在英语中,词的构成法主要有三种 在英语中 词的构成法主要有三种: 词的构成法主要有三种 合成,转化, 合成,转化,派生
由两个或更多的词合成一个词,有的用连词符号" 由两个或更多的词合成一个词,有的用连词符号"-" 连接,有的直接连写在一起, 连接,有的直接连写在一起,还有的由分开的两个 词构成. 词构成.

  1.合成名词 合成名词 名词+名词 名词 名词 cowboy newspaper 名词+ing handwriting sunbathing 名词 ing+名词 waiting-room sleeping-pill 名词 形容词+名词 形容词 名词 blackboard shorthand ……

  2. 合成动词 合成动词: 副词+动词 overthrow uphold 副词 动词 形容词+动词 形容词 动词 blacklist whitewash 名词+动词 sleepwalk sunburn 名词 动词
  3. 合成形容词 合成形容词: 名词+形容词 名词 形容词 snow-white lifelong 名词+过去分词 名词 过去分词 man-made hand made 数词+名词 one-way second-hand 数词 名词 …….
由一种词性转化为另一种或几种词性. 由一种词性转化为另一种或几种词性
  1) 动词 名词: taste (n.) 名词 taste (v.) It tastes good. It has a good taste. (
  2) 名词 动词: hand (v.) 动词 hand (n.) Let's go hand in hand. Please hand in your exercise books after class. (
  3) 形容词 动词: clean (v.) 动词 clean (adj.) Her room is clean and tidy. She cleans her room everyday.
由一个词根加上前缀 构成另外一个词. 或后缀构成另外一个词.

  1.表示否定意义的前缀 表示否定意义的前缀 表示否定意义
disdishonest, dislike in-, ig-, il, im, ir, incapable, inability, ignoble, illegal, impossible, immoral, irregular mismisunderstand mislead nonnonsense ununable, unemployment anti-, antantiknock( 防震 antiforeigner,(排外的 防震), 排外的) 排外的

  2. 表示空间位置,方向关系的前缀 表示空间位置,

a- 表示"在……之上","向……" 表示" 之上" 之上 aboard, aside, by- 表示"附近,邻近,边侧" 表示"附近,邻近,边侧" bypath, bypass(弯路 弯路) 弯路


inter-, intel-, 表示"在……间,相互" 表示" 间 相互" international, interaction, internet mid-, 表示"中,中间" 表示" 中间" midnight, mid-autumn


  2. 表示空间位置,方向关系的前缀 表示空间位置,
out-, 表示"在上面,在外部,在外" 表示"在上面,在外部,在外" outline, outside, outward


over-, 表示"在上面,在外部,向上" 表示"在上面,在外部,向上" overlook, overhead, overboard

extra-, 表示"额外" 表示"额外" fore- 表示"在前面" 表示"在前面"
extraction (提取) 提取) forehead, foreground
in-, im-, 表示"向内,在内,背于" 表示"向内,在内,背于" inland, invade, inside, import


under-, 表示"在…..下面,下的" 表示" 下面, 下面 下的" underline, underground, underwater up-, 表示"向上,向上面,在上" 表示"向上,向上面,在上" upward, uphold, uphill(上坡 上坡) 上坡

  3.表示其他意义的前缀 表示其他意义的前缀: 表示其他意义的前缀

  1.re--"又\,再" repeat, review, return, reunite, remarry . 又 再
  2. co?"联合,伴同" 联合,伴同" 联合 cooperate, coexist, co-worker superman, supermarket

  3. super?"在…上;加之" 在 上 加之"
后 缀
-ability -age -al -an -cy -er -or -ese -ee -eer -ery -ess

inability, available leakage, shortage renewal, withdrawal American, Korean privacy, accuracy farmer, thinker, painkiller actor, sailor, collector Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese employee, trustee, interviewee engineer, profiteer machinery, jewellery actress, waitress, empress
后 缀
-ful -ian -ist -ism -ment -ness -ship -tion -ure

armful, handful, mouthful Egyptian, Russian, Asian, musician artist, pianist, communist, scientist socialism, realism, idealism government, movement, development business, illness, darkness friendship, ownership invention, liberation, education departure, failure, exposure
后 缀
- able -al -an -ern -est -ful -ish -ive -y -less -some

形 容 词
advisable, admirable, comfortable physical, national, political American, Italian, Australian southern, northern, eastern fattest, latest, luckiest helpful, useful, careful British, English, foolish, childish active, instructive, expensive cloudy, windy, dirty, sunny careless, useless troublesome, tiresome
后 缀
动 词
-(e)n -fy -ize -ate

widen, strengthen, lengthen simplify, beautify apologize, organize, realize activate, motivate
后 缀
副 词
-ly -down -ward(s)

really, badly, perfectly, truly face-down, palm-down(手掌向下地 手掌向下地) 手掌向下地 towards, forward, outward
后 缀
数 词
-teen -ty -th

fourteen, fifteen, eighteen forty, fifty, eighty fourth, fifth, eighth
Practice (I):
从右栏中找出适当的词与左栏搭配构成合成词. 从右栏中找出适当的词与左栏搭配构成合成词
book lookers new far first trouble ten baby over empty
a. reaching b.case c. minute d.class e. born f. on g.handed h.eat i. sit j. free
Practice (II):
rain(形容词 agree(反义 disagree 形容词) rainy 反义) 形容词 反义 nation(形容词 national farm(人) 形容词) 形容词 人 farmer recent(副词 recently friend(形容词 friendly 副词) 形容词) 副词 形容词 hope(形容词 hopeful 形容词) back(形容词 backwards 形容词) 形容词 形容词 visit(名词 visitor 名词) home(形容词 形容词) 名词 形容词 homeless eight(序数词 eighth 序数词) true(名词 truth 名词) 序数词 名词 America(形容词 American China(形容词 Chinese 形容词) 形容词) 形容词 形容词
Practice (III):
Fill in the blanks with proper words.
development With the (
  1) (develop) of industry, air pollution is and getting more (
  2) more serious. In Beijing, many people of suffer different kinds of illnesses because (
  3) air pollution. by Air pollution is caused (
  4) the following reasons: about half of the problem is caused by vehicles. There are more and more cars, out buses on the roads, and they give (
  5) poisonous gases. 25%of factor air pollution is caused by factories. Another (
  6) (fact) is the harm but smokers. Smoking not only does (
  7) to their health(
  8) pollution also to others. Besides these, about 10% of air (
  9) is caused by other reasons. against We should take some measures to fight(
  10) pollution. New fuel can be used to replace gas. We can plant more trees. If everybody realizes the importance of environment and does something to stop the problem will be solved.


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