词汇考查( 分 词汇考查(10分)
A. 按要求写词
  1. sun(形容词 形容词)
  2. twelve(序数词 序数词) 形容词 序数词
  3. tomato(复数 复数)
  4. we(反身代词 反身代词) 复数 反身代词
  5. buy(单三 单三)
  6. well(最高级 最高级) 单三 最高级 B.根据汉意补全单词。 根据汉意补全单词。 根据汉意补全单词
  7. I’m sure we can(打败 them. 打败) 打败
  8. The bike isn’t mine .It__(属于 to Li Lei. 属于) 属于
  9. We should speak to the old people (礼貌地 礼貌地) 礼貌地
  10. Would you like to come for(正餐 正餐)? 正餐
语法与情景选择(25分 语法与情景选择 分)

  1. I wasn’t here yesterday __ I was ill. A. why B. because C. when D. what
  2. __is it from your school to your home? About 100 metres. A. How long B. How far C. How soon
  3. people have visited the new museum. A. Thousands B. Thousands of C. Thousand D. Thousand of

  4. The classroom is for 50 students. A. as big B. big enough C. enough big D. big as
  5. Lucy and Lily are twins. Lucy likes playing basketball, Lily doesn’t. A. and B. as C. but D. or
  6. Could you tell me? I’m his old friend. A. where does Jim live B. how is Jim C. where Jim has gone D. where is Jim

  7. Without your help, I can’t catch up my classmates. A. to B. with C. for D. of
  8.An elephant is than a horse. A. much stronger B. more stronger C. much strong D. more strong
  9. Shall we go boating in the park ? . A. I think so B. That’s a good idea. C. I agree D. what did you say?

  10. tallest building in the town is Bank of China. A. The ; the B. A ; the C. The ; a D. A ; a
  11. Every morning he takes a _to his office. A. 20 minutes walk B. 20 minute’s walk C. 20 minutes’ walk D. 20 minute walk
  12. I found important to learn English well. A. that B. it C. its D. that’s

  13. ? Yes, we are looking for a pair of shoes. A. Are you looking for something B. What are you looking for C. Can I help you D. Can you help me
  14. Hello.? Yes, this is Tom speaking. A. who are you B. May I speak to Tom C. Are you Tom D. May I have your name

  15. What’s the date today? . A. It’s Thursday B. It’s windy C. It’s July 3rd D. It’s summer
  16. Happy New Year to you. . A. Thank you B. I’m fine C. Yes, thank you D. The same to you
  17. Would you like to come for dinner ? . A. No, I don’t B. I’d love to C. It’s a pleasure D. Good idea.

  18. Please take my seat, sir. . A. It’s very kind of you B. Fine, thanks. C. The same to you D. Sorry
  19. I’m going to Lanzhou for my holiday. . A. Goodbye B. See you later D. Good D. have a good time
  20. Please be quiet. The baby is sleeping. . A. Sorry , I can’t B. Sorry , I won’t C. Ok , I will D. Yes, I won’t

  21. What’s wrong with you, Miss Li ? . A. Thank you B. You’re welcome C. I’m feeling terrible ill D. It’s very kind of you
  22. Could you help me with my English fro now on? . A. Bad luck. B. I don’t think so C. Not at all D. With pleasure.

  23. Good luck to you ! . A. All right B. That’s OK C. It doesn’t matter D. Thank you
  24. Lily fell off her bike and hurt herself. . A. Good news B. OK C. Never mind D. Sorry to hear that
  25. Would you like a cup of tea? . A. Please B. Yes, I will C. No, thanks
动词考查(10分 动词考查 分)
A. 选择填空

  1. “ Must he do it ? ” No, he. A. must B. needn’t C. doesn’t have to D. both B and C
  2. You’d better there, It’s too late. A. not to go C. don’t go B. not go D. not going

  3. There__ a football match on TV tonight. A. was B. is going to have C. is going to be D. will have
  4. My brother since two years ago. A. had worked B. has work C. was working D. has worked
  5. Can the work tomorrow? Of course. A. finish B. is finished C. be finished D. is finishing
pay for hand in give up agree with try…on

  1.You’d better it before you buy it.
  2.How much did you all these things?
  3.The teacher told us to__ our homework before 5 o’clock.
  4. The doctor said , “ If you don’t smoking, you’ll never get better.”
  5. What they have heard doesn’t __the fact.
句型转换(10分 句型转换 分)

  1. The film is very exciting. (感叹句 感叹句) 感叹句 the film is !
  2. Hurry up , or you’ll be late for the party.(同义句 同义句) 同义句 you hurry, you’ll be late for the party.
  3. We do eye exercise every day. (一般疑问句 一般疑问句) 一般疑问句 you eye exercise every day?

  4. He has never been to Shanghai, ? (反意疑问句 反意疑问句) 反意疑问句 划线提问)
  5. He watches TV once a week. (划线提问 划线提问 does he watch TV?
  6. We often use keys for opening doors. (被动语态 被动语态) 被动语态 Keys often for opening doors.
  7. How old is she ? Can you tell me? (合并宾语从句 合并宾语从句) 合并宾语从句 Can you tell me how old ?

  8. He spent more than two hours on his homework last Sunday.(同义句 同义句) 同义句 It him over two hours to his homework last Sunday.
  9. His study is the best in his class.(同义句 同义句) 同义句 His study is__ than __ other’s in his class.
  10. Both he and I are right.(否定句 否定句) 否定句 he nor I right.
书面表达(10分 书面表达 分)
为题, 以 My good friend 为题,写一篇人物介绍 内容提示:罗斯 是我的一位好朋友, 内容提示:罗斯(Rose) 是我的一位好朋友,她 来自澳大利亚,她今年15岁 来自澳大利亚,她今年 岁,她经常帮我学习 英语,她擅长的运动项目是游泳, 英语,她擅长的运动项目是游泳,她和同学们 相处的很好。 相处的很好。 要求: 语句正确,意思连贯 要求:
  1. 语句正确 意思连贯
  2. 3050字以内 字以内
My Good Friend



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