Grammar 1 + Function + Grammar 2
Grammar 1 Nouns used as verbs Look at the verbs in bold. What are the nouns of these verbs? A When Zhou Kai’s mother saw him heading towards the front door without a jacket on, she eyed him anxiously. head eye
B And I’m not overweight so I never have to diet. diet
分析:词的转化指的是一个词不变化其词形, 分析:词的转化指的是一个词不变化其词形,而由 指的是一个词不变化其词形 一种词类转化成另一种或几种词类。 一种词类转化成另一种或几种词类。名词通常可被 转化成为动词来使用。 转化成为动词来使用。
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touch hold, seat
look after sb. like a mum
Example: Stop mothering me! I’m not a child. houses
  1. This apartment six people and a dog.
  2. She the silk gently. fingered
  3. It tastes really delicious. hand
  4. Can you me those papers?
decorate the wall with special paper
clean the dust
Could you me the newspaper? hand The child is old enough to dress himself. face We have to the difficulty. She took out some paper to paper the windows. dust You must the desk and chair twice a day. We didn’t have any excuse for that, but the old lady excused us.
Talking about the future
Read these sentences from Zhou Kai (
  1). Choose the correct answer.
  1. “You’ll catch a bad cold,” said his mother.
  2. “I’ll be fine,” said Zhou Kai, as he opened the door.
  3. “ Zhou Kai, you’ll get ill, you know you will.” Do these sentences … A make a prediction? saying sth. will happen B talk about an intention? a plan or desire
Finish Activity 2 on Page 4 ? Function be become fall get hurt

  1. The doctors are going to examine my keg. I think
will hurt it .

  2. Take more exercise and you will become/ get really fit.
  3. Don’t eat so many sweets. You fat. will get/ become
will be
  4. Eat well and you always healthy.

  5. Don’t climb that wall. You and break will fall your leg!
will means prediction.
Grammar 2

Will / be going to for future actions
I’ll Can you lie down, please, and examine you? I’ll write you a prescription. is going to My wife visit her this afternoon. is going to My wife pick me up in a quarter of an hour. And ring the hospital. I’ll
A You use when the speaker decides to do something as will
he speaks. B You use when someone has decided to do be going to
something before.
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Homework 《精讲精练》? 巧学活用 Pages 113-1
  15. 精讲精练》



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