Unit One Reading 2
T: Hi, my name is Rose. What’s your name? S: I’m … T: I live on Guanghua Road. Where do you live? S: I live… T: I was born in Changzhou. Where were you born? S: I was born in … T: I like English and I am good at English. What about you? S: I’m good at… T: And I like listening to music. I want to be in the Music Club. What do you like? S: I like…
I live in a tall building on Guanghua Road.
I live on the first/second/third/fourth/… floor.
be born 出生
I was born in Changzhou. He was born in October, 19
  92. When/Where were you born?
Amy?This is Amy. Is she tall or short? Is her hair long or short ? Does she like swimming? Is she good at swimming? She has many friends. Why? She is funny.
be good at sth/ doing sth擅长于做某事 擅长于做某事 =do well in sth/ doing sth

  1)英语中有些单词由“名词+y”构成形容词. eg: wind ? windy cloud? cloudy rain ? rainy snow ? snowy hilly storm? stormy hill ? grass? grassy rock? rocky
  2)当名词以一个元音字母加一个辅音字母结尾(w、x除外), 即重读闭音节词时通常双写最后一个辅音字母再加y. eg: fun? funny sun? sunny
  3)有些单词由“名词+ful”构成形容词. eg: care? careful help? helpful use? useful hope? hopeful beauty? beautiful thank? thankful color ? colorful wonder ? wonderful
Simon?This is Simon. Is he tall or short? Where was he born? Where does he live now? What does Simon like doing after school?
Millie?Look at Millie. Her hair is very short. How old is she? What class is she in? Is she in the Reading Club? Is she the master of Eddie?
Language points:
  1. I’m twelve years old. She is twelve years old. 同义句: a. I’m twelve. b. She is a twelve-year-old girl.
他是个八岁的男孩. He is an eight-year-old boy. 问 句: How old are you?

  2. I’m in Class 1/One, Grade 7/Seven. a. What class are you in? b.在第一排 in Row One
在A队/组 在403室/房间 在3路公共汽车上 in Team A in Room 403 on Bus No. 3 on the No. 3 bus

  3. I live in Beijing.
a. Where do you live in? live on Garden Road b.住在花园路 住在一条繁华的街道上 live on a busy street live at 157, Guangming Road 住在光明路157号

  4. in the Reading Club a. be in 参加(某个组织或某项活动) join 参加某组织并成为其中一员 =be a member of eg:
  1)我想参加校运动会。 I want to be in the school sports meeting . take part in 参加(某项活动)
  2)Kitty 想参加舞蹈兴趣小组。 ‘d like =would like Kitty’d like to be in the Dancing Club. join /be a member of the Swimming Club b. 加入游泳兴趣小组 参加计算机兴趣小组 be in/join the Computer Club 参加象棋俱乐部 the Chess Club
  5. like very much 非常喜欢 否定式: not like at all eg: She likes running very much. She doesn’t like running at all. 否定句:
Kitty?She is small. Is her hair long or short? She has long hair. Kitty is a good student. Teachers love her very much. Why? Because she works hard.
=Kitty is a hard-working girl. adj. hard adv. 困难的 =difficult 努力地 This question is hard for me to answer. Everyone in our class works very hard.
Sandy?Sandy is a lovely girl. She is very tall. Is she fat or slim? Look at her hair. Is it short? She has long hair.Where does she come from? What is on her nose? She wears glasses.
wear 穿着,戴着 a pair of come from 来自于=be from glasses/shoes/gloves/socks /trousers/jeans/… Where do you come from? Where are you from?
Daniel?What about Daniel? Does he wear glasses? Is he tall? Daniel is a good boy. He often says ‘thank you’ to others. He is very polite. He often helps others. So he is also helpful.

  1. polite adj. 有礼貌的 We should be polite to the old people. 对某人有礼貌
  2. helpful adj. 有帮助的, 乐于助人的 有帮助的, This book is helpful to me. 对……有帮助 有帮助 help v. help sb. (to) do sth. 帮助某人做某事 help sb. with sth. 你能帮我开个门吗? 他经常帮我学英语。 在某方面帮助某人
Can you help me (to) open the door? He often helps me with my English.

  1. How old is Kitty?
  2. Does Simon live in Shanghai now?
  3. Does Sandy have long black hair?
  4. What does Amy like?
  5. What does Daniel wear on his nose?
  6. What do you think of Daniel?
  7. Is Millie in the Reading Club?
  8. Is Amy good at dancing?
Millie’s profile Name: Age: From: School: Class: Appearance(what she is like): Hobbies(what she likes): Family members:

  1.Simon comes from Shanghai. is from Simon Shanghai
  2.Millie’s cousin is clever at Maths is good at Millie’s cousin Maths.
  3.Daniel enjoys playing computer games. Daniellikes playing computer games.

  4.Amy loves swimming. likes Amy swimming.

  5.Amy 擅长游泳吗 擅长游泳吗? good at Is Amy swimming?
  6.格蕾丝的双胞胎兄弟不戴眼镜 他很有趣, 乐于助人.
  6.格蕾丝的双胞胎兄弟不戴眼镜. 他很有趣, 乐于助人. 格蕾丝的双胞胎兄弟不戴眼镜. Grace’s twin brother doesn’t wear glasses He’s funny and helpful .
  7.你喜欢放学后听音乐吗?你加入歌迷会了吗? .你喜欢放学后听音乐吗?你加入歌迷会了吗? Do you enjoy listening to musicafter school? Are you the Fan Club. in

  8. 鲍勃的表哥在校篮球队. 鲍勃的表哥在校篮球队 Bob’s cousin is in the school basketball team.
  9. 他的同桌是从哪里来的 她从云南来 他的同桌是从哪里来的?她从云南来 她从云南来. Where is his deskmate from? Where does his deskmate come from? She is /comes from Yunnan.



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