1. In which order did the following things happen to David Beckham? ? a. He was invited to join Manchester United as a trainee. ? b. He was chosen to play for the Red Devils’ senior team. ? c. He has become England’s most famous mid-field player and world superstar. ? d. He attended training sessions with a London club. ? e. He and his players won the FA Youth Cup in 19
  92. ? A. b, a, e, d, c B. a, b, c, e, d ? C. e, d, b, a, c D. d, a, e, b, c
  2. The sentence in Paragraph 5 “…but it is not just what they do with their feel counts.”means. ? A. It is enough for footballers to have excellent skills of playing football. ? B. Top players must have excellent ball control. ? C. Top players must know how to use the space on the pitch. ? D. Besides excellent skills of playing football, footballers must also have good team spirit, a strong character, mental strength and a positive attitude.
  3. How do employers find and employ players with the right abilities? ? A. They advertise in the newspapers or on the Internet. ? B. Players have to fill in application forms and have interviews in order to be employed. ? C. They themselves go to many football clubs or send scouts around the country to discover plays with the right abilities. ? D. They ask schools and universities to find right players for them.
  4. Who can become a youth trainee and join the club as a paid member of staff ? ? A. a strong boy of 15 who is good at playing football. ? B. a young man of 18 who has talent of playing football. ? C. a man of 35 who has excellent ball skills. ? D. a strong girl of 16 whose ball skills are just so-so
  5. The main idea of Paragraph 6 is about . ? A. programmes to encourage and develop young footballers. ? B how to discover talented boys and girls. ? C. how to train young footballers in China and the UK. ? D. trainees’ life in the football clubs.
  6. Which of the following is wrong ? ? A. Football is different from most careers. ? B. Football is not a good career choice for all people. ? C. All trainees in the club can be offered a contract with a club and can become professional footballers. ? D. David Beckham made the red Number 7 shirt famous throughout the world.
  7. In which of the following sentences “take off” has the same meaning as in the second paragraph ? ? A. When I got to the airport, the plane had taken off. ? B. He took off his coat and went to bed as soon as he got home. ? C. When he saw the police coming he took off in the opposite direction. ? D. Sales of home computers have taken off in recent years.
  8. The whole passage mainly tells us . ? A. Football is a good career choice. ? B. It is easy to have a successful career in football. ? C. It is difficult to have a successful career in football. ? D. Not all persons have the same happy ending as David Beckham as.
? ? ? ? ?

  9. The job of a football scout is to . A. train young footballers B take care of the football field. C. search for talented young players D choose the team
? One of the students gets in touch with a career adviser. ? 他们20年来都有保持联系. ? They have remained/kept/stayed/been in touch with each other for 20 years. ? 我和我以前的老师已经有20年没联系了. ? I have been out of touch with my former teacher for 20 years. ? 他在战争期间和家里失去了联系. ? He lost touch with his family during the war.
? He was a Manchester United supporter and he wanted to wear the red shirt and score goals… ? Hughes scored two goals before half-time. ? She scored 120 in the IQ test. ? The final score was 4 to
  3. ? In his class scores of students have three score and ten books.
起飞; 脱下,摘下,迅速流行,换下,终止, take off 起飞; 脱下,摘下,迅速流行,换下,终止, 取消; 休假,休息,剪掉,切除(人体); );模仿 取消; 休假,休息,剪掉,切除(人体);模仿 飞机起飞晚了一小时。 The plane took off an hour late. 飞机起飞晚了一小时。
Her singing career took off after her TV appearance. 她在电视上亮相后歌唱事业迅速起飞。 她在电视上亮相后歌唱事业迅速起飞。
I’ve decided to take a few days off next week. 我已经决定下周休息几天。 我已经决定下周休息几天。
The show was taken off because of poor audience figures. 该 剧因不卖座而停演了。 剧因不卖座而停演了。
? Every time he plays football he is watched by thousands of adoring Becks fans all over the world. ? He gave her an adoring look. ? He adores the cinema/going to the cinema. ? All the girls in our school adore the handsome mathematics teacher who happens to be a bachelor.
? Instead the employers? the football clubs? find players with the right abilities and offer them employment. ? offer sb sth / offer sth to sb / offer to do ? 这位年轻人把座位让给一位老人. ? The young man offered the old man his seat. ? 我必须为没能参加他们的聚会向他们道歉. ? I must offer them an apology for not attending their get-together. ? 他为那台电视给我出价300美圆. ? He offered me 300 dollars for that television.
