u have
  2.Her father's death added to the bitterness of her life .
  3.I intend to add some pictures to story-book .
  4.This newly published book has added to his reputation .
  5.I want to add another room to the house .
  6.These pictures add to the interest of the book .
  7.Please add his suggestion to the plan .
  8.This adds to our information . Lesson 40 Uncertain

  1.The date of his arrival is still uncertain.
  2.I'm uncertain about his intentions .
  3.My plans are still uncertain .
  4.I am uncertain about its success .
  5.I'm uncertain how to get there :
  6.You are uncertain of my purpose .
  7.My husband is a man with an uncertain temper .
  8.The weather is uncertain . Lesson 41 Get Down
  1.The news certainly got her down .
  2.Let's get down to a practical discussion .
  3.Have you got it all down ?
  4.Don't let this cold weather get you down .
  5.He got down and began to pray .
  6.It's time you get down to some serious work .
  7.We got down two enemy aircraft .
  8.He has gotten down the medicine . Lesson 42 In a Hurry
  1.I won't forget your kindness in a hurry .
  2.He seems to be in a great hurry .

  3.Don't be in too great a hurry to marry .
  4.He's in a hurry to leave .
  5.I shall not ask that rude man to dinner again in a hurry .
  6.You will, make mistakes if you do things in a hurry .
  7.I'min hurry to go .
  8.I won't forget the lesson in a hurry . Lesson 43 Speech
  1.I don't want to make a sppech on the occasion .
  2.Speech is silver but silence is golden .
  3.Who will make a sppech to the new students ?
  4.Man is the only animal that has the power of speech .
  5.I have a speech to prepare for tonight .
  6.His speech showed that he was drunk .
  7.The speech of the islanders is hard to understand .
  8.He made an excellent speech in our school. Lesson 44 Dream
  1.She had a dream about her granny last night .
  2.My younger brother has dreamed of being a teacher .
  3.My holiday by the sea was a dream .
  4.You must work hard and turn your dream into reality .

  5.I had a terible dream last night .
  6.I dreamed of traveling to the moon when I was young.
  7.It's my dream to win the Nobel Prize for physics .
  8.He had dreams of being a hero when he was young . Lesson 45 Make Up
  1.He has made up several songs .
  2.Did she make it up with you ?
  3.I must make up the work I missed .
  4.You have ten minutes to make up .
  5.I have not made up my shopping list yet .
  6.Nine players make up a team .
  7.I've made up my mind .
  8.He's always making up to influential people . Lesson 46 Pay a Visit
  1.I'm going to pay you a visit this afternoon .
  2.Have you paid your uncle a visit ?
  3.I paid Mr. Wang a visit on my way home .
  4.We paid a visit to America last year .
  5.My father paid a visit to my teacher last Monday .
  6.I may pay a visit to my aunt .

  7.I must pay my doctor a visit .
  8.I'll pay you a visit when I get there . Lesson 47 See to
  1.Will you see to the arrangement for a party ?
  2.There are many things to see to .
  3.I'll see to the guests when they arrive .
  4.Who is seeing to the dinner ?
  5.See to your own business first .
  6.She sees to everything herself .
  7.These roofs need seeing to .
  8.Please get a mechanic to see to it . Lesson 48 Stick to
  1.I will stick to my own opinion and never change my mind .
  2.We must stick to our agreement .
  3.I stick to what I said yesterday .
  4.He is a man who sticks to his promise .
  5.If you make a good decision , you must stick to it .
  6.I have decided not to stick to my own theory any longer .
  7.She said that she would stick to her plan .
  8.He never sticks to anything for too long .
Lesson 49 Feel Like
  1.I feel like doing some reading .
  2.I feel like going to bed .
  3.I don't feel like going to the movie .
  4.Do you feel like a swim ?
  5.Today feels like spring .
  6.I feel like a fool .
  7.I feel like a cup of tea .
  8.We'll go out for a walk if you feel like it . Lesson 50 Mention
  1.Don't mention it .
  2.Don't mention the subject again this evening .
  3.What I mentioned just now is very important .
  4.Did you mention this to my elder sister ?
  5.Hasn't the boss mentioned the matter to you ?
  6.He made no mention of my request .
  7.Why didn't you mention it at the meeting ?
  8.Did you hear my name mentioned ? Lesson 51 In need of

  1.These houses are in need of repair .
  2.The children there are in great need of help .
  3.We are in need of help at present .
  4.He is in need of money .
  5.The old man is poor and ill , so he is in need of help .
  6.She looks as though she is in need of a rest .
  7.He was hurt and in need of help .
  8.We are in need of some different kinds of books . Lesson 52 As a Matter of Fact
  1.As a matter of fact he is not so stupid as we imagine .
  2.As a matter of fact many people have some problems .
  3.As a matter of fact he wasn't angry with you .
  4.As a matter of fact he is not interested in music .
  5.As a matter of fact she didn't mind .
  6.As a matter of fact she is sixty years old already .
  7.As a matter of fact I didn't understand what you meant .
  8.As a matter of fact Mary was right . Lesson 53 Come True
  1.My dream has come true .
  2.At last his dream came true .

