? 概括
如何概括一个段落 如何概括一篇文章 观点 原因, 原因,例证
? 发表观点或看法
How to sum up a passage?

  1.确定文章的文体 确定你的作文开头 确定文章的文体,确定你的作文开头 确定文章的文体 确定你的作文开头.
  2.快速阅读,找出文章的中心句,一般在文 快速阅读,找出文章的中心句 一般在文 快速阅读 章开头、中间、或结尾的部分。 章开头、中间、或结尾的部分。
  3.用自己的话转述,注意改变措词,避免 用自己的话转述,注意改变措词, 用自己的话转述 原句抄袭。 原句抄袭。
Styles of passage
narration argumentation exposition
3 4
How to summarize a narration:
Skill: 要素串联法 What Who When Where why how
You may begin like these:

  1.The passage is about…
  2.The writer tells us about …
  3.The story is about …
  4.The author tells us that … 故事性阅读材料,应该用最简练的语 故事性阅读材料,应该用最简练的语 来说明故事讲述了什么, 讲述了什么 言来说明故事讲述了什么,不能拖泥 带水,而且最好讲述该故事给你的启 带水,而且最好讲述该故事给你的启 示或其中的一个道理。 示或其中的一个道理。
How to summarize an argumentation
Skill: 议论三步法
论点?观点 论点 观点 主题句 论据? 事例) 论据 (事例) 结论
Usually the beginning of a summary is:
  1.The passage mainly tells us (talks about) …
  2. We can know from the passage
  3. As far as the author is concerned,…
如果是议论文的阅读短文,则要 如果是议论文的阅读短文 则要 尽可能客观简要地转述 转述阅读材 尽可能客观简要地转述阅读材 料的观点。 料的观点。
How to summarize an exposition
Skill: 中心句挖掘法
句首/结尾 句首 结尾 中心句) (中心句) 句中
(main points, reasons etc.) )
  1. It is stated in the You may begin article that… like these: ?
  2.According to the passage, the author states that … ?
  3. In the passage, the author states that … 如果是说明性短文,你就必须用概括的 如果是说明性短文 你就必须用概括的 说明性短文 你就必须用概括 文字来说明某种现象。 文字来说明某种现象。

  1. Focus on main ideas and omit(省去 examples, 省去) 省去 details.(注重大意,省去详细的例子、细节)
  2. when use the words and phrases in the original passage, do not include your own opinion, but be sure to use your own words. .(引用原文的词句,不能添加自己的见 解,但是要用自己的语言概括)
  3. Write it in the third person . (第三人称) 第三人称)
  4.Control the number of words about

  1. 提出要评论的事物或观点 提出要评论的事物或观点.
  2. 分别陈述利与弊 或不同的观点 分别陈述利与弊(或不同的观点 或不同的观点)
  3. 归纳得出作者的结论 归纳得出作者的结论. a. 有定论的 作者可明确表态 赞成或反对 有定论的,作者可明确表态 赞成或反对) 作者可明确表态(赞成或反对 b. 争议较大的或尚无定论的 可不明确表 争议较大的或尚无定论的, 提出扬长避短的方法,也可以平衡其利 态, 提出扬长避短的方法 也可以平衡其利 提出某种期望和设想. 弊,提出某种期望和设想 提出某种期望和设想
We are all aware that everything has its 开头: 开头 two sides. is no exception. has brought a number of benefits to us.
优 点:
?? is a beneficial activity, in which we can obtain many advantages. First of all, . Also, . Most importantly, .
缺 点:
Just as a coin has two sides, also has some side effects. However, has also a lot of problems. For one thing, ; For another thing, .
表达个人观点的用语 ? ? ? ? ? ? I think I firmly believe that … In my opinion, Personally speaking,… As far as I am concerned, … From my point of view, ….

  1)first, second, third, last(不推荐,原因:俗) ) (不推荐,原因:
  2)firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally(不推荐, ) (不推荐, 原因: 原因:俗)
  3)to start with\ to begin with, next, then, ) furthermore, finally(强烈推荐) (强烈推荐)
  4) first and foremost, besides, in addition, ) what’s more, last but not least(强烈推荐) (强烈推荐)
  5)on the one hand, on the other hand(适用 ) ( 于相对立的两点的情况) 于相对立的两点的情况)
  6) for one thing, for another thing(适用于两 ) ( 点的情况) 点的情况)
? 文章主体三大杀手锏 举例!提出一个观点,举实例证明! 一、举例!提出一个观点,举实例证明! To take… for example, For example\instance 做比较方法:通过比较, 二、做比较方法:通过比较,可以更好地突出作 者的观点. 者的观点 whereas, while, on the contrary, compared with …, 换言之没话说了,可以换一句话再说, 三、换言之没话说了,可以换一句话再说,让读 者更充分的理解你的观点。 者更充分的理解你的观点。 I cannot bear it. That is to say, I cannot put up with it . In other words, I am fed up with it.
结尾: 结尾

  1)In spite of these disadvantages, I think does more good than harm to . We must take a correct attitude towards . We should take full advantage of it and avoid its disadvantages.
  2)Weighing the two sides, we can conclude that has produced great effects on society.

