piquant English words Free talker: Small Potato
Small potato
小人物 Have you ever thought that you are just a mere small potato forever? 有没有想过,也许这辈子你都是个小人物 [a person’s diary]
Dead president
Devil n. 魔鬼;家伙
You devil Devil you 你这个死鬼.. 真有你的!
What the devil! 该死!见鬼..
Find out the orderliness[规律] of these words
live?evil[罪恶的] tom[雄猫]?mot[警句] dot[点]?tod[独自] doom[注定]?mood[心情]
shanghai ????
V. 拐骗;胁迫
piquant adj. 有趣的
I think our village head[Mr.Ke] has a piquant face
Small potato
My English name is Small Potato, but I don’t want to be a small potato forever..
Dead president
The president of the United States is sitting by my side,so I hope that he can live longer and give me more and more dead president
What the devil happened? 究竟发生什么事儿了..!!? shanghai v.拐骗;胁迫
We were shanghaied into buying worthless stock[股票].
仅需了解了解.. Orderliness Evil n.规律 秩序 adj.罪恶的 得之非法,失之必易
Evil get, evil spend Mot Tod n. 警句 n.独自 n.
Are you going to be alright here all on your tod? 你一个人在这儿行吗? Doom v. 注定 Bad weather doomed the crops. 坏天气注定了庄稼要歉收。
That’s all.. I hope you have prospered from this free talk [愿你有所收获~] 愿你有所收获~]
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