I’d like some noodles.
Betty bought a bit of better butter.
A:What kind of animals would you like? B:I’d like pandas. ’
like? A:What kind of food would you like? B:I’d like some noodles/rice.
A:What kind of vegetables would you like? B:I’d like some carrots/broccoli. ’
like? A:What kind of meat would you like? B:I B:I’d like some beef.
Make a dialogue with your partner: A:What kind of …would you like? B:I’d like….
Special 1
Special 2
Special 3
Special 4
I work in a restaurant. We have many kinds of noodles for you to choose.Welcome to our restaurant.
A:What kind of noodles would you like? B: I’d like beef and tomato noodles. ’
Special 1
Special 2
Special 3
Special 4
Memory Game
Make a sentence:
I’d like ...
beef beef beef beef beef beef
potato potato cabbage potato cabbage mutton potato cabbage mutton tomato potato cabbage mutton tomato fish
A:What size bowl of noodles would you like? B: I’d like large. ’
Please describe(描述)the describe(描述)the 描述 noodles (size,kind).
A small bowl of beef and tomato noodles. A large bowl of mutton and onion noodles. A large bowl of chicken and tomato noodles. A small bowl of beef and onion noodles.
Please give the right order(顺序):
A: B: C: D: E: F: G: H: I: J: What kind of noodles do you have? Can I help you? We have small,medium and large bowls. Ok,I’d like mutton and potato noodles,please. ’ We have beef,chicken,mutton,cabbage,potato, tomato…. What kind of noodles would you like? Sure.And what size would you like? I’d like some noodles,please. ’ Oh,a medium bowl,please. What sizes do you have?
Read this dialogue:
A: Can I help you? B: I’d like some noodles,please. ’ A: What kind of noodles would you like? B: What kind of noodles do you have? A: We have beef,chicken,mutton,cabbage,potato, tomato…. B: Ok,I’d like mutton and potato noodles,please. ’ A: Sure.And what size would you like? B: What sizes do you have? A: We have small,medium and large. B: Oh,a medium bowl,please.
Show Time
Look at this menu. Make your own dialogues.
Noodles Menu
small medium large
7 6 10 8
Beef and carrot Mutton and potato Chicken and cabbage Tomato and egg
5 4
5 3
6 5
8 7
Homework Please make a bowl of noodles for your parents when you get home.


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