Unit 12
School Subjects
science subjects
Match the words with the pictures.
  1. P.E.
  2. art
c d b e

  3. science
  4. music
  5. math
  6. Chinese
Make your curriculum schedule (课程表 . 课程表) 课程表 Mon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Tue Wed Thu Fri
What’s your favorite subject?
My favorite subject is science / music / English / math / Chinese / P.E. / art…
2a Listen and put the conversation in order.
2 3
Listen again. Match the subjects you hear with the description words.

  1. art
  2. science
  3. music
  4. P.E.
  5. math
a. fun b. interesting c. boring d. difficult e. relaxing
What’s your favorite subject? My favorite subject is science / … Why do you like science / …?
Because it’s interesting / …

  1)key words: subject, science, because, P.E..
  2)Sentence structure: what’s your favorite subject? My favorite subject is …….. why do you like it? Because it’s …
Pair work
What’s your favorite subject?
My favorite subject is science. Why do you like science?
Because it’s interesting.
Complete the conversation with the words in the box. You can use some of the words two times. teacher my interesting your because subject when Friday A: What is your favorite subject ?
My My
favorite subject is art.
A: Who is B:
art teacher ?
art teacher is Mrs Jones.
A: Why do you like art? B: Because it’s interesting . A: When do you have art? B: We have art on Friday .
Survey your partner’s favorite things and complete the chart. Then talk about your partner with your classmates.
favorite food Partner 1 Partner 2
favorite color
favorite favorite movie sport
Survey: Your partners’ favorite thing
favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite city food color sport movie subject teacher day
Tom Mary Bill
What’s Tom’s favorite city?
Pair work
Ask your partner about his or her favorite things.
What’s your favorite food ? My favorite food is fruit. favorite food favorite color favorite movie favorite sport …
My favorite subject is P.E. Because it’s exciting.
My favorite subject is science. Because it’s interesting. My favorite subject is art. Because it’s fun. My favorite subject is music. Because it’s relaxing.
My favorite subject is math. Because it’s interesting. My favorite subject is history. Because I can learn about Chinese history.
What’s his/her subject? Why does he/she like …?
Listen. Write down the school subjects you hear.
  1. history
  2. art
  3. science
Listen again and complete the chart. Favorite subject history art science Why? fun relaxing interesting When? Friday Monday and Wednesday this afternoon
Ming Selina Ken
1 从括号中选择一个词完成句子 Who ( is/ are) your music teacher? Because they ( is/ are) boring. What’s ( you/ your) favorite subject? Why does she ( like/ likes) English? Why ( do/ does) they like math?
2 连词成句 mother’s, color, your, what, favorite, is, (?) What is your mother’s favorite color? music, lunch, after, have, I, (.) After lunch I have music. does, why, like, she, art, (?) Why does she like art?

  1. What day is November 11th? It’s Tuesday.
  2. What does Lin Mei do at 9:00? Lin Mei has science at 9:
  3. What does he think of science? He thinks science is difficult, but interesting.
  4. Does he like history? Why? No, he doesn’t. Because he thinks it’s boring.
  5. What’s her favorite subject? Her favorite subject is P.E..

  5. Who is her music teacher? Her music teacher is Mr Cooper.
  6. When does Lin Mei have her last class? She has her last class at 2:
  7. How long does she have volleyball after class? She has volleyball for two hours.
  8. How does she feel (感觉) after class? She feels / is tired after class.
Language focus:

  1. be busy(繁忙的)be free(空闲的)
Example: 你今天下午有空吗?不,我很忙?
Are you free this afternoon? No, I’m very busy.
  2. for + a period of time(一段时间)
He usually plays computer for two hours on Sunday.
  3. be strict with sb. 对某人严格要求
Our Chinese teacher is very strict with us.
  4. be tired (疲劳的)
He is very tired now.
8:00 to 9:00
Subjects math
12:00 to 1:00
Subjects lunch music volleyball Chinese history club
9:00 to 10:00
1:00 to 2:00
10:00 to 11:00
history P.E.
2:00 to 4:00
11:00 to 12:00
4:00 to 5:00
Do you know how to say these subjects in English?
语文 Chinese 数学 math 英语 English 历史 history 生物 biology 体育 physical education / P.E. 音乐 music 美术 art 科学 science

