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  1.With less money there was no less satisfaction with living, no less warmth of spirit, no less pleasure in one another's company.虽然钱少一点,但是人们并不缺少对生活的满足,精神的温暖和心灵的契合. So far so as happiness is concerned, it hardly matters whether one drives a BMW or, like so many of the Scots, walks or rides a bus.就快乐而言,无论一个人是开宝马还是像许多苏格兰人一样走路或搭乘公交车,他 所获得的快感都不会有太大的差别. Feeling the short-run influence of events, people use such events to explain their happiness, all the while missing subtle but bigger influences on their long-run well-being.人们感觉到这些事件的短期影响,并以这 样的事来解释他们的快乐,却在此时忽视了那些对长期幸福有着更微妙但影响更显著的因素. When the possessor becomes possessed by accumulating ever-more possessions, the adaptation, the adaptation-level phenomenon has run wild.当所有者被积聚更多的所有品这种方式所迷,适应水平这个现 象就失控了. Never has a culture experienced such physical comfort combined with such psychological misery. Never have we felt so free, or had our prisons so overstuffed. Never have we been so sophisticated about pleasure, or so likely to suffer broken relationships.从来没有一个文化经过这样的物质舒适和这样的心理伤痛.我们从未 感到如此自由.监狱里却又人满为患.我们从没有对幸福的感情如此复杂.也从未这么容易关系破裂而受 伤. Happiness is less a matter of getting what we want than of wanting what we have.珍惜 The conclusion is provocative, because it explodes a bomb-shell underneath our society's materialism: Economic growth in affluent countries provides no apparent boost to human morale.结论是煽动性的,因为它 在我们社会的物质主义下起爆了一颗炸弹:富裕国家的经济增长并没有明显地升华人的精神. Psychologically as well as materially, it is much better to be high caste than low castes.
  2.During the 1930s, the most admired beauties were stars like Greta Garbo,Carole Lombard and Jean Harlow. Their beauty was of a very different kind. The total range of black and white filming favored a face with a good shape, with prominent cheekbones that cast shadows like a sculpture.20 世纪 30 年代,最让人羡慕的美 人是那些电影明星,例如葛丽泰嘉宝,卡罗尔.隆巴德以及简.哈洛.她们的美丽与上面所说的截然不同. 黑白电影更适合那些具有优美线条的脸蛋,就像雕塑一样投射出迷人的阴影. Call it nature or nurture, harmless fantasy or insidious indoctrination, but Hollywood is discovering that it still pays not to fight the royal urge.说本性也罢,后天教养也好,无害的幻想也罢,诱人的灌输也好,但是好 莱坞发现满足人们对王室电影的迫切要求仍然有利可图. You can have the girly dream of glass slippers and true love, these films say, as well as the womanly ideal of self-determination and independence-and any contradictions between them are no match for the movies' magic. 你可以拥有少女 的梦想,憧憬着水晶鞋和真爱,也可以立志做一个坚决果断,自立自强的新时代女子. 而这两者的矛盾冲突都无法与电影的魔力抗衡. For the modern Cinderellas' audience, which takes that freedom as a given, the wish is to also be able-unashamedly-to fall in love and go to the ball.对于现代灰姑娘的观众而言,她们认为这样的自由是与 生俱来的.她们的愿望是还能毫无顾忌地谈恋爱,参加舞会,享受浪漫. But to succeed on both the feminist and the fantasy level, the new Cinderella has developed rules and conventions as strict as a Joseph Campbell template.但是要想宣扬女权主义的同时又不失浪漫主义色彩, 新 版灰姑娘已经制定了像约瑟夫.坎贝尔模式一样的严格的条条框框. I don't want to sound like an arch-feminist, says Sherry Lansing, chairman of Paramount, "but it really is important that imparts contemporary values. It's a good love that allows both people to remain whole in it." 执导《王子与我》的帕拉蒙特总裁切里.兰欣说:"我并不想听起来像一个头号的女权主义者,但它反映 了当代的价值, 这点是真正重要的, 这是一个美丽的爱情, 并在生活中使两人继续保持这份完整的爱. " As silent movies came to an end, body language was no longer the key point in movies. The audience were
机电 0801 班英语翻译总结
attracted by the exciting scripts, and body language was somewhat ignored. In fact, body language and scripts are equally important for a movie. In movies like "The red mill" or "Chicago", singing and dancing are dominant. They all stand for high ranking art and enjoy ability. There are also some movies that impressed the audience a lot because of a period of classical dancing, for example: Son of the Mask. Actually, dancing is a kind of body language. Slow Nobel is the most typical example of body language movies.自从默片时代结束, 肢体语言已不是电影中的重点,观众被精彩的台词所吸引,于是就忽略了肢体语言.其实肢体语言在电 影中与演员对白是同等重要的.想《红磨坊》《芝加哥》都是以歌舞为知道的影片,他们都有很高的艺 , 术水准和观赏性,还有很多电影因为有一段经典的舞蹈而个人留下深刻的印象,比如《变相怪杰》 ,要 知道,舞蹈就是肢体语言的一种.其中《低俗小说》是应用肢体语言的经典.
  3.Having a great idea or being a charismatic visionary leader is "time telling"; building a company that can prosper far beyond the presence of any single leader and through multiple product life cycle is "clock building" 拥有一个伟大的构想,或身为高瞻远瞩的魅力型领袖,好比是"报时";建立一家公司,使公司在任何一 位领袖身后很久,经历许多次产品生命周期仍然欣欣向荣,好比是"造钟". We came upon this finding when the evidence from our research punched holes in two widely held and deeply cherished myths that have dominated popular thinking and business school education for years: the myth of the great idea and the myth of the great and charismatic leader. 得出这个结论时,正是在我们的研究找出了两 个倍受珍视,多年以来主导一般人思想和商学院教育的神话之后.这两个神话便是伟大构想和魅力 型领袖之说. They brainstormed a wide range of initial product and market possibilities, br they had no compelling "great ideas" that served as the founding inspiration for the fledging company. 