  3.It's likely that your dream will come true .
  4.Your wish has come true , so has mine .
  5.Now my dream has come true .
  6.How can you make your dream come ture ?
  7.If you don't work hard , your dream won't come true .
  8.I have a dream and I'm sure that it will come ture someday . Lesson 54 Prevent from
  1.We must prevent our city from being polluted further .
  2.What prevented you from coming to our dinner party ?
  3.Why do you prevent your son from joining the army ?
  4.No one can prevent him from traveling round the world .
  5.The medical workers are trying to prevent the flu from spreading .
  6.No one can prevent the plan from being carried out .
  7.You must prevent your children from playing football in the street .
  8.The heavy rain prevents us from going on building the road . Lesson 55 Reach
  1.We can never reach perfection .
  2.Will you reach me the sugar ?
  3.When will we reach the destination ?
  4.Your letter never reached me .

  5.The woods reach as far as the river .
  6.The problem is out of the reach of my understanding .
  7.How can I reach you ?
  8.The news only reached me yesterday . Lesson 56 Deal with
  1.Deal with a man as he deals with you .
  2.I have dealt with him for many years .
  3.I don't know how to deal with these bad children .
  4.I'll deal with the problem at once .
  5.There are too many difficulties for us to deal with .
  6.These novels don't deal with reality .
  7.I only deal with school .
  8.I am trying to make a deal with them . Lesson 57 Pay Attention to
  1.People have begun to pay attention to the control of pollution .
  2.He asked his son to pay more attention to his studies .
  3.No attention was paid to my advice .
  4.Pay attention to the difference between the two words .
  5.We must pay attention to the education of our children.
  6.The young people should pay attention to affairs of state .

  7.Now , pay attention to me .
  8.You should pay more attention to your health . Lesson 58 Hold Up
  1.The apple harvest has been held up by bad weather for a week .
  2.please hold up an umbrella for her .
  3.The storm held us up .
  4.Hold up your right hand .
  5.Masked men held up the bank .
  6.The pillar holds up the roof .
  7.The traffic was held up by an accident .
  8.If the weather holds up , I shall be very glad . Lesson 59 Else
  1.We went to the library and nowhere else .
  2.Is there anything else I can do for you ?
  3.What else do you want ?
  4.Let's discuss something else .
  5.What else did you hear about at the meeting ?
  6.What else did you say ?
  7.When else shall we meet again ?
  8.Everybody else but me has gone to the party .
Lesson 60 In Place
  1.Your suggestion is in place .
  2.That remark was not in place .
  3.I like everything to be in place .
  4.Put the books in place .
  5.You'd better have everything in place .
  6.Use water in place of milk .
  7.Will you go in my place ?
  8.What you said at the meeting is quite in place. Lesson 61 Depend on
  1.A man's success depends mainly on his own efforts .
  2.They have to depend on their parents .
  3.We can't depend on chance .
  4.The town depends entirely on the tourist trade .
  5.We only depend on the newspapers for information .
  6.The plan depends on the weather .
  7.The prive depends on the quality .
  8.You can depend on me . Lesson 62 Likely

  1.A hurricane is likely to come .
  2.Is this place likely to allow fishing ?
  3.We'll most likely be late .
  4.It is likely that he'll pass the examination .
  5.I will be likely to cry when you go .
  6.The likelliest time to find him in his office is morning .
  7.I couldn't find a likely house .
  8.He is not likely to come . Lesson 63 Expect
  1.I thought perhaps it was the letter you'd been expecting .
  2.I'm expecting a telegram .
  3.Mother expected us back at six o'clock .
  4.I expect you are right .
  5.She expects us to be at the station on time .
  6.We expect that air pollution can be controlled .
  7.I expect that she will be here soon .
  8.Mother will expect us home at the weekend . Lesson 64 Clear Away
  1.The waste materials here must be cleared away .
  2.We must clear them away .

