附表六:常用交际用语汇总记忆表 附表六:常用交际用语汇总记忆表 问候: 问候:Hi! Hello! Good morning/afternoon/evening! Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you, too. A:How are you? B: Fine,thank you./Very well,thank you.
介绍:My name is . / I am a student. / I’m from Canada. /This is . 介绍: 告别: 告别:Good-bye! /Bye! /Bye-bye!Good night!See you later /tomorrow! 感谢:-Thank you(very much)/ Thanks a lot. -That’s OK. / That’s All right. / You are welcome. / Not at all. 感谢: 道歉:-Sorry. / I am sorry. 道歉: -That’s OK. / It’s all right.
邀请:-Would you like to go for a walk? / Will /Would you come to my birthday party?-Sure. / No, thanks. 邀请 请求允许: 请求允许: -May I go on a trip to Beijing?-Yes, you may. / No, you may not. / Sure. / Certainly. -Can I use your pencil?-Of course, you can. 祝愿与祝贺: 祝愿与祝贺:Have a lovely day! / Good luck! / Happy New Year! / Merry Christmas! You, too. / The same to you. -Happy birthday!-Thank you.
约会:A:Would you like to play with me this afternoon?B: Yes. When? A:At 12:
  00. 约会: B: See you then. 打电话:A:Hello! May I speak to Mr. Wood? B:Yes, just a moment, please. 打电话: A:Hello! Is Kim there? B:No /Sorry, can I take a message. 就医: 就医:A:What’s the matter?/What’s wrong with you? B:I hurt my finger. I have a headache /stomachache. 就餐: 就餐: A:Would you like something to eat / drink? B: Yes. I would like rice and chicken. A:What would you like? B:I would like some tea. B:Yes, please. / No, thanks / thank you.
A:Would you like some more dumplings? A:May I have some more soup? 购物:A:Can/May/I help you? 购物: A:Here you are.
B:It’s delicious.Sure / OK. B: Yes. I want to buy a dress, please. B: It’s too big/small.
B: May I try it on? A:Ok/Sure.
A:This one is just right.
B: How much is it/ are they? A:One hundred yuan /dollars. B: It’s too expensive.
/It’s very cheap. But I like it. I’ll take it. 问路: 问路:A:Excuse me. Do you know where is the? B: Yes. Go straight down the street. Turn left /turn right. 提供帮助:A: Can I help you? /May I help you? 提供帮助: B: Yes, please. / No, thanks.
询问对方姓名:A:What’s your name? 询问对方姓名:
B:My name is .
A:What’s his/ her name? B: His /her name is . A:Who are you? B: I’m .
询问在那儿:A: Where is the book? B:It is on the desk. 询问在那儿: A:Where is Jenny? B:She is behind Danny. B: It is a marker.
询问是什么:A:What is it? 询问是什么:
询问颜色:A:What colour is the sweater? B:It is black. 询问颜色: 询问时间: 询问时间:A:What time is it? A:When is Teachers’Day? B: It’s seven. B: It’s on September tenth. B: I’m from Canada.
询问地址和住址:A:Where are you from? 询问地址和住址: A:What’s your address? A:Where do you live?
B: My address is 111 Park Road. B: I live in an apartment. B: It’s Monday. B: It’s Tuesday. B: It was Sunday. B: It’s October 19th. B: I’m writinging a letter. B: He /she is playing. B: They are learning English. B: I went to the gym. B: They played basketball. B: I will fly a kite. B: He is going to learn English.
询问日期:A:What day is today? 询问日期 A:What day is tomorrow? A:What day was yesterday? A:What’s the date? 询问对方正做什么:A:What are you doing? 询问对方正做什么 A:What is he/ she doing? A:What are they doing? 询问对方做过些什么:A:What did you do? 询问对方做过些什么 A:What did they do? 询问对方将要做什么:A:What will you do? 询问对方将要做什么 A:What is he going to do?
询问对方最喜欢的事物:A:What’s your favourite colour /food / fruit /shape/ season? 询问对方最喜欢的事物 B: My favourite colour is white. 询问数量:A:How many pencils do you have? 询问数量 A:How many birds can you see? A:How many days are there in a week? 询问价钱:A:How much is the scarf? 询问价钱 A:How much are the runners? 谈论天气气温:A:How’s the weather today? 谈论天气气温 A:What’s the temperature? 询问年龄:A:How old are you? 询问年龄 A:How old is she/ he? B: I have 10 pencils. B: I can see 20 birds. B: There are seven days in a week. B: Twenty yuan. B: They are thirty dollars. B: It’s sunny/cloudy/windy/snowy. B: It’s degrees. B:I’m fourteen years old. B: He/ She is twenty .
询问身高:A:How tall are you? 询问身高 A:How tall is she/ he? 询问事情发生的频率: 询问事情发生的频率 A:How often do you play basketball?
B: I’m
  1.6 metres tall. B: She/ he is
  1.7 metres tall.
B: About once a week. B: Twice a day. B: About two hours to Beijing. B: Eight hours.
A:How often does my mother clean my bedroom? 询问事情距离长短:A:How long is the trip? 询问事情距离长短: A:How long does he go to school a day ? 询问路程的远近: 询问路程的远近: A:How far is it from here to Beijing? 询问对方感觉怎么样: A:How do you feel? 询问对方感觉怎么样
B: It’s one hundred kiliometres. B: I feel sad.
询问对方是谁,问谁在做些什么? 询问对方是谁 问谁在做些什么?A:Who is this? B: This is a man. 问谁在做些什么 A:Who is talking? B: Danny is talking. B: This is my hat /mine. B:Because it’s good for your health.
询问东西是谁的:A:Whose hat is this? 询问东西是谁的 询问原因: 询问原因:A: I like to eat vegetables. Why?



   附表六:常用交际用语汇总记忆表 附表六:常用交际用语汇总记忆表 问候: 问候:Hi! Hello! Good morning/afternoon/evening! Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you, too. A:How are you? B: Fine,thank you./Very well,thank you. 介绍:My name is . / I am a student. / I’m from Canada. /This is . 介绍: 告别 ...


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   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


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