词汇考查(10分 词汇考查 分)

  1. help(形容词 形容词)
  2.polite(副词 副词) 形容词 副词
  3. obey(单三 单三)
  4.choose(名词 名词) 单三 名词
  5. decision(动词 动词)
  6.fight(过去式 过去式) 动词 过去式
  7. Look ! Two dogs are(打架 over a 打架) 打架 bone.
  8. How many (国家 are there in Asia? 国家) 国家
  9. Do you know the dove is the(象征 象征)of 象征 the peace.
  10.He (花费 40 Yuan for the shoes. 花费) 花费
语法与情景选择(25分 语法与情景选择 分)

  1. I saw old man walking along the street and old man looked worried. A. an ; an B. the ; the C. an ; the D. the ; an
  2. In the picture we can see five _and four_. A. womans ; babies B. women ; babies C. womans ; babys D. women ; babys
  3. This kind of skirt looks and sells. A. nice ; well B. nice ; good B. well ; well D. good ; nice

  4. It’s five months we came here. A. as B. that C. so D. since
  5. he is young , he knows a lot about science. A. Because ; so B. Though ; but C. When ; and D. Though ; /
  6. I’m a worker and he is a worker,. A. too B. either C. also D. neither
  7. What day was yesterday? It was__. A. sunny B. Sunday C. Cold D. July 1

  8. That’s not. It’s . I made it. A. yours ; mine ; myself B. your ; mine ; yourself C. yours ; her ; yourself D. yours ; my ; myself
  9. Don’t hurry. We still have time. A. little B. a little C. few D. a few
  10. There are fifty-four students in our class, of us are boys. A. second-threes B. two-third C. two-thirds D. two-three

  11. Look ! The building is over 50 metres_. A. wide B. deep C. high D. tall
  12. the bridge last year? A. Was…built B. Was…building C. Did…build D. Does…build
  13. bad weather it is today! A. How B. How a C. What D. What a
  14. Let’s go fishing together, ? A. will you B. shall we C. don’t you D. won’t you

  15. Which do you like, the blue one or the yellow one? A. good B. well C. better D. best
  16. The young lady we met yesterday is our new English teacher. A. what B. whose C. whom D. which
  17. Why to the cinema tonight? A. not go B. don’t go C. you not go D. not to go

  18. The girls are getting on very well each other. A. to B. in C. for D. with
  19. The house is expensive I can’t afford it. A. so ; that B. such ; that C. too ; to D. enough ; that
  20. I often hear the boy in the room. A. plays piano B. play the piano C. to play the piano D. playing piano

  21. Can you tell me you can come to my birthday party on Friday ? A. that B. if C. when D. where
  22. Can you tell me? A. where is she B. she is where C. where she is D. is she where
  23. Which do you like, tea or coffee? , thanks . I think I’ll just have a glass of milk. A. Both B. Neither C. None D. Either

  24. Nick wants to buy for his mother, but he doesn’t know what to buy. A. anything beautiful B. beautiful anything C. something beautiful D. beautiful something
  25. It’s getting late . I must go. It’s raining outside. Don’t leave __the rain stops. A. until B. when C. after D. while
动词考查(10分 动词考查 分)
选择填空: 选择填空:

  1. I went to bed after I finished my homework last night. A. do B. to do C. doing D. done
  2. I won’t go to see the film tonight, because I my ticket. A. lost B. have lost C. will lose D. didn’t have

  3. Hi , John. Shall we go to Australia for the long holiday? Sorry, I there many times. A. have gone B. have been C. was D. is going
  4. Our classroom must clean. A. keep B. be kept C. kept D. keeping
  5. My desk is broken. I’ll have it today. A. repair B. repairing C. repaired D. to repair
heard from came up with is full of keep up with find out

  1.Be careful ! The bowl soup.
  2.Please when the train will leave.
  3.Study harder, and you will the others.
  4.I haven’t my parents for a long time.
  5.Soon he a way to work out the problem.
句型转换(10分 句型转换 分)

  1. He studies both English and Chinese. (否定句 否定句) 否定句 He studies English Chinese.
  2. It took her two hours to finish the work. ( 划线提问 划线提问) __ __ did it take her to finish the work? ?
  3. How do you like the football match? (同义句 同义句) 同义句 do you of the football match?

  4. “ I have never seen such an beautiful mountain before”. Li Lei said. (改为间接引语 改为间接引语) 改为间接引语 Li Lei said never seen such an beautiful mountain before.
  5. I left my purse at home this morning. (被动语态 被动语态) 被动语态 My purse at home this morning.
  6. It is a very interesting book. (感叹句 感叹句) 感叹句 the book is !

  7. The film is very interesting. You can’t miss it. (同义句 同义句) 同义句 It’s film that you can’t miss it.
  8. Lesson 8 is very difficult. He can’t understand it. (同义句 同义句) 同义句 Lesson 8 is _difficult for him __understand.
  9. Can you tell me how I can get there? (同义句 同义句) 同义句 Can you tell me how there?
  10. There is little milk in the glass, ? (反意疑问句 反意疑问句) 反意疑问句
书面表达(10分 书面表达 分)
现在,因特网对人们来说越来越重要了。 现在 因特网对人们来说越来越重要了。 因特网对人们来说越来越重要了 请根据提示内容向人们介绍一下因特网。 请根据提示内容向人们介绍一下因特网。
  1. 看国内新闻 获取其它信息。 看国内新闻,获取其它信息 获取其它信息。
  2. 发e-mail ,打电话。 打电话。
  3. 阅读各种书籍 自学外语。 阅读各种书籍,自学外语 自学外语。
  4. 欣赏音乐 观看体育比赛 玩棋、牌、游 欣赏音乐,观看体育比赛 玩棋、 观看体育比赛,玩棋 戏。
  5. 购物
Everyone knows that the internet is playing a more and more important part in our daily life. On the internet we can watch news at home and from abroad and get as much information as we can. We often send e-mails for our friends and make telephone calls to them as well. Besides that , we can
go to school on the Net, read all kinds of books and even teach us English. We also enjoy music, watch ball matches on the Net and play computer games. We can do shopping even without leaving our home.


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