  3.Let's clear it away together .
  4.He is clearing away the branches of that tree .
  5.Please help me to clear away the bowls and plates on the table .
  6.I must clear away the rubbish there at once .
  7.Clear away your toys now .
  8.The stones on the road have been cleared away . Lesson 65 Push Over
  1.I was nearly pushed over by the crowd .
  2.The strong winds pushed over the trees very easily .
  3.Don't push me over .
  4.They are going to push over the old houses .
  5.A lot houses have been pushed over by the hurricane .
  6.An old man was pushed over by the crowd .
  7.Why did you push her over ?
  8.Take care not to push her over . Lesson 66 The Other Day
  1.We visited Disneyland the other day .
  2.He gave us a talk on English history the other day .
  3.The other day I saw one of my old friends in the shop .
  4.He went to the Summer Palace the other day .

  5.I saw him the other day .
  6.I received an invitation to Bill's wedding the other day .
  7.I saw a beautiful bird in the market the other day .
  8.We had an evening party the other day . Lesson 67 As Well As
  1.I'm learning French and Japanese as well as English .
  2.Mr. Zhang is our friend as well as our teacher .
  3.I like playing volleyball as well as basketball .
  4.He knows German as well as English .
  5.The children are all lively as well as healthy .
  6.It's important for you as well as for me .
  7.Jim came to our party as well as Peter.
  8.We shall travel by night as well as by day . Lesson 68 Go off
  1.When did the electricity supply go off ?
  2.This feeling has gradually gone off .
  3.The marriage may go off .
  4.Lights will go off if no one is in the room .
  5.The milk has gone off .
  6.The pain will go off after you take the medicine .

  7.All the tickets have gone off .
  8.The gun went off by accident . Lesson 69 On One's Own
  1.He got the job on his own .
  2.The girl can't carry the box on her own .
  3.I must make a living on my own .
  4.Can you finish it on your onw ?
  5.I'm old enough to go skating on my own .
  6.He is working on his own .
  7.My granny is too old to go traveling on her own .
  8.For craftsmanship , Smith is on his own . Lesson 70 Knock off
  1.What time do you knock off ?
  2.I want to meet you when we knock off .
  3.Don't knock the lady off her bike .
  4.I knocked the glass off the table by accident .
  5.You ought to knock off for a day or two .
  6.Can you knock off a poem now ?
  7.She knocked off a letter this afternoon .
  8.I knocked off an article for the magazine last evening .
Lesson 71 By Accident
  1.We met by accident yesterday .
  2.He failed his examination by no accident .
  3.I found my lost bike in front of a shop by accident .
  4.It happened quite by accident .
  5.I only found it by accident .
  6.I cut myself by accident .
  7.Columbus discovered America by accident .
  8.I found a beautiful necklace by accident . Lesson 72 Turn Up
  1.Somethis unusual has turned up .
  2.Only because Iturned up late for the meeting .
  3.The lost papers have turned up .
  4.Turn up the dictionary if you can't spell the word .
  5.She turned the sound up on the television .
  6.I turned up my coat collar against the chill wind .
  7.We have turned up some new evidence .
  8.These trousers need turning up . Lesson 73 Pick out

  1.Can you pick out the weeds among the wheat ?
  2.Have you picked out the movie you want to see ?
  3.They have picked out the best items on the menu .
  4.The window frames are picked out in the blue against th ewhite walls .
  5.Pick out those books that you'd like to read .
  6.Can you pick out your brother in the group ?
  7.I will pick out the best players to form a football team .
  8.I picked out a friend of mine in the crowd . Lesson 74 Date from
  1.This temple is dated from the Ming Dynasty .
  2.This dress is dated from the 19th century .
  3.My interest of stamp collecting dates from my school-days .
  4.These coins date from 260-275 AD .
  5.Insurance dates from the 17th century .
  6.The friendship dated from our childhood .
  7.From which period do the ceremonies date ?
  8.The customs dated from the 12th century . Lesson 75 Angry
  1.Please don't be angry with me .
  2.I was angry with you because you broke your promise .

  3.Father is angry with me for not having done anything .
  4.She isn't angry with me .
  5.I was angry about missing the football match .
  6.Are you angry with me ?
  7.I am very angry with my little son .
  8.I was very angry at what you had said . Lesson 76 Advise
  1.The doctor advised me to go to bed early every day .
  2.I ad



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   1.初中英语教材中共出现近 500 个词组,其中有一部分为常用词组,要求能熟练运用。 2.在学习中,要注意词组的积累,特别要注意介词词组和短语动词的积累。 3.对固定词组的意义,切不可望文生义。例如,动词 look 愿意为“看”,但 look after 意为“照料”,look up (a word in a dictionary)意为“(在词典中)查找(单 词)”。 4.要十分注意固定词组中冠词的使用。有时冠词可引起词义的变化,例如,go the school 意为“上学”,而 go to ...