Lesson30:Jane’s Lucky Life
By Shuntian Middle School Yeling
Have you watched the Paratympic Games?
Have you watched Thousand-hand Bodhisattva ?
Have you ever read these books?
New words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Jane lucky damage unable dare wheelchair disabled Control adj. v. adj. v. n. adj. v. 珍妮 幸运的, 幸运的,侥幸的 损害 不能的 敢于, 敢,敢于,挑战 轮椅 残疾的 控制,管理, 控制,管理,支配
listen and answer
  1.( )How old was Jane when she became ill? ( A.10 B.5 C.15 ?
  2.( )How old is she now? ( A.14 B.40 C.44 ?
  3.( )Is Jane married? ( A.Yes B.No
C.We don’t know
  4.( )How many children does she have? ( A.1 B.2 C.3 ?
  5.( )How old is Jane’s son ? ( A.10 B.11 C.12
Read and answer
? ? ? ? Jane can’t do many things because She can’t move her arms or legs. How does she write letters? She writes letters by talking to a special computer. ? Does she live a happy life? Why or why not? ? Yes. Because she thinks about the good things in her life.
  1、be unable /able to do sth.不能/能做某事 be sth.不能 不能/ ? She is unable to walk by herself. ? She isn’t walk by herself.
  2、be married (to sb.) 、 ? be married 结婚,强调状态,可以和时间段连用。 ? get married 强调动作,不可以和时间段连用。 ? Marry sb.和某人结婚
  3、watch sb. do/doing sth ? 看见某人做/正在做某事 看见某人做/ ? I watched them (play soccer) when I passed the playground. ? I often watch them (play soccer) on the playground.

  4、enjoy doing sth 喜欢做某事(= like doing sth) Our teacher enjoys reading English books. Our teacher likes reading English books. ? enjoy oneself 过得愉快(=have a good time) The students enjoyed themselves yesterday. The students had a good time yesterday. 提示:常见动名词短语 enjoy doing, keep doing, feel like doing, mind doing, give up doing, finish doing have fun (in) doing, practise doing
Fill in the blank with the proper words.
? ? ? ? ? ? Lily finished(read) the book yesterday. Would you mind(close) the window? Do you enjoy (play) football? I don’t feel like (eat) . Please give up (smoke). We practise (listen) to English every day.
Read the task and finish the blanks.
she became with a kind of .
  1.When she was . ? she can’t her arms or legs.
  2.Now she is. ? she is unable to do many things. things. she can’t , she can’t , she can’t , she can’t. she controls wheelchair her mouth.
  3.But she is able to do many things. she can answer by “hello”. she likes to watch. ?
  4.She is and has children. she enjoys .She have a lifegood things. ?
  5.Now she speaks to people. People who is really disabled peaple who don’t know .



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