  3)To sum up , I would say that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

  4) From what has been discussed above, we may draw the conclusion that… All in all , In conclusion, On the whole
? No matter how difficult English may be, you should do your best to learn it.. ? Nothing can prevent us from realizing the four modernizations. ? As the saying goes, nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it. ? Upon hearing the unexpected news, he was so surprised that he couldn't say a word. ? There is no denying (the fact) that the new management method has greatly increased the production.
? I take it for granted that they will support this idea. ? It is true that we must make our greater efforts; otherwise, we cannot catch up with the developed countries. ? We will be successful as long as we insist on working hard. ? To be frank, whether you like it or not, you have no other choice. ? As far as we know, it took him more than a year to write the book. ? As we know, it was not until recently that the problem was solved.
? As is known to us, knowledge is power. ? To tell the truth , many mistakes we made could have been avoided. ? There is no doubt that you will be helped by others if you have any difficulties. ? It is hard to imagine how Edison managed to work twenty hours each day. ? It is a common saying that where there is a will ,there is a way. ? It must be kept in mind that there is no secret of success but hard work.
? Compared with the traditional cards, electronic cards are more interesting and lively. ? Group three helped to raise money in the street for the “Hope Project”, so that more children in poor areas can afford their schooling ? Apart from students from Guangming Middle school, the attendants include students from other middle schools or colleges, even doctors and engineers. ? In a certain sense, a successful scientist is a person who is never satisfied with what he has achieved.
? It can be seen from this that there is no difficulty in the world we cannot overcome. ? These volunteer’s activities can help us to gain some social experience and make good sense of our personal values as well.
? Last Sunday,our class organized some
volunteer’s activities, in which all of us took an active part.
? It’s reported that Li Ming won the game last week. ? It’s no use crying over the spilt milk. ? This is by no means the best way to solve the problem of energy crisis. ? According to the information given in the table/grap h, we can find that...

  1.句式要有变化 . 主语\宾语 表语\同谓语 定语\状语从句 ① 复合句 (主语 宾语 表语 同谓语 定语 状语从句 主语 宾语\表语 同谓语\定语 状语从句) ② 倒装句 否定词置于句首( ) (1 )否定词置于句首(
  2)only+状语置于句首 状语置于句首 (
  3)虚拟语气中 省略 )虚拟语气中if省略 ③ 强调句型 It is ……that (who)… ④固定句子结构 ? too…to… so…that…not …until… ? not only…but also… neither…nor…
The girl began to learn to play the piano when she was a child. Her mother was a famous pianist. The girl whose mother was a famous pianist began to learn to play the piano when she was a child. You can see panda only in China. Only in China can you see panda. It is only in China that you can see panda. Tom likes apple, and Jack likes it too. Not only Tom but also Jack likes the apple.

  2.要使用高级词汇及短语 .
① 使用高等级词汇 He is a good student. excellent\extraordinary ② 使用短语 I like music. be fond of\be interested in ③ 使用谚语 As the saying goes,“” It goes without saying that we cannot be young forever. (适用于自编名言) 适用于自编名言)

  3. 使用连接词,过渡自然,连贯通顺, 使用连接词,过渡自然,连贯通顺, ? ? ? ? ? and; as well as ; also; too, or; either?or; because (of) ;owing to; due to ; thanks to so ; therefore ; thus ; as a result on the contrary ; by contrast\ comparison compared to …, ? 转折 but ; yet; however ; nevertheless, ? 递进 besides ; moreover ; in addition furthermore ? 举例 for example/instance; such as ; that is ; namely;take …for example 并列 选择 原因 结果 比较
? 排比(排山倒海句) 排比(排山倒海句)
? 如果想要让你的文章更加精彩的话,那么用一个 如果想要让你的文章更加精彩的话,那么用一个 个的排比句,一个个的对偶句,一个个的不定式, 个的排比句,一个个的对偶句,一个个的不定式, 一个个的短语, 一个个的短语,如此表达将会使文章有排山倒海 之势! 之势! Whether your tastes are modern or traditional, complicated or simple, ordinary or different ,there is plenty in London for you. We have got to study hard, to enlarge our knowledge, to develop our potentials and to realize our dreams.
? 感叹句
? ? ? ? How useful the computer is! What a convenient thing the car is. How wonderful it is to have computer do the heavy work for man! What an advantageous thing it is to study abroad!
? 疑问句
? Which way is the best to get to know the society, through listening to the radio, watching TV, reading the newspapers, or taking part in social activities? Have you ever taken a part-time job? Do you think it is a good practice for college students to do temporary jobs in their free time? Now that we have realized the importance of practice, why not put it into practice? Don’t you think that it is high time that everybody joined in the effort to protect our environment and save the earth?
? 反问句
? ?
4 检查