他们大动脑筋,想出很多种产品及 想象中的市场潜力,但是他们没有令人激赏的"伟大构想",来启发他们创建这家新的企业. HP, Sony, and Wal-Mart put a large dent in the widely held mythology of corporate origins-a mythology that paints a picture of a far-seeing entrepreneur founding his or her company to capitalize on a visionary product idea or visionary market insight. 惠普,索尼和沃尔玛使深入人心的公司起源神话遭到沉重打击,这个神 话描绘着一位高瞻远瞩的企业家创办公司,并利用一种高瞻远瞩的产品构想或市场洞察力. If you are a prospective entrepreneur with the desire to start and build a visionary company but have not yet taken the plunge because you do not have a great idea, we encourage you to lift from your shoulders the burden of the great idea myth.如果你是个有前途的企业家, 有意创立和构建一家高瞻远瞩公司, 但是因为 没有"伟大的构想"还没有采取行动,我们鼓励你卸下伟大构想这个神话的负担. Tariff Protection?The infant-industry argument contends that protective tariffs are needed to allow new domestic industries to establish themselves. Temporarily shielding young domestic firms from the severe competition of foreign firms will give infant industries a chance to develop and become efficient producers.// This argument for protection rest on all alleged exception to the case for free trade. The expectation is that all industries have not had, and in the presence of mature foreign competition, will never have, the chance to make long-run adjustments in scale and efficiency. Tariff protection for infant industries will therefore correct a current misallocation of world resources.// Counterarguments hold that although the infant-industry argument has logic validity, these qualifying points must be noted.// (
  1) In the less developed nations it is very difficult t determine which industries are the infants capable of achieving economic maturity an therefore deserving protection.(
  2) Protective tariffs may persist even after industrial maturity has been realized.(
  3) Most economists feel that if infant industries are to be subsidized, there are better means than tariffs for doing it. Direct subsidies, for example, have the advantage of making explicit which industries are being aided and to what degree.// In recent years the infant-industry argument has taken a modified form in advanced economies. The contention is that the government should use trade barriers strategically to reduce the risk of product development borne by domestic firms, particularly products involving advanced technology. Firms protected
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from foreign competition can grow more rapidly and therefore achieve greater economies of scale than unprotected from foreign competitors. Thus, the protected firm can eventually dominate world markets because of lower costs. Supposedly, dominance of world markets will enable the domestic firms to return high profits to the home nation. These profits allegedly will exceed the domestic sacrifices caused by trade barriers. Also, specialization in high-technology industries supposedly is beneficial because technology advances achieved in one domestic industry often can be transferred to other domestic industries.// Japan and South Korea, in particular has been accused of using this form of strategic trade policy?the problem with this strategy and therefore this argument for tariff is that the nation put at a disadvantage by strategic trade policies tend to retaliate with tariffs of their own. The outcome may be higher tariffs worldwide, reductions in world trade, and loss of the gains from specialization and exchange.译文:幼稚企业认为新兴的国内产业需要关税 来发展自己. 对幼嫩的国内企业进行暂时保护可以使其避开与国外公司的严酷竞争, 从而给幼稚产业一 个发展壮大的机会.// 这一保护是基于自由贸易中一种假象的例外情况,即对成熟的国外竞争,所有的 产业从来没有, 而且也不会有机会在规模和效率上进行长远的调整, 因此对幼稚产业的关税保护会改变 改变目前世界资源分配不当的状况.// 相反观点认为,尽管幼稚产业论有一定的说服力,但下列言之有 理的几个论点也值得注意:
  2..幼稚 产业成熟起来以后关税保护很难消除.
  3.大多数经济学家认为有比关税保护更好的办法资助幼稚产业. 例如,直接补贴就可以清楚地表示哪些幼稚产业在接受帮助,这些帮助达到了什么程度.// 近年来幼稚 产业论在一些经济发达国家已经改变了形式. 这一观点认为政府应该战略性地使用贸易壁垒来减少国 内公司在产品开发方面承担的风险,尤其涉及新近技术的产品.按照这一观点,国内公司因避开国外公 司的竞争会迅速成长起来,其经济发展规模会大大超过未保护的情形.这样,受保护的公司最终会因其 低廉的成本控制世界市场. 对世界市场的控制让国内公司为本国带来高额的利润回报, 据称这些利润会 超过因贸易壁垒而造成的损失.这一理论还认为,高技术产业的专业化也会带来好处,因为在一种国内 产业中取得的技术进步常常会转化到国内其他企业中去.//日本和韩国因推行这种战略性的贸易政策而 备受指责. 这一策略以及关税保护论带来的问题是: 受到战略性贸易政策影响而处于不利地位的国家会 相应的提高自己的关税进行报复.随之而来的结果是世界范围的关税增长,世界贸易的消减,专业化与 商品交换利益的丧失.
  4.With thousands of years of cultural accumulation and a country as big as China, an outsider cannot hope to catch every potential pit fall.在中国这样大的国家,有着几千年的文化积累,一个局外人是无法搞清楚每 个潜在的错误的. On the other hand, a few generalizations apply to across Asia. Most seasoned business travelers from the United Stated and Europe caught on long ago to the tradition of indulging in small talks and meandering toward the main point rather than getting down to business right away.另一方面,一些推论适用于整个亚洲. 大多数来自美国和欧洲的有经验的商务旅游者很久以前明白不是直奔主题而是纵情谈论小事迂回到正 题的传统. Journalists are not immune. This reporter once made a gaffe by suggesting in a way intended to be complime


