Module 1
Unit 3
Language in use
Module 1 Module task
5 Writing a postcard
Think of a friend or a member of your family who you don't often see. Write a postcard saying what you're doing at the moment.
Monday Dear Jack, How are you? I'm enjoying school very much. I'm learning English poems and writing my essay. We're having a great time here. See you soon. Love Cecilia
Jack White 15 Fish Road Vancouver
文档. 注: 另附 word 文档. 点此处链接) (点此处链接)
一,用现在分词填空. 用现在分词填空.
  1. Tony is taking (take) photos.
  2. They are calling (call) their teacher.
  3. Lucy is waiting (wait) for a bus.
  4. We are shopping (shop) with mother.
  5. Daming is lying (lie) on the bed.
  6. Lily and Tom are having (have) a good time.
二,根据中文提示,完成下面的短文. 根据中文提示,完成下面的短文.
It's eight now. Some people are washing 洗 (洗) dishes in a restaurant (饭馆 Some are going to the opera 饭馆). 饭馆 (歌剧 Some are watching a 歌剧). ballet 歌剧 (芭蕾舞 Some are writing 芭蕾舞). 芭蕾舞 (明信片 明信片). postcards 明信片
三,按要求完成句子. 按要求完成句子.
  1. They are having lunch now. (划线提问 划线提问) 划线提问 What are they doing now?
  2. 三班的学生正在做作业. 三班的学生正在做作业. The students of Class Three are doing their homework.
  3. What are you doing now? (go to school) (用词组组句 用词组组句) 用词组组句 I am going to school now.
  4. Lucy is talking to Lily. (划线提问 划线提问) 划线提问 Who is talking to Lily?
  5. 他们正在游泳.(汉译英 他们正在游泳. 汉译英 汉译英) They are swimming.
四,汉译英. 汉译英.
  1. 现在是 7:
  20. 他们在上语文课. . 他们在上语文课. It's 7:20 now. They are having Chinese.
  2. 他们正在扫地. 他们正在扫地. They are sweeping the floor.
  3. 谁正在和莉莉说话? 谁正在和莉莉说话? Who is talking to Lily?
  4. 他们正在拍照. 他们正在拍照. They are taking photos.
五,单项选择. 单项选择.

  1. Five boys in Class Two are reading books. are doing exercises(练习 练习). 练习 A. The other B. Others C. The others
  2. Betty and I pictures. A. is taking B. are taking C. are take
  3. It's not good to read the sun. A. under B. in C. for

  4. Look! Tony on the playground! A. lying B. is lying C. is lieing
  5. Lingling would like to take photos the beautiful scenes (风景 风景). 风景 A. for B. about C. of
  6. Linda is a bus over there. A. waiting B. waiting for C. waits for
  7. ? What he ? ? He is reading a book. A. does; do B. is; do C. is; doing

  8. ? Do you see your grandfather? ? He , and he often in the evening. A. watches TV; is watching TV B. watching TV; watches TV C. is watching TV; watches TV
  9. ? Where is your brother? ? He in his bedroom. A. is getting dressed B. getting dressed C. is dressing
  10. They computer games now. A. are not playing B. playing C. don't playing
六,按要求完成下列句子. 按要求完成下列句子.
  1. They are taking photos.(对划线部分提问 对划线部分提问) 对划线部分提问 What doing are they ?
  2. 此刻,吉姆正在打篮球.(汉译英 此刻,吉姆正在打篮球. 汉译英 汉译英) at this moment Jim is playing basketball.
  3. My dog is at home.(对划线部分提问) (对划线部分提问) your dog? Where is
  4. He lies in the bed. (用 now 改写句子) 改写句子) is lying He __ in the bed now.
  5. 我们正在度假旅游,玩得可高兴呢. 我们正在度假旅游,玩得可高兴呢. (汉译英 汉译英) 汉译英 We're on a holiday trip, and we're . having a good time
Look at the faceswrite a picture, 2008 postcard to one of the children and say what you're doing at the moment.



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