  1.单词拼写 单词拼写
  2.时态 语态 时态\语态 时态
  3.句子的衔接,过渡 句子的衔接, 句子的衔接
  4.主谓一致 主谓一致
  5.动词的过去式 过去分词 动词的过去式, 动词的过去式
  6.句子是否完整 句子是否完整



   高考读写任务写作技巧 读写任务 概括 如何概括一个段落 如何概括一篇文章 观点 原因, 原因,例证 发表观点或看法 How to sum up a passage? 1.确定文章的文体 确定你的作文开头 确定文章的文体,确定你的作文开头 确定文章的文体 确定你的作文开头. 2.快速阅读,找出文章的中心句,一般在文 快速阅读,找出文章的中心句 一般在文 快速阅读 章开头,中间,或结尾的部分. 章开头,中间,或结尾的部分. 3.用自己的话转述,注意改变措词,避免 用自己的话转述,注意改变措词 ...


   高考英语写作 读写任务研讨 华南师范大学外文学院 伍小龙 总体情况 根据广东省教育考试院提供的信息,2008 和2009年广东省英语科试卷本着平稳的原 则继续保持2007年的试卷结构及考核目标。 听力部分仍为听力理解和听取信息;语言 知识及应用部分仍为完型填空和语法填空; 阅读部分仍为阅读理解和信息匹配;写作 部分仍为基础写作和读写任务,都没有改 变。 总体情况 考虑到高考的选拔功能和对中学教学的反 拨作用,2008和2009年高考英语科试卷的 命题坚持“区分度高,难度适中”的基本 原则,并 ...


   阅读写作技巧_ 阅读写作技巧_英语阅读能力提高问答 作者: 转自:恒星英语学习网(www.Hxen.com) 1.阅读时,如何才能迅速、准确地抓住文章的要旨? 答:一、要理解文章的中心意思。(看题目、页头标题)二、快速测览全文。就 是说每一面用眼睛扫一遍,弄清每段的大概意思。三、逐段地略读全文。即按顺 序阅读各段落,重点放在动词上,抓住每一段的论题。弄懂文章的主旨后就可开 始详细阅读。注意论点之间的联系方式。四、把自己认为理解了的东西简捷地记 下来。 2.快速阅读有何诀窍? 答:必须记住:如 ...


   读写任务写作指导 " 解决问题型: 解决问题型: " (在日常生活中,我们会经常碰到这 在日常生活中, 样或那样的问题,在讨论这些问题时, 样或那样的问题,在讨论这些问题时, 我们经常会分析它的原因或可能会造 成的严重后果, 成的严重后果,在上述分析讨论的基 础上最终提出解决问题的方法。) 础上最终提出解决问题的方法。) " How to organize our articles I. Reading and summary Read the passage and try to fin ...


   称呼 男士通称:Mr. (Mister) 女士通称:Ms. (Mistress) 未婚女子:Miss. 已婚女子:Mrs. 博士:Dr. (Doctor) 教授:Pro. (Professor) 结束语 一般:Yours sincerely/truly/faithfully 上级:Yours respectfully/gratefully 亲友:Yours(loving daughter/devoted friend) 写作中常用的方法 1. 按照英文行文规定, 按照英文行文规定, 主旨句放 ...


   简洁才是美 好的写作,首先而且至关重要的一点就是简洁。繁冗的写作堆砌了许多无用的词藻,反而减弱表述的清晰度。 当然,也不能仅仅因为简短就认为短句一定优于长句。只要一个单词确实能起到一定的作用,它就应该留在句中。 一般来说,只有在进行强调或修饰、美化句子时,才能使用重复的单词、语音和短语。修改文章,就是要删繁就简。 比较下面这对句子,注意体会二者的差别及效果。 1) Dr. Sun Yat-sen went to Japan by means of a big boat. 2) Dr. Sun ...


