Lead in
Guessing Game:
Do you know their favorite cars?
Chairman Mao
Last American president
UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon
solar car
Lead in
solar cars
Scientists have been making solar cars for over twenty years. reach They have made solar cars that go up to 80 k.p.h. !
kilometers per-hour
Unit 9 lesson3 Clean Machines Solar Car Racing
By the end of this period, you will be able to:

  1. Get to know a solar car racer, the safe and clean solar cars, as well as their races.
  2. Build the sense of using clean energy efficiently.
Discussion: why do people invent solar cars?

  1.use the power of sunlight
  2.do not use petrol, gas or any other fuel, no pollution
  3.clean and safe
WhileWhile-reading :
Listen and Read How many things did the interviewer want to know about? What are they? 1 about a solar racer Marie Logan 2 about solar cars 3 about Marie Logan’s favorite solar car race
WhileWhile-reading :
Task 1: Read and complete Solar Car Racer’s Resume (简历 简历) 简历
Name: Marie Logan From: Brisbane Interested in cars (when): since kindergarten Began designing car (when): at university Designed solar cars (how many cars): until now five or six different cars so far. How many races: six How many wins: two What have you recently been doing (two):
  1. I have been building a new car with a team. We haven’t finished yet.
  2. I have been writing the first few chapters of a book to persuade people the advantages of solar cars.
WhileWhile-reading :
True or False?

  1. Marie Logan began designing cars when she was a student. T
  2. She has won most of her races. F
  3. The team has nearly finished building a solar car. F
  4. Marie has written a book about solar cars. F
  5. Solar cars can work even in cloudy weather. T
WhileWhile-reading :
Task 2 Read the text with your partner and find out all the questions about solar cars.
What is a solar car? Why are people interested in solar cars?
can be trusted
A lot of people think that solar cars are too slow or not very reliable. How can you persuade them of the advantages of solar cars?
WhileWhile-reading :
What is a solar car? the sun’s energy for power Solar cars are cars that use . petrol gas . They do not use , , or any other fuel Why are people interested in solar cars? worried People have been about pollution caused by fuels like petrol and gas for a long time now. Solar cars are , clean and safe so there is a lot of interest in them.
WhileWhile-reading :
How can you persuade them of the advantages of solar cars? Solar cars are getting better . They have reached speeds of . In tests, one car we built has , even in cloudy weather.
all the time 80 k.p.h. averaged over 40 k.p.h.
WhileWhile-reading :
What effect can solar cars have on our life ? If you were scientists, what else would you like to do to protect our environment?
WhileWhile-reading :
Task 3 We found Marie’s Diary of her favorite race, but some parts are unclear. people Read the text and complete thewho join diary. the race October 21st 2005 Sunny happen Tomorrow, this year’s World Solar Car Challenge will take place Racers from the place. world have reached Australia for days. We have been talking about the great journey--about 4500km long cross the whole of Australia from northwest to southeast The southeast! different shaped solar cars left us a good impression Several days later, we will know impression. the winner! the way Sth. appears to you
PostPost-reading :
Look at these solar cars and design your own solar car with a group of four. Give it a beautiful name!
Sun Dancer Tsinghua University 清华“追日” 清华“追日”号
Think of the Source ShangHai Transport University 上海交大"思源 思源"号 上海交大 思源 号
Name Unknown Zhongshan University 中山大学"无名 中山大学 无名" 无名
PostPost-reading :
Question support:
What does your solar car look like? What’s the speed? What material will be used? What do you want to express through its name?
or Language support:
This is our solar car. It is in color of … its weight is … its shape is like … it can reach speed of … It has a beautiful name… , because…
Home work:

  1. Search for information about clean machines.
  2. Finish the design of your solar cars.
Language focus:
Group Competition
Error Correction

  1. My mother has been ill for five months. I’m really worried of her. about
  2. I average five cups of coffee a day. T
  3. I am still not fully persuaded about the plan’s advantages. of

  1. 全家人都为他的安全担心。 全家人都为他的安全担心。 担心
The whole family were worried about his safety.

  2. 他们一直未能与公司取得联系。 他们一直未能与公司取得联系。 一直未能与公司取得联系
They have so far failed to get in touch with the company.

  3. 他说服我们相信了这个计划的可行性。 说服我们相信了这个计划的可行性。 我们相信了这个计划的可行性
He managed to persuade us of the workability of the plan.
Guess Words

  1. n. a kind of fuel that is used to supply power to the engine of cars petrol
  2. n. someone who competes in a race racer
  3. n. a school for children aged two to kindergarten five
  4. n. one of the parts into which a book is divided chapter
  5. n. particular period or event in chapter someone's life or in history
Make sentences

  1. from northwest to southeast
  2. all the time
  3. go up to
Fill in blank

  1. The petrol has run out, so he couldn’t p get his motorbike started.
  2. In summer we’d better wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from strong s. sunlight
  3. Her child is three years old now and is old enough to go to kindergarten k.
  4. Earth is one of the planets in the s solar system.
  8. The train pulled out and ran in the direction of northwest (西北).
Multiple choice

  1. with average children, some children learn to speak and read and write when they are very young. B Compared A. Shared B. C. Related D. Addicted
  2. John is very . If he says he’ll do something he will. A. generous B. responsible C C. reliable D. noble
Fill in blanks
Ben has started a new chapter in his life. c He has brought a s powered car! solar He says that he is now going to save a lot of money because he doesn’t have to buy petrol any more and his new car p reliable will be so much more r than his old car. I get the i that he is impression really proud of his new car.
Use the phrases
all the time, take part in, so far, take place
  1. More and more college students are willing take part in to the activity of volunteers. taken place
  2. Great changes have in all fields in our country since 19
  78. so far
  3. I have a dog and a cat, but they fight .
  4. They’re delighted with the replies they’ve received from the public all the time .



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