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About 俞敏洪

  1. In 1962, he was born in jiangsu province .
  2. In 1980, three times after the college entrance examination in English , he become a college student of the peking university.
  3.In1985,when he graduate,he stayed at the peking university to teach.
  4.In 1991, he resigned from beijing university,and established Beijing New Oriental School as well as new oriental online website .
His Famous Quotation

  1. The world has a lot of talent, it is used to enjoy, but not used for comparison .
  2. When you are on the horizon of a tree, don't expect others to to see you in the distance, even if they come across besides you or step you on, you can't nothing , because you are only a tuft of little grass ; if you're into a tree, even in a far place, people will see you and appreciate you because you are a tree!

  3. God create man in a not perfect way, the process of our life is to make a more perfect process, our virtues are to overcome shortcomings of ourselves and struggle.
  4. Only know how to stop people can know how to speed up.
  5. When you are old, what people values is no longer whether you are handsome, but your inward charm , your courage and mettle.
Zeng Zimo: A Beauty with Reason and Emotion Zeng Zimo was born in Beijing. In 1991, during her freshman year at Renmin University, she was given a shcolarship to Dartmouth College, an Ivy League school in the United States. She graduated with a Bachelor Degree in 19
  96. That same year she was hired by Morgan Stanley in New York to be an analyst. Later, at the peak of her career as an analyst, she quit and became an anchorwoman for a Phoenix TV financial program in Hong Kong.
Painstaking Experience Studying Abroad 1 Studying abroad alone has always been a painstaking task. At first, it took Zimo a long time to get used to the long snowy, foggy climate at Dartmouth and she missed her parents very much. With a full scholarship for the school, it was her first time abroad alone.
2 But things got better as time passed and all her hard work paid off with her excellent academic achievements. Standing out with high marks all her courses, she was a myth even among her American classmates. Because she is very good at mathematics, near graduation, Zimo impressed the elite New York based brokerage firm Morgan Stanley, who offered her an enviable job. She started her work as an analyst by working on a major merger .
What is the Ideal Lifestyle? From 1996 to 1998, Zimo was an analyst at one of the world's two largest investment banks. According to her, life back then was crazy. For a sixmonth period, she was non-stop busy like a spinningtop, shuttling between several projects, sleeping only 2-3 hours per night. Although she was tired sometimes, once her work earned the approval and appreciation of all her American colleagues, she felt it was worthwhile. Because of her remarkable efficiency at Morgan Stanley, the management even decided to hire more Chinese employees.
Usually, at the age of 24 or so, most young women are cuddling with their boyfriends and experiencing romance. She, however, was concentrating on the stock market and burying herself in endless plies of statistics and files. She found this lifestyle exciting and satisfying, but gradually she began to wonder and felt confused. She worried that her youth was passing by quickly and she was missing out on other important things in life.
Because Zimo wanted a change of scenery, she decided to transfer to the Hong Kong Branch of Morgan Stanley. There, she still had her hands full. Later, as Phoenix TV was about to enter the market in Hong Kong, Zimo was ordered to handle this project. She saw in it much energy and huge potential.
She thought hard about this and finally she convinced herself to do something meaningful for herself. She resigned without further hesitation. Although she was offered a promotion, she was still determined to join "Phoenix" for a new start.
Beauty Lies in Both Reason and Emotion A rational mind, professional financial background, sharp judgment and sensitivity to the market combined with a sense of responsibility have made her successful in all fields.
《Sherlock Holmes》 》
Arthur Conan Doyle
Scottish physician and writer, most noted forhis stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes, which are generally considered a major innovation in the field of crime fiction, and for the adventures of Professor Challenger.
Edinburgh:爱丁堡 爱丁堡 innovation:改革,创新 改革, 改革
on 22 May 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland Roman Catholic Jesuit preparatory school, 9 Stonyhurst College (斯托尼赫斯特学院) 斯托尼赫斯特学院) In 1875, rejected Christianity to become an agnostic 18
  76~1881, medicine at the University of Edinburgh ~ short stories; Chambers's Edinburgh Journal. Following his term at university, ship's doctor during a voyage to the West African coast. In 1885 ,He completed his doctorate
origins of Sherlock Holmes
On his return, Conan Doyle set up as a doctor in Southsea, With very few patients, Conan Doyle attempted to make money by writing detective stories. His main character, Sherlock Holmes, was based on Dr. Joseph Bell,a surgeon and criminal psychologist
In 1885, Louisa Hawkins, who suffered from tuberculosis and died on 4 July 19
  06. In 1907,Jean Elizabeth Leckie whom he had first met and fallen in love with in 18
  97. He had maintained a platonic relationship with her while his first wife Louisa was still alive, out of loyalty to her. Jean died in London on 27 June 19
On 7 July 19
  30. He died of a heart attack, aged
  71. His last words were directed toward his wife: "You are wonderful."[
Conan Doyle is famous foe his Sherlock Holmes, but this is only one of his many contributions. He was a prolific writer whose other works include science fiction stories,historical novels, plays andromances, poetry, and non-fiction.
pauper 穷人,贫民,靠救 济过活的人 starkly 完全, 分明地, 赤 裸裸地 measured 缓慢而又有节 奏的 gait 步态,步法 ragtag 贱民,下等人 coordinated 协调的 peer 凝视, 盯着看, 端详, 仔细看 penetrating 敏锐的,有洞 察力的;聪明的 stride 大踏步走; 跨过
vulnerable 易受伤的 脆弱的 敏感的 易受伤的, 脆弱的,
Yu Zhenhuan(于震寰) He was born in Liaoning Province in Sep.30,19
  77. He is the first discovery of the real "hairy child" of his birth has shocked the world.
Adventure of Little Hairy (19
1994 Enter the music scene. To be the moonlight singer(走穴歌手) for a long time. May,2002 Selected by Shanghai Great World Guinness record (上海大世界吉尼斯 纪录) as the human who with the most 纪录) human hair. Nov,2004 His first highest charting single song--<Still love you > was officially launched to the nation
Many people say he is the Monkey King becomes. He wanted to pluck (猛力地扯)all of his hair. He came to the nation again with his indomitable (不屈服的) will.
"Born with the hair of mine/chilhood days always been glittering(闪光的) /being a film actor,attending TV shows are the happiest time of my life/when I grew up,I am sensitive to other people and care about the expression in their eyes/however,I still never give up/if I don't exert (竭力,努力)myself,I will be a 竭力, good-for-nothing(废人)/God gave me the odd hair,to succeed or to fail, is decided by my self." Yu zhenhuan
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