   写作技巧 I 审题 看到作文题,我们首先应该判断它是属于问题命题、图表命题还是应用文。四级 作文的题材皆为与日常生活和学习相关的问题、人们普遍关注的热点话题等。 审题材的目的是定主题,这是审题的核心任务。 一篇文章的题材分为议论文、说明文、记叙文和应用文。四级作文均为议论文和 应用文,只是在议论中加入记叙和说明的部分,我们称为叙事性议论文和说明性 议论文,所以我们说四级作文通常是几种题材的杂合体。 从广泛的角度来看,四级作文的结构比较固定,通常为三段,并且基本上包括开 头、主体和结尾三个部分 ...


     英语由“简单句”变成“长难句”   用简单句写复杂思想学了这么多年英语,为什么还不能写出好的句子?原因在于想得太复杂了。我们可以将要表达的汉语思想,全部说成简单的句子,而简单句,在写作时是考生可以掌控的。之后再将简单句加以润色、组合,使之登堂入室,夺取高分。   例如写这句话:大学生刚刚毕业就想立刻找到高薪的工作是不可能的。看到这样的汉语句子,一般我们的反应是要用It is impossible for sb. to do sth.. 这样的句型,然后想着往里填词:在sb. 的位置填上“刚 ...


   英语简历写作技巧集锦 英文简历写作技巧 一、简历种类 1.中式 中式简历中,常包括政治面貌,性格及身高体重等. 如果中英文简历一起递交,建议中文不写政治面貌,因为如果去外企工作,背景中的 政治色彩越少越好,起码没有必要让老外知道. 性格是一个主观的东西,有经验的招聘人员从来不相信任何人自己写的性格, 因为 它不是一个硬性的东西,不象学历,技能.有些人如果认为公司要招聘一个比较活跃一点 的,便会在简历中写性格开朗,有的是真相信自己性格开朗,有的是觉得写上开朗更好, 其实没必要. 身高体重,向外 ...


   英语作文 最近几年考的都是议论文,是相对于其他文体都比较好写的一种文 体,但是这并不是等于说不要去准备其他文体的一些连词和写作技 巧,鉴于我更擅长写议论文,我只对议论文做一些小小的建议。 第一段一般就写现阶段的现象,用 nowadays 开头,然后再接现象, 一般开头不需要太长,一般一两句带过就够了。 第二段就是需要分析这种现象的原因,要同时罗列几个原因的时候, 一般会想到 firstly , secondly , thirdly……… thirdly……… ………..但是这就会给 别人一种 ...



   装配线历险 此前我已经参观过不少汽车厂,从身体的感觉看,这家厂没有什么不一样。就是说,厂 子是对感官的一种刺激:一个四面围住、没有一扇窗的所在,只有刺眼的人造灯光,硬邦邦 的水泥地面,不停地响着工业生产发出的尖锐刺耳的嘈杂声。金属与金属哐当碰击。冲压机 叮当作响,电动工具发出呜呜声,滑轮咯吱作响,升降机铿锵的碰撞,电焊机U?抻猩? 花噼噼啪啪,激光器嘟嘟嘟叫,压缩空气嘶嘶嘶响,螺栓砰地一声到位,手推车隆隆的推过 走道,与此同时,传送带传送着处在不同生产阶段的汽车,从只装了金属车架的到车身全部 ...

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初中英语语法讲座-- 名 词

   名词在中考单项选择试题中,除了时态,名词的考查频率也较高.一般考查以下 几点:一, 可数名词与不可数名词在可数名词与不可数名词上一般出现这样 几类, (1)分辨是哪一类名词,并根据结论做选择. (2)可数名词复数的不规则变化. (3)不可数名词的量化表达. 所以,考生首先要能够明确哪些是可数名词,哪些是不可数名词.其次,还要知 道可数名词的复数的变化规则.可数名词的变化规则一般是在单词后面加-s 或 -es, 1deskdesks 1deskdesks 如: bedbeds ianopian ...


   The One With the Monkey Written by: Adam Chase and Ira Ungerleider Transcribed by: guineapig 110 猴子 罗斯收养一只叫马赛尔的猴子. 六人达成协议,在迎接新年的派对上不带伴侣. 在 Central Perk 咖啡馆唱歌时,菲比遇到两个争吵不休的男人, 经过交锋,她和其中一个开始约会,此人名叫大卫,是个科学家. 两人关系发展顺利,可他接到科研基金,需要赴明斯克工作三年. 大卫不知所措. 派对上除了罗 ...