minutes, they receive information telling them if they have a sexual disease. And they receive advice on what to do next. 几分钟内,检测者就能收到是否感染性病的信息,还会得到进一步的建议。
Claudia Estcourt is with Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. She is also part of the research team working on the project. 克罗地亚?艾斯特科特(Claudia Estcourt)是在巴兹伦敦内科及牙科学院工作,她也是该项目研究小组的 一员。
CLAUDIA ESTCOURT: "This isn't designed to replace traditional clinics. This is really opening testing up to people who might find it embarrassing or difficult to get into their clinic. And this
might be a much quicker, easier option for them that they can be assured of very accurate results." 艾斯特科特:“该项目并非为了取代传统诊所,而只是为觉得尴尬或无法去诊所的人们设计的一种测试。这 对他们来说或许是一种更快捷简便的方式,同时可以得到准确的检测结果。”
Health experts say many young people are too ashamed to visit a clinic to be tested. This increases the risk of them passing on sexual diseases. The researchers hope the tests will help persuade people to be tested and reduce the number of sexually transmitted infections. 健康专家表示,很多年轻人觉得不好意思去诊所进行检测,这就增加了他们传播性病的风险。研究人员希 望这种检测能有助说服人们进行检测,降低性病传播几率。
Dr. Estcourt says the project is still seven to ten years away from completion. But she says it holds great promise for the future. 艾斯特科特表示,该项目还需 7 到 10 年的时间才能完成,但她表示,该项目极具发展前景。
CLAUDIA ESTCOURT: "Clearly one of the major implications of something like this would be for use in developing countries: maybe for testing HIV, maybe for testing for tuberculosis, or perhaps even malaria." 艾斯特科特:“显然,这类项目的主要意义之一就是在发展中国家应用:可能用来检测 HIV,结核病,甚至 疟疾。”
Researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada are studying a mobile phone system that may help people with diabetes control their blood pressure. 加拿大多伦多大学的研究人员正在研究一个可以帮助糖尿病患者控制血压的手机系统。
The system collects blood pressure readings from home testing devices that have wireless technology. The readings are then sent to a health-care monitoring system. 该系统从家用无线血压测量设备中读取血压读数,然后发送到保健监测系统。
Patients receive a mobile phone message telling them how they are doing. If their blood pressure is too high, they are advised to make an appointment with their doctor. Several high readings will cause the system to automatically contact the doctor.
患者会收到一条短信告知他们现在的状况。如果血压太高,系统就会建议他们预约医生。如果数次血压读 数都很高,系统将会自动与医生取得联系。
Patients in the study used the mobile phone system for one year. The researchers found that thirty-seven percent of the patients were able to get their blood pressure under control. This compares with about fourteen percent of patients using common equipment. 参与该研究的患者已经使用了手机系统长达一年。研究人员发现,37%的患者得以保持血压稳定。相比之 下,使用普通设备的患者只有 14%能够保持血压稳定。
Classes Start in March at Internet Training Center in Togo 多哥互联网培训中心 3 月开始招生
A new Internet training center in Togo will give young people in that part of West Africa a chance to improve their job skills. 多哥一家新的互联网培训中心将给该地区的年轻人提供一个提高工作能力的机会。
The International Telecommunication Union and the computer-networking company Cisco Systems launched the center. A telecom company in Lome is also taking part in the effort. 该培训中心由国际电讯联盟和计算机网络公司思科系统公司推出,洛美(多哥首都)的一家电信公司也参与 了运作。
Robert Shaw of the ITU says students will learn the basics of what he calls the "real plumbing of the Internet." 国际电信联盟的罗伯特?肖表示,学生们将学到他所谓的“真正的互联网管道”的基础知识。
ROBERT SHAW: "Internet protocol-based networks, they're almost behind everything we do. They run the financial systems. They might be controlling the power systems. So either directly or indirectly we're dependent upon these systems. And there's a lot of pressure to have trained people." 肖:“(所谓的互联网管道也就是)基于互联网协议的网络,它隐藏在我们生活的方方面面。它运行着金融 系统,它可能控制着电力系统。我们都直接或间接的依赖于这些系统。因此存在着缺乏训练有素的人员的 压力。”
This month, five instructors completed two weeks of intensive training known as the Cisco Certified Networking Academy. They also learned how to train others. Robert Shaw says this kind of train-the-trainer program helps meet a growing demand for professionals in information and communication technologies, or ICT. 这个月,5 名教员在思科认证网络学院(Cisco Certified Networking Academy)完成了为期 2 周的强化 强化培训。他们还学习了如何培训他人。肖说,这种培训教员的课程有助于满足日益增长的信息和通信专 业人才的需求。
ROBERT SHAW: "The Internet and these networks are growing so fast, it's really hard to keep up. It's a bit like what they said in 'Alice in Wonderland': you have to run twice as fast just to stay in the same place. And the rate of change means it's very difficult for the classical educational programs to keep up with the demand that's out there in the marketplace." 肖:“互联网和其他网络发展得如此之快,真的很难跟上它们的需求。这有点像《爱丽丝梦游仙境》中说到 的:‘你必须以双倍的速度才能保持跟上节奏。’这种发展的速度意味着传统培训课程很难满足来自市场方面 的需求。”
