Good morning.my dear teachers,my dear professors. I am very glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is Duqi hui,I am 22 years old. I come from Chengdu ,a well-known city of leisure and beauty.
I will graduate from the Humanities department of the XiHua University in July this year.In the past year I have been preparing for the postgraduate enterence examination,for it has been my dream to be a postgraduate.Sichuan University is my first choice. Now all my hard work has got a good result since I have the chance to be interviewed by you.
I am open-minded, quick in thought and very fond of the literature,especially the Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature. In my spare time,I have broad interests like many other youngsters.First,I like reading literary works,especially those written by Luyao,such as The Ordinary World,TheLife and The Yellow Leaves Falling In Autumn and so on.After reading, I frequently exchange ideas with my classmates,only in this way can we get deeper understanding. Besides reading,I also enjoy playing ping-pang and some other sports.Because from my perspective,When people exercise,they will look very dynamic,very sunny and very young.The benefits of exercises are obvious,it can keeps us healthy and give us a good mood, so no matter how busy everyday ,I would like to exercise for at least an hour.In addition,While in a bad mood I will listen to soft music and classical music,for instance,the Autumn Whispers,the Girl's Pray and the Joy and so on,,they are very quiet, peaceful, they can calm us down.
Then,I talk about something about my study.I am a hardworking person,at the same time,I am also very persistent.So,if I am determinated to pursue something,I will try my best to get it no matter how difficult it is.My major in college is Chinese language and literature,and I am good at writing,two years ago,I write a biographical fiction about myself,I named it BeingOrdinary,Being Beautiful.Also English is my favorite subject.I often go to English corner to practice my oral English,and write compositions to improve my writting skills.
I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning.Of course,if I am given a chance for advanced studies in this famous University,I will concentrate on my study and make great efforts to acquire more and deeper professional knowledge.
Ok, that is all, thank you for your patience.

  2.介绍你的家乡:成都 (about hometown)
I come from Chengdu,the provincial capital of Sichuan Province.It is a famous and beautiful city with a long history over 2,000 years.She has another good name,that is"Furong City",because there were lots of hibiscus a long time ago.And then,because the Chengdu Plain is a rich land,so Chengdu is also callde "Land of Abundance."
Chengdu lies in the center part of Sichuan province.It is the center of politics,economy and culture.Many celebrities were born here,for instance, BaJin,Leejie ren,and Sha Ting and so on.You know, there is a saying which goes that“The greatness of a man lends a glory to a place”.I think the city really deserves it. In addition,many famous poet,such as Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Bo and Lu Zhaolin,had been to the city,and many of them had lived in Chengdu for a period of time and left a number of beatiful poems.
Then,I want to talk something about Chengdu's delicious food.A famous saying goes"Eating in China,the taste is in Sichuan",Chengdu's good food can be divided into three categories:the Sichuan flavor,the snack and the chaffy dish.The Sichuan flavor ranks first in China's four main varieties of cuisine,it has 3000 varieties and hundreds of specialties.Some famous traditional dishes,such as “Ma-po bean curd”“the twice-cooked pork”and“the boiling water cabbage”,have been popular in many parts of the world.And then,the “snack” is also well-known both at home and abroad for its being small and fine.It also has undreds of different varieties, the color is fresh and the taste is good,the representative species are:“zhong dumplings”,“the dragon won ton” and “Zhang Fei beef” and so on.The chaffy dish is hodgepodge,in other words,a lot of things,including vegetables and meat,are put into a hot pot.It has always been known for being numb and sore,so the chaffy dish symbolizes passion.As we know,In recent years, “The chaffy dish” is developping at an alarming rate,to some extent,it is changing the eating habits of a lot of places.
Besides this,Chengdu is also a tourist city,there are lot of sight spots in Chengdu,including the human landscape and natural landscape.Such as the Du Fu's Thatched Cottage,the Wangjiang Floor and the Dujiangyan,and so on.Every year,many tourists travel to Chengdu to see the beauty.The people in Chengdu are very warm-hearted and friendly,we welcome the travellers from all over the world.So The booming tourism industry has brought economic benefits to chengdu.
This is my beloved hometown.I like it very much.That is all,thank you.