  1.Ken and Linda’s favourite subject P. E. . A. are B. is C. am

  2.?What’s your favorite? ?? Blue. A. pen B. book C. color

  3.What you do after supper? . A. does B. do C. is
  4.I don’t like documentaries because it’s . . A. funny B. relaxing C. boring

  5.What’s your favorite subject? . A. Yes B. Science

C. Football

  6.?Why don't you like math? . ' ? ?Because it's . ' . A.interesting B.fun . . C.difficult .

  7.I like music it's relaxing. . ' . A.because . B.but . C.why D.or . .

  8.Why your mother like red sweaters? A.do B.is C.are D.does
你最喜欢的科目是什么? 你最喜欢的科目是什么
What’s your favorite subject ?
我最喜欢英语. 我最喜欢英语
My favorite subject is English.
为什么喜欢英语呢? 为什么喜欢英语呢?
Why do you like English ?
因为它有趣. 因为它有趣
Because it’s interesting .

  1. Why does she like music best ? do
  2. What’s you r favorite subject ?
  3. What’s your mother’s favorite color?

  1.His favourite subject is English. (改为一般疑问句?) Is his favourite subject English?
  2.Her mother’s favourite color is blue. (对划线部分提问) What’s her mother’s favorite color?
  3.He likes art because it’s fun. (对划线部分提问) Why does he like art?
  4.My sister often does her homework in the evening.(改否 定句) My sister doesn’t often do her homework in the evening.
Fill in the blanks.( 补全对话)
favorite subject Li : Which is your ? Han: Math. it Li : Why you like? Han : Because it’s interesting. Li : Are you good at ? it Li Lei Han Mei not Han :No.I’m. color Li :What’s your favorite? Han :Blue. Li :What’s your mother’s favorite color? Her color Han :favoriteis red.
Practise in pairs.(两人一组练习对话。)
Favorite subject? You
Your partner (伙伴)
A:What’s your favorite subject? B:My favorite subject is science. A:Why do you like science? B:Because it’s fun.
Ask and answer
Practise in pairs (两人一组练习对话 两人一组练习对话) 两人一组练习对话
A:What’s your favorite subject? B:My favorite subject is science.
Make a survey
Name Bob Favorite subject English Favorite food Favorite sport Favorite color red
hamburger baseball
Report:My favorite subject /food/sport/color is… His favorite subject/food/sport/color is… Her favorite subject/food/sport/color is…
A:Hello ! B:Hello ! What name A:is your,please. My B:name is Jim. A:What’s your subject ? favorite My B:favorite subject is science. A:do you like it? Why B:Because it is . interesting A:I don’t think it is interesting. And what’s your sister’s favorite subject? Her P.E B:favorite subject is. too A:Oh,really?I like P.E ,.

  1. I can see a clock on the wall .(对画线部分提问) (对画线部分提问) What can you see on the wall ?
  2. My favorite subject is music . (对画线部分提问) 对画线部分提问) What favorite subject ? is your
  3. There are some birds in the tree . (改为一般疑问句) 改为一般疑问句) 改为一般疑问句 Are there any birds in the tree ?
  4. There are some apples on the table . 对画线部分提问) (对画线部分提问) What on the table ? is
Match the subjects with the description words
Subject art science music P.E. math English Chinese history Description Word fun interesting difficult boring relaxing exciting
Homework 1

  1. Copy the new words from P75?
  2.Recite the conversations of 3a, P
  3.Write your schedule for Tuesday.
Homework 2
Ask your parent what his/her favorite color/food/sport/TV show is. (问你的父母亲他/她最喜爱的颜色/食 物/运动/电视节目。)
Learning English
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