Chinese painting
Brief Introduction Origin of Chinese Painting Classification of Chinese Painting
Brief Introduction
Han Chinese traditional painting form is to use brush which has dipped in water or ink to paint color in silk or paper, this kind of type is called "Chinese painting”.
Tools and materials include brush , ink, Chinese painting pigments, the paper, silk, etc Themes consist of people, mountains and water, flowers, birds, etc Painting techniques can be divided into traditional Chinese realistic painting and freehand brushwork
Origin of Chinese Painting
Chinese traditional painting dates back to the Neolithic Age about 6,000 years ago. The excavated colored pottery with painted human faces, fish, deer and frogs indicates that the Chinese began painting as far back as the Neolithic Age. Over the centuries, the growth of Chinese painting inevitably reflected the change of time and social conditions.
中国传统绘画的历史可以追溯到新石器时代大约6000年前。已出土的 涂有人的面孔,鱼,鹿和青蛙的彩色陶器表明:中国国画早在新石器时代 就已经萌芽。在过去的几个世纪里,中国绘画的增长不可避免地反映时 代的变化和社会状况。
Painting Techniques
Traditional Chinese realistic painting (工笔)
Freehand brushwork
Traditional Chinese realistic painting
Freehand brushwork
Painting Theme
Bird-and-flower compositions
Bird-and-flower compositions



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