? Top players must have excellent ball control and understand how to use the space on the pitch, but it is not just what they do with their feet that counts. ? 顶级球员必须有极好的控球能力并懂得如何利用 足球场地.但这并不是光凭他们脚下工夫就行了. ? count sb / sth (to be / as) ? 我把她当成我最好的朋友。 ? I count her to be my closest friend. ? Every point in the game counts. ? The fact that she had apologized counted for nothing with him. ? count on sb (to do)
? Many countries have set up programmes to encourage and develop young footballers, and this is where the clubs go to assess athletes and find stars of the future. ? When they spot young people with talent, they invite them to train with the club.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
1 with? to ? 11 正确 2 arranging? arranged ? 12 home 后加 is 3 high? highly ? 13 numbers?number 4 his?their ? 14 rises? will have risen 5 them to加be ? 15 see 后加 the 6 shortly?recently 7 at? of 8 less?more 9 正确 10 expensive? expenses
? The applicant must have trained at college. ? 这位挑战者在为参加拳击大赛夺魁而进行 艰苦的锻炼。 ? The challenger has been training hard for the big fight. ? 他受过做律师的训练。 ? He trained to be a lawyer. ? The company's salary scale range from5, 000 pounds for a trainee to50, 000 pounds for the managing director. 公司工资的等级从学徒工的
  5,000英镑到 总经理的
? He should have several years of experience and be up to date with modern men’s haircut styles. ? 我们计算机上的信息都是最新的。 ? All our information is up to date on the computer. ? 我的护照过期了. ? My passport is out of date.
? assist (sb) in/with sth. ? assist sb in doing sth. ? The deputy principal assists with many of the duties of the principals. ? 你将被要求帮助Smith太太准备报告. ? You will be required to assist Mrs Smith in preparing a report. ? be of assistance ? come to one’s assistance ? assistant
? The main contents in the personal statement ?
  1. the reasons why you ① the job. ?
  2. your career goals. ?
  3. ② showing you will be successful in the job. ?
  4. ③ your applying for the job.
? Dos for writing the personal statement ?
  1. ④ on what the company or organization does and on what the job or course will involve. ?
  2. show your ability to be successful by giving your ⑤ ?
  3. be honest and modest, and show ⑥ ?
  4. the form should be ⑦ to read. ?
  5.should be ⑧ , and give the employer some fresh ideas and appealing information.
? Don’ts for writing the personal statement ?
  1. don’t ⑨ . ?
  2. don’t send an application form with mistakes. ?
  3. avoiding ⑩ .
? This is your chance to persuade an employer or educator what a great addition to their company, organization, college or university you would be. ? 这是你说服雇主和教育界人士的机会,告诉 他们,你可能是他们公司、机构、学院或大 学一个很好的新生力量.
  9.hold back (from sth) 退缩,踌躇,犹豫 hold sb/sth back 阻止,控制,阻碍,抑制 hold sth back 扣住, 隐瞒 ? She held back, not knowing how to break the terrible news. ? She held back from telling him what she thought of him. ? Jim was able to hold back his anger and avoid fights. ? You must tell us the whole story: don’t hold anything back. ? What is holding him back is the possibility that the business might not be successful.
? 1 It is not what you say but what you do that . ? A. influence B important ? C counts D take effect ? 2 They didn’t care about the use that they can the computer. ? A. make for B make up ? C make of D make from ? 3 A team of nurses the doctor in performing the operation. ? A. helped B supported ? C assisted D assured
? 4 I’d like to go back to the teaching but I with my subject now. ? A am in touch B keep in touch ? C. get in touch D am out of touch ? 5 We’ve applied the council a home improvement grant. ? A. to/for B for/to C to/on D for/for ? 6 When the micro market really , the Japanese will once again become its principal competitors. ? A. takes out B. takes off ? C takes in D. make it
? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ?
7 ??Why was the road crowded? ??The traffic was by a car accident. A. held back B held out C held on D held up 8 Her mother does not of her going to study in Britain alone. A. allow B agree B permit D approve 9 He a pop star to come and sing at the concert for free, which was turned down by the pop star. A. persuaded B convinced C advised D suggested
? 10 After a long walk, Mary’s legs and she couldn’t run any further. ? A. gave out B broke out ? C tired out D stuck out ? 11 The annual income of school teachers in this place was at $ 9
  00. ? A. assessed B calculated ? C counted D adored ? 12The wealth of a country should be measured in terms of the health and happiness of its people the material goods it can produce. ? A. but also B rather than ? C as long as D as well as



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