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   Unit 1 Liaison Reading A 联想?新世界, 联想 新世界,新思维 新世界 1984 年,由于预见到计算机必将改变人们的工作和生活方式, 由于预见到计算机必将改变人们的工作和生活方式, 联想的创始人柳传志和十个志同道合的同事创建了新技术开发公司, 联想的创始人柳传志和十个志同道合的同事创建了新技术开发公司, 该公司就是后来举世闻名的联想集团。 该公司就是后来举世闻名的联想集团。 随后的几年里, 本着公司的核心价值观??创新,联想实现了 随后的几年里, 本着公司的核心价值观 ...


   以下是高三1-12单元翻译:(我只能找到这些了) 1.在1951年,吉尼斯啤酒厂当时的厂长休-毕沃先生想要解决关于欧洲最快的鸟的争论。和他的朋友们交谈后,他认定能回答这样一些问题的书可能会受欢迎。吉尼斯公司聘用诺里斯和罗斯-麦科沃写了一本后来成为吉尼斯记录的书。第一版在1955年出版,从那以后一直是一本最畅销的书。 2.每年送来6,000多个记录,但它们不能都出版。然而编辑们记下这些记录,并以其他方式继续了解情况。这些记录被分成不同的目录。《吉尼斯世界大全》关于人体的篇章、令人惊叹的伟绩篇章、 ...


