N: There is nothing to worry about. The doctor who will operate on you is very experrenced and considerate.If you have any discomfort during the operation,please don't hesitate to tell him. I'11 give you an enema tonight.After that please don't take any food or water before the operation.
P: How do you do it? Does it hurt? 你怎个做法呢,痛吗?
N: I'11 insert a rubber tube into your anus and let the soapsuds solution flow into your rectum. Please let me know if you feel distension.I'11 stop the flowing。Hold it for several minutes before you expel it.That may preduce a better result.
N: The operation went very well.Please turn from side to side every two or three hours.
P: I only feel mild pain.I don't think a pain-killer is necessary.The pain is very severe. I can't stand it. Please give me a pain-killer at once. 我只感到有轻微的疼痛,我想用不着吃止痛片.痛得很厉害.我简直受不了;请立即给我止痛片吧.
N: I'11 help you gat up. You can try walking around the room or corridor.
P: I think I'm quite ail right now. 我似乎已经完全好了.
N :You are going to be discharged the day after tomorrow. 你后天就要出院了.
P: Is that so? I'm so happy. 真的吗,我太高兴了.
N: You have been in the hopital for two weeks, haven't you? 你住院两个星期了,是吧?
P: Exactly, but the doctor told me I still have to rest for one more week.
N: The doctor has written a certificate for you. There are two suggestions.First,avoid any mental stress and have a good rest. Secondly,examinations of fasting sugar and an EKG should be done regularly. 医生已经给你开好了证明书.里面有两个建议.第一,避免精神紧张,好好休息.第二,定期查空腹血糖和做心电图检查.
P: My organization(doctor) needs my medical history. May I have it tomorrow?
N: Certainly. 当然可以.
P: Please give me my account. 请给我结一下帐.
N: I'11 go to the admissions' office to get you bill at once. 我立即到住院处去给你结帐.
P: HOW much do I owe you? May I pay it by cheque? 我欠多少钱?能用支票付款吗?
N: Altogether three hundred and fifty yuan.seventy five fen.You may pay either In cash or by cheque. 总共 350元 7角 5分,你付现金或开支票都行.
P: I must go now.will you call a taxi for me? 我该走了。请给我叫辆出租汽车,好吗?
N: Have you made sure you haven't left anything behind? 你没有留下什么东西吗?
P :I don't think so. I'm really very grateful to you all.You were all so kind to me.
N: Don't mention it. That is our job.不必客气,那是我们的职责.The taxi has come.出租车来了.
The taxi is on its way, It will be here soon. 出租车正在路上呢。马上就到.

  1. I'm not feeling well. 我觉得不舒服.

  2. I'm feeling very bad. 我觉得很不舒服.

  3. I don't feel myself lately. 我最近感到不舒服.

  4. What shall(should) I do? 我该怎么办,

  5. Should I stay in the hospital? 我需要住院吗?

  6.The pain seems less. 我的疼痛有些减轻.

  7. Will it go away by itself(soon)? 它能自然(很快)痊愈吗?

  8. When shall I come back? 我什么时候再来?

  9. Will there be a recurrence? 这病会复发吗?

  10.Does this medicine have any side-effects? 这药有副作用吗?

  11. What kind of food should I eat? Should I have a special diet?

  12.Will surgery necessary? 需要做手术吗;

  13. Will it take long to recover? 很久才能恢复吗?
l4 Is it right to move around and do some exercises? 可以在地上走走,锻炼锻炼吗?

  15. Is it serious? 情况严重吗?

  16. Is there any danger? 有危险吗?

  17. What could be the cause? 可能是什么原因呢?

  18. What should I do if I have another attack? 我若是再犯,该怎么办呢,

  19. Isn't there any good medicine for it? 没有什么好药吗?

  20. What kind of medicine is this? 这是一种什么药呢7

  21. I hate injections.Can I take the medicine orally?我不喜欢打针,能吃些口服药吗?

  22. Can it be cured?。 能治好么,

  23. Will it get worse? 能变坏吗?

  24. What could it be? 可能是什么病呢?

  25. What do you think? 你认为怎样?

  26. Can anything be done for pain? 对于这种疼痛,有没有办法呢?

  27.Whateverr you say. 听从你的意见.

  28.Since two or three weeks. 大约两三周前.

  29. About when? 大约在什么时间了

  30. Is it contagious? 这病传染吗7

  31. I feel dizzy(feverish, shivery, sleepy, like vomiting,nauseous itching, weak, irritated). 我感到头晕(发烧,发冷,发困,想吐,恶心,痒,虚弱,急躁)。

  32. I have pils(a bad cough, a dry cough, a sore stomach a pain in the small of my back). 我有痔疮(剧烈的咳嗽,干咳,胃痛,腰背部痛)。
主诉Telling a doctor how you feel
About a week now.
About five days running already.
I can’t life my right arm.
I cough a great deal at night.
I don’t feel like eating anything.
I feel a bit off color.
I feel a pain in my left leg.
I feel absolutely rotten.
I feel chilly.
I feel dizzy and I’ve got no appetite.
I feel feverish.
I feel hot and cold.
I feel like I’m burning up.
I feel like vomiting.
I feel sick.
I feel poorly.
I feel rather unwell.
I feel very bad.
I feel so ill.
I feel shivery and I’ve got a sore throat.
I feel a dull pain in the stomach.
I just feel all pooped out.
I keep feeling dizzy.
I really feel terrible.
I have a headache.
I have a splitting headache.
I have a stomach-ache.
I have a stuffed-up nose.
I seem to have pain all over.
I think I’m dying.
I tried some sleeping pills, but they have done nothing for me.
I’m a bit stuffed up.
I’m aching all over.
I’m afraid I’ve got a temperature.
I’m feeling rather out of sorts these days.
I’m having some trouble sleeping.
I’m suffering from insomnia.
I’m rather sick.
I’m running a fever.
I’m running a temperature.
I’m under the weather.
It all began yesterday.
It came on last night.
It hurts terrible.
It keeps hanging on.
It sort of hung on.
It started two days ago.
It’s a dull sort of pain, and I don’t know what’s causing it.
It’s been hanging about for nearly a week.
It’s not a sharp pain; just sort of a dull ache.
I’ve been having pains in my chest recently.
I’ve been losing sleep.
I’ve been sneezing all day.
I’ve been throwing up.
I’ve got a bad appetite.
I’ve got a humming.
I’ve got a pain in my back.
I’ve had two more movements this morning.
I’ve taken some aspirin, but it didn’t help much.
Just off and on.
My back is giving me a bit of trouble.
My eyesight is falling.
My eyes have been sore.
My left foot hurts.
My legs have not been right lately.
My right eardrum has become infected.
My stomach is upset.
My tooth is acting up again.
My weight fell from 60 kg. to 50 kg.
My whole body feels weak.
One of my teeth troubles me.
One of my upper teeth is loose and aching.
The pain’s been keeping me awake.
There’s a bitter taste in my mouth.
This tooth on the lower jaw is sensitive to cold and hot.



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