  2.介绍你的家乡:巴中 (about hometown)
I come from Bazhong,locating in the northeastern Sichuan Province,it is at the junction of Sichuan Province and Shanxi Province.When referred to Bazhong,many people will naturally think of the Daba mountain,Yeath, there really are a lot of mountains,beng high and majestic.The Daba mountain offshoot belongs to the Qinling Mountains,stretcheing a few hundred miles.
As a result of the mountains,the traffic in Bazhong is extremely inconvenient,the information is also very blocked,along with these,the economy hangs behind.
Bazhong is a major agricultural city.Most people there are engaged in agriculture,industries and enterprisies are relatively rare. However,fortunately,with the reform and opening-up policy, more and more young people and the middle-aged have gone to Guangzhou,Fujian and some other coastal cities to work,with their hard work and intelligence,these migrant workers make a tremendous contribution to the homeland's economic construction.So I believe Bazhong will gradually get better and better.
  Then I want to talk something about the climate in my hometown.In Bazhong ,it has 4 distinguished seasons,colorrful spring,lovely summer,romantic autumn and white winter.As most people,I like the spring of my hometown,as the spring bring hopes for the whole year,and the temperature is neither high nor low.And when the spring comes,the mountains get green ,being very beautiful,it will give people a good mood. Then,as we know,Bazhong is a famous and beautiful city with a long history over 2,000 years.Many celebrities were born here,for instance, Liubo-jian and Wuren hong and so on.You know, there is a saying which goes that “The greatness of a man lends a glory to a place.I think the city really deserves it.In addition, many famous poets,such as Li Bai,Du Fu and Lishang-yin had been to the city,and many of them had lived in Bazhong for a period of time and left a number of beatiful poems,so Bazhong is also a tourist city,there are lot of sight spots in Bazhong,including the human landscape and natural landscape.Such as the Nuoshui River Scenic Area,Space Mountain National Forest Park and LiuBo-jians commemorative museum and so on.Every year, many tourists travel to Bazhong to see the beauty.The people in Bazhong are very warm-hearted and friendly,we welcome the travellers from all over the world.And the booming tourism industry has brought economic benefits to Bazhong.
Besides this,In Bazhong,people are very simple and kind,there are a lot of farmers,the inherent kindness and simplicity can touch us everyone.If you lose your way and ask someone,they will give you the direction immediaetly,if you are in trouble,they will try their best to help you.I like the people from Bazhong,not just because they are in my hometown,as for they are very nice.
This is my beloved hometown.I like it very much.That is all ,thank you.

3,你的家庭(about family)
There are six members in my family:my grandfather,my parents,my elder sister,my little brother and me.
My grandfather is 78 years old this year,he previously was a chinese teacher in a middle school,the most I admire him is that he is good at calligraphy,especially writing brush characters.Some days ago when I told him I have choosed the Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature,he was very happy to hear this.Because he also likes it,and from his prespective,the literature is the most profound among all subjects.Then when in a good mood,he usually told me some stories happened in the past, such as the Cultural Revolution ,the large-scale production and the Famine in the 1958 and so on,what he most likes to recall is what happened to him during the Cultural Revolution.Every time talking about the Cultural Revolution,he will sigh.He often tells me it was a dark era.
Then,my father and mother are out-and-out peasants,they go out for the farm work at dawn every day,the most touched me is their being industrious,thrifty and cautious.During my prepareing for this interview,my parents’love and support have always been my power.In my heart,they are the greatest and most excellent parents in the world.As the boatmen,my parents bring their sons and daughters to the other side of the river.I sincerely hope I will be able to repay them in the future.
My elder sister,my younger brother and I,we three siblings's ages are very interesting,my elder sister is 6 years older than me, and I am 6 years older than my younger brother.My elder sister had been married,have been doing business.My younger brother is 17 years old this year,he is very smart,good at studying,so I believe he must be admitted to the University in the future.
 My family members get well along with each other and love each other,it is so harmonious that some of my peers envy me.
  I always believe in an old saying which goes“If the family is in harmony,then everything will be well”,so when I am home,I would accompany with my grandfather chatting,help my parents do housework,sometimes I would try my best to make somthing delicious to eat for them.
This is my warm family,I love my family very much,That is all, thank you!

4,你的大学 (about university)
I will graduate from the Humanities department of the Xihua University in July.Xihua University is one of the oldest universities in Sichuan province. It was founded in 2003,based on two colleges:the Sichuan Industrial Institute and the Chengdu Teaching College.
The Xihua university is located in the historical and cultural city:Chengdu ,it covers an area of near 3000 mus and the building area is near 1000 square meters.The campus was covered by vegetation,and the teaching environment is elegant and pleasant,with a unique natural environment of the humanities.
As we know,there are two comprehensive universities in Sichuan province:the one is Sichuan University,the other one may be Xihua University.It has developped into a comprehensive university with efforts of generations,especially after the reform and combination.
It takes the lead among the local universities in Sichuan province with excellent teaching and scientific research ability. The library has the storage of three million and six hundred thousand(3 600 0
  00) books,and various research institutes are set up including language research centers.
Oh,yeath,just recently,a major event has taken place in my university:it is the principal general,the former principal,Luozhong-xian,retired from xihua University as a result of physical reasons,the new principal is Sunwei-guo.
Ok,this is my university ,I love it very much,I sincerely wish Xihua University develop better and better,that is all ,thank you.

  5.考研原因 (reasons for my choice)
There are several reasons for my choice(for me to take the postgraduate exams).
First of all,being admitted into Sichuan University has been my dream,but unfortunately,I failed in the college entrance examination,so my dream was not relized then,now I wish to strive for it.Moreover,I have been deeply impressed by the academic atmosphere when I came here last spring. In my opinion,as one of the most famous comprehensive universities in our country,it provides students with enough room to get further enrichment.This is the first reason.
Secondly,I love my major.In my opinion,the literature can make me feel very full and noble,let us go beyond the ordinary life, so I am longing for studying chinese literature in a famous university throughout my life.I think it is a pleasure to be with my favorite subject.What's more,the modern literature is very close to our daily life and it can deeply reflect the style and features of our society.So it palys an important part in modernization of our citizen'thoughts.I suppose this is the most important reason for my decision(for me to take the postgrudate exams).
The last but not least,I want to talk about a very pratical problem.It has been my dream to become a teacher in the university.I want to realize my dream and make myself a well-qu



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