Tolerant power
? 一个伟大的人有两颗心:一颗心流血,一 一个伟大的人有两颗心:一颗心流血, 颗心宽容。??(黎巴嫩 纪伯伦 颗心宽容。 黎巴嫩)纪伯伦 黎巴嫩 ? A great people have two hearts: heart bleed, heart tolerance. ? 世界上最宽阔的是海洋,比海洋更宽阔的 世界上最宽阔的是海洋, 是天空,比天空更宽阔的是人的胸怀。 是天空,比天空更宽阔的是人的胸怀。? ?法.雨果 法 雨果 ? The sea is the vestest on the ocean more spacious than is the sky, the more spacious than the sky is people's mind. - law Hugo.
? 不会宽容别人的人,是不配受别人宽容的,但谁 不会宽容别人的人,是不配受别人宽容的, 能说自己是不需要宽容的呢? 能说自己是不需要宽容的呢???屠格涅夫 屠格涅夫 ? Not tolerance of others, is unworthy of tolerance by others, but who can say they are not need tolerance? ? 宽容中包含着人生的大道至理,没有宽容的生活, 宽容中包含着人生的大道至理,没有宽容的生活, 如在刀锋上行走。孩子,如果美德可以选择, 如在刀锋上行走。孩子,如果美德可以选择,请 先把宽容挑选出来吧! 先把宽容挑选出来吧! ? ??富兰克林 富兰克林 ? Tolerance contain the life road, no tolerance and man in life, such as walking on blade. Children, if virtue can choose, please put tolerance selected!
The First Act
23 years, married almost everyday so!
The Second Act
Since then, the life of the novelist, had bland real passion.
? At the end of the story, he let the couple divorced, and especially wrote: the wife to the husband has no love, no flow tears also left in the south after the secluded forest cabin, depend on their husbands to compensate her enough francs, leisurely liberty to spend the time...
The Third Act
“Stories have been printed good, and sent to 《the Lyon evening news》 ". 》
? Since the husband filed for divorce, and his wife had to the requirements of heart -sadness, the couple divorced. But, after 23 years in that marriage still maintained his innocence love wife, but on the way to the southern forest cabin die of depression.
The Fourth Act
? The sun is rising, their life continues. As to him about his wife not modify the end of the story, the same place the novelist .Also failed to talking about his standards.
Maybe sometimes, silent understanding, more tolerance is true.
Life philosophy:
? want to obtain happiness and happy is very simple, as long as the eye stay in joy and happiness that things will do. If you take your eyes were focused on pain, worry, life will be overshadowed by.
Finally, gave everyone two sentences of Chinese poetry
? 度尽劫波兄弟在,相逢 度尽劫波兄弟在, 一笑泯恩仇。??鲁迅 一笑泯恩仇。 ? 海纳百川有容乃大,山 海纳百川有容乃大, 高万仞无欲则刚。?? 高万仞无欲则刚。


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