   英语二_课文翻译 英语二_课文翻译 第一单元   A 什么是决策? 决策是从可供挑选的行动方向中作选择。决策是为了一个组织建立和实现它的目的或目标。之所以要决策是因为有问题存在目标或目的不适当,或者有某种东西妨碍了目标或目的实现。 决策过程对于管理非常重要 因此一个管理者做的差不多所有的事情都离不开决策、有人甚至提出管理就是决策。然而管理者不能预见未来,但是他们要做的很多决策需要他们考虑将来可能发生的情况,管理者常常必须对未来的情况做出最佳的猜测,使偶然性尽可能少地发生,但是因为总是存 ...


   第一单元 CYBERSPACE: IF YOU DON’T LOVE IT , LEAVE IT 1 美国人的内心深处具有一种酷爱探索新领域的气质。我们渴求宽敞的场地,我们喜欢探索,喜欢制定规章制度,却不愿去遵守。在当 美国人的内心深处具有一种酷爱探索新领域的气质。我们渴求宽敞的场地,我们喜欢探索,喜欢制定规章制度,却不愿去遵守。 今时代,却很难找到一块空间,可以供你任意驰骋,又不必担心影响你的邻居。 今时代,却很难找到一块空间,可以供你任意驰骋,又不必担心影响你的邻居。 2 确实有这样一个 ...


   Unit 1你怎样为考试而复习? P4 3A 《怎样学习是最好的?》 这个星期我们问了新星中学的同学们关于学习更多英语的最好方式,许多人说他们边学边用,有些同学有更多明确的建议,Lillian Li,例如,他说学习新词的最好方法是读英语杂志。他说记忆流行歌曲的歌词也是有一些帮助的。当我们问到关于学习语法的时候,她说:“我从来不学习语法,太无聊了。” 魏明有不同的见解,他已经学习了6年的英语并且很喜欢英语,他说学习语法是学习一种语言的极佳的方式,他也认为看英语电影也不是一个 ...


   日志 上一篇 下一篇 |返回日志列表 110 [转] 1--10 课文翻译 复制地址 转载 分享 转载自 波波安 2010 年 09 月 17 日 10:46 阅读(4) 评论(0) 分类:个人日记 举报 字体:大% o 小 o 中 o 大 UNIT1 我哥哥吉米出生时遇上难产,因为缺氧导致大脑受损。两年后,我出生了。 从此以后,我的生活便围绕我哥哥转。 伴随我成长的,是“到外面去玩,把你哥哥也带上。” 不带上他,我是哪里也去不了的。因此,我怂恿邻居的孩子到我家来,尽情地玩 孩子们玩的 ...


   大学体验英语综合教程第二册课文翻译UNIT12009-12-16 21:14PASSAGE A 牛津大学 牛津大学是英国最古老的大学,也是世界最著名的高等学府。牛津大学始建于12世纪。它位于英格兰的牛津,在伦敦西北约80公里处。 牛津大学有16,300多名学生(1999-2000),其中留学生占将近四分之一。他们来自130多个国家。牛津大学有35个学院,还有5个由不同宗教团体建立的私人学院。5个私人学院中,有3个只招男生。学院中,圣希尔达和萨默维尔学院只收女生,其他均为男女兼收 ...