Mr. Shaw says recent years have seen an even stronger demand for these kinds of programs in the developing world. 肖表示,近年来,发展中国家对这种培训课程的需求尤为强烈。
ROBERT SHAW: "Now, of course, at the end of 2010 there's about two billion users on the internet. The majority of those -- about
  1.2 billion -- is now in developing countries, and that's almost the complete opposite of what the situation was five years ago." 肖:“截至 2010 年年底互联网用户大约为 20 亿,其中约 12 亿的大多数用户是在发展中国家。这和 5 年 前的情况恰恰相反。
The ITU launched its Internet Training Center program in two thousand one. The centers are meant to help spread the growth of ICT jobs to developing countries. More than eighty centers have opened in the Asia-Pacific area, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa. 国际电信联盟 2001 年推出其培训中心方案。 这些培训中心是为了拓展发展中国家信息和通信的就业需求。 超过 80 家培训中心分布在亚太地区,拉丁美洲,东欧和非洲。
Mr. Shaw says the new center in Lome will open to students in March. 肖表示洛美的这家新的培训中心将在三月招生。
ROBERT SHAW: "One of the things we're trying to do in this program is also to encourage participation by women, by girls. So there's a recommendation that they target at least thirty percent female enrollment." 罗伯特肖:“我们尝试鼓励女性参与这个课程。因此建议该课程女性入学率目标至少是 30%。”
Other locations in Africa include Angola, Cape Verde, Kenya, Malawi and Mali. They also include Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Mauritania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. 非洲的其他培训中心所在地区包括安哥拉,佛得角,肯尼亚,马拉维和马里,还包括卢旺达,塞内加尔, 坦桑尼亚,毛里塔尼亚,乌干达和津巴布韦。
Students pay for the training; the cost is different in each country. Those who complete the program are known as Cisco-certified. The program lasts about six months because most students attend part time. 每个国家的学生支付的费用不同。完成该课程被称为通过思科认证。该课程为期 6 个月,因为多数学生是 业余时间参加培训。
For Many People, First the Doctor's Office, Then the Web 互联网成为人们搜索健康信息工具
A new survey finds that more than eighty percent of Internet users in the United States search for health information online. The survey is from the Pew
Research Center's Internet and American Life Project and the California HealthCare Foundation. 一项新的调查发现, 美国 80%以上的互联网用户在网上搜索健康信息。 该调查来自皮尤调查研究中心下属 的互联网和美国生活项目和加州医保基金会。
Susannah Fox from the Pew Internet Project says doctors are still the main source of health information. But the survey found that searching online is one of
the leading ways that people look for a second opinion. 来自皮尤互联网项目的苏珊娜?福克斯(Susannah Fox)表示,医生仍是人们获得健康信息的主要来源。 但这次调查发现,上网搜索成为人们寻找第 2 种观点的主要途径之一。
SUSANNAH FOX: "People are sort of fact-checking what they have heard from a doctor. Our studies show that people are still very likely to turn to a health
professional when they need a diagnosis or are planning a treatment." 苏珊娜: “人们上网搜索多少有验证医生诊断的意图。 我们的研究表明, 人们在需要诊断或准备进行治疗时, 还是很可能转向于健康专家。”
Forty-four percent of people are actually looking for doctors or other providers when they search for health information online. 44%的民众上网搜索健康信息实际是在寻找医生或其他医疗机构。
Another finding of the survey: Two-thirds of Internet users look online for information about a specific disease or medical condition. 这项调查的另一个发现是:2/3 的互联网用户上网查阅特定疾病或健康状况的相关信息。
The Internet has also become an important source of emotional support for people with health problems. Susannah Fox says one in five Internet users has gone
online to find other people who have the same condition. 互联网也成为存在健康问题的人们获得情感支持的重要来源。苏珊娜表示,1/5 的互联网用户都曾上网去 寻找患有相同疾病的其他人。
SUSANNAH FOX: "It was more prevalent among people with more serious health issues -one in four people living with chronic disease. And it was basically off
the charts with people living with rare disease. They are so eager to find other people online who share their health concerns." 苏珊娜:“这种情况(指上网搜索举动)在病情比较严重的病人中更为普遍--1/4 的民众患有慢性病。同时 它在患有罕见疾病的病人中更为突出,他们非常渴望在网上找到其他病友
A disease is considered rare if it affects fewer than two hundred thousand people worldwide. The rise of social networking has made it easier for people with
rare diseases to connect with each other and feel less alone. 一种疾病如果在全球范围内患病人数少于 20 万,就会被定义为罕见疾病。社交网络的兴起使得患有罕见 疾病的人更容易与其他病友交流,从而不再感觉那么孤独。
Social networking is also changing the way some doctors and patients communicate with each other. 社交网络也正在改变一些医生和病人之间相互沟通的方式。
Dr. Jeff Livingston operates a medical cen



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