   艺术家追求成名,如同狗自逐其尾,一旦追到手,除了继续追逐不知还能做些 什么。成功之残酷正在于它常常让那些追逐成功者自寻毁灭。 对一名正努力追求成功并刚刚崭露头角的艺术家,其亲朋常常会建议“正经的 饭碗不能丢! ”他们的担心不无道理。追求出人头地,最乐观地说也困难重重, 许多人到最后即使不是穷困潦倒,也是几近精神崩溃。尽管如此,希望赢得追星 族追捧和同行赞扬之类的不太纯洁的动机却在激励着他们向前。 享受成功的无上 光荣,这种诱惑不是能轻易抵挡的。 成名者之所以成名,大多是因为发挥了自己在歌唱、 ...


   Unit1 美国人认为没有人能停止不前。 如果你不求进取,你就会落伍。 这种态度造就了一个投身于研究、实验和探索的民族。 时间是美国人注意节约的两个要素之一,另一要素是劳力。 人们一直说:“只有时间才能支配我们。” 人们似乎把时间当作一个差不多是实实在在的东西来对待。 我们安排时间、节约时间、浪费时间、挤抢时间、消磨时间、缩减时间、对时间 的利用作出解释;我们还要因付出时间而收取费用。 时间是一种宝贵的资源,许多人都深感人生的短暂。 时光一去不复返。 我们应当让每一分钟都过得有意义。 外国人 ...


   Unit 1 1. When his wife died of a stroke in her sixties, the 72-year-old retired professor was overwhelmed by grief. Life would be too difficult for him without anybody to rely on. 2. Last month two amateur painters held an exhibition of their pict ...



   成人高考英语模拟试题( 英语模拟试题 2007 年成人高考英语模拟试题(三) 本试卷分第Ⅰ卷(选择题)和第Ⅱ卷(非选择题)两部分,第Ⅰ卷 1 页至 8 页, 第Ⅱ卷 9 页至 10 页,满分 150 分,考试时间 120 分钟。 第Ⅰ卷注意事项: 1.答第Ⅰ卷前,考生务必将自己的姓名,准考证号、考试科目用钢笔涂写在 答题卡上。 2.每小题选出答案后,用钢笔把答题卡上对应的答案标号涂黑,如需改动, 用橡皮擦干净后,再选涂其它答案。不能答在试题卷上。 3.考试结束,考生将本试卷和答题卡一并交回。 ...


   2006 年第 1 期 (总第 95 期 ) 贵州民族学院学报 (哲学社会科学版 ) Journal of Guizhou University for Ethnic M inorities ( Philosophy and social science) No. 1 Feb. 2006 从英汉语言差异看英语思维 模式的培养 ① ●   杨 眉 (新疆昌吉学院 外语系 ,新疆 昌吉  831100 ) 摘   : 语言是思维的外衣 ,思维影响语言 。如果学生对英汉语言文化如 : 价值观念 、 ...

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   Lesson 34 Quick work 破案“神速” First listen and then answer the question. 听录音,然后回答以下问题。 How long had the police taken to find his bicycle? Dan Robinson has been worried all week. Last Tuesday he received a letter from the ...

益阳市2007年小学教师专业知识水平测试题 英 语

   益阳市 2007 年小学教师专业知识水平测试题 英 语(时量:120 分钟 满分:100 分) 题号 第 一 部 分 第 二 部 分 总分 合分人 复分人 第一部分 教育理论知识(20 分) 一,单项选择题 (每小题 1 分,共 4 分) 1. 以下属于《中小学职业道德规范》条例范畴的是 ( ) . A.依法治校 B.务实创新 C.尊重家长 D.崇尚科学 2.新课程课堂教学三维目标指的是知识与技能,情感态度与价值观及( ) . A.文本与课堂 B.教师与学生 C.过程与方法 D.课程与评价 ...


   2008 2008 2009 2008 级 2008-2009 学年第一学期基础外语 2-1 英语期末考试安排 考试时间:2009 8:0010:00 考试时间:2009 年 1 月 5 日(周一)上午 8:00--10:00 使用: 使用:耳机 注意: 分钟到主楼-524 取试卷,副监考教师考前 30 分钟到达考场,确保考试正常进行! 取试卷, 分钟到达考场,确保考试正常进行! 注意:请各位主监考教师在考试开始前 40 分钟到主楼 考场 考试地点 1 二主楼 A101 2 3 4 5 6 ...