At the beginning we can say… A:Hey,what’s up?I haven’t seen you in ages. B:Yeah.Nothing much,I’m still the same.And you? A:Well,Getting by.
1 ○
Discuss with your partner how to keep good personal relationships.
A:In fact,I don’t know how to keep good personal relationships,I always think it is too difficult for me. B:Same here.But I believe that there are many useful ways to solve the problem.I know some practical method.I could tell you how to behave next. A:Really?But that’s easier said than done.I don’t have any confidence to do well. B:Don’t be worry.I can help you! A:It’s so kind of you. B:Well,be sincere and considerate to everyone around you is always necessary, Also,you’d better be a good listener while listening to others. Don’t be self-centered,that must make a bad impression of you to others. A:So,anything else?You know,as an outsider,I must study at the beginning. B:Yes.Let me see…Besides,It seems that we should make casual greetings while meeting others,and remember smiling,yes,smiling is the best gesture to show you’re delightful to talk with others. A:En….it is not as difficult as I ever thought. B:Yeah,maybe you’re right. A:I think I must do better if I follow your advice. B:Rome was not built in a day!Take it easy.
2 ○
Do you hope to have a perfect memory? Why or why not?
A:Mentioned the perfect memory,what’s your attitude towards ? B:Well,I think the memory is the most treasured part of one’s life,which can remind one of something happened ever.So,a period of perfect memory can recall one more about happiness and sweet.Although,time is too ruthless to bring all the wonderful things away.I would rather have a perfect memory than spend time in the moment.And you? A:Oh,I’m quite different with you.For me,I always think that memory is not the important piece of our life.I mean it is not useful.After all,the memory existed in the past while we should look forward to the future. Sometimes,it would become the trammels to prevent us from going ahead.They also sink into their own illusory world instead of facing the reality. B:So,views towards the point varies from people to people. A:Yes.It must be different.
3 ○
Discuss with your partner how to be a good communicator.
A: You look in pink .I heard that you joined the “Club Of Bachelor”yesterday, you must have a unforgettable night. B:Don’t mention it! I can’t communicate with them.You know,I always feel shy while speaking in the formal situation. A:I admire that to be a good communicator is a difficult for you in such short time. B:And can you give me some advice?I know nothing but making eye contact while I’m speaking. A:So,you should introduce yourself at once,then,talk positively,listen actively.And you need pay attention to what your partner says.In order to clarify the information to make sure you understand what your partner says,clarify and quote it in your own words. She or he will be impressed by your effort to understand. B:I’m really benefit from it.Thx. A:You’re welcome!
4 ○What does college education mean to you? Talk with your partner about it. A:What do you think of college education in China? B:As for me,College education is the doorway to receive higher education,which is dictinct from the education that you have received before.It makes me just like in the ocean of vast knowledge. The diversity of colleges provide a considerably flexible curriculum setting for certain orientation. In addition, there are many elective courses to choose from. All of these help you to master the very knowledge that you are interested in. A:Well,you must know a lot about the college education. I was agree with you ever.But,recently,many undergraduats are bothering about the job-hunting, almost undergraduats will be refused due to they’re lack of work expierence,that is to say,college education isn’t geared to the current society.Maybe government should pay more attention to the group which is burdened by pressure from all over the society. B:Things must be different according to different people.
5 ○Do you believe there is life in outer space? Why or why not? A:Do you believe there is life in outer space? B:What an absurd idea it was!I don’t think there is any life in outer space. A:You are too serious to talk the interesting topic.Mmmm…I think there are many cute creatures on other planets,they may differ from their colors of skins,but they have same appearance,Whithout twisting,they can only walk stright.So they must be
friendly to everyone. B:Ridiculous!It is said that there is no evidence to prove it.If there were many aliens in outerspace,they must be hostile to the humans. Well…they would be aggressive,Maybe,their brains would developed much better than us.Perhaps,they’re preparing a world war to capture the land. A:How unbelieveble your mind is! B:Haha… 6 ○ You’ve read the story about “The Two Brothers”. If you were in the same
situation, what choice would you make? Give your reasons. A:What a meaningful story it is!I do love it. B:Well,If I want to invite you to play a role in this story,which role do you want to play? A:It’s up in the air.Let me think…How about you? According to your character,I guess you like the elder brother,do you? B:You’re right.I really agree with the elder brother’s method.You know, I’m a pragmatic one,I can’t do anything without my sense and my principle.In that situation,I didn’t want to do something risky unless I’m really crazy.In my mind,ordinary life is what I eager to.Maybe you’ll become celebrates,and you’ll be successful and bright.But,after several decades,We are the same.Am I right. A:Ah-ha.But I support the behavior of the younger brother.His life was filled with rise and fall,though.That is the real life.Life,itself,is a unknown gift to us,no one knows nothing about future.So,we should do everything we want to try.If so,we don’t have any regret until we become very old.Maybe I’m going on a limb,but I think we still have to invest it.
7 ○Have a talk with your partner about your favorite holiday. A:The Spring Festival will come soon,it is my favorite holiday. B:Really?Same here.Well,I really enjoy it very much.During the holiday,I can do everything I like. A:Like what? B:For example,I could call all my old friends to have a party without scolding by my mother.To be honest,I can spare my own time to stay with my family.The feeling of reunion makes me warm. A:Wow,your reason sounds so funny.I just like the atomsphere during the Spring Festival,we can set off firecrackers,we can eat our traditional food,dumplings.and we can
share every happy moment to our family,so that we can have a memorial day in the memory. B: But,these years.many people are keen on spending foreign festival rather than Chinese traditional festivals.What do you think of that? A:To be frank,I don’t like to spend too much time during the foreign festivals,because of our
diversity of culture between east and west,we don’t know why we should spend much time on them.On the contratry,I like the traditional festivals better,after all,it is admitted dates back to our ancestors that it is a sign shows we can carry on and develop our unique culture.
B:Fabulous,I can’t agree with you anymore!
8 ○Would you like to be a farmer? Why or why not? A:Do you know I was quized an unusual question by Mr.Black,he asked me wether I like to be a farmer. B:That’s a really unusual question,I wonder what your answer is. A:Well,I told him that I am not willing to be a farmer.because I was lack of the knowledge of agriculture.Besides,I never showed any interests in that field. B:I believe that Mr.Black was a little disappointed.If I were you,the answer must satisfied to him. A:Could it be said that you wanna be? B:Why not,I’m really curious about the job,to be a farmer.Tell you the truth,I’m considering about being a farmer to find the mistery of crop.Further more,a lot of people in the world die of hunger,they should be equal to us who live the happy life with nice clothes and delicous food.So,I want to help them to avoid being hungry and hopeless. A:Wow,it is a really a fantastic proposal. B:Don’t interrupt me,you know,my conversation haven’t finished yet.So,I want to help all the disadvantaged.Perhaps,I can’t be the Savior to all as a farmer,but to save is to believe. A:You’re so great!



   Learning to work together P:Hi,lee! how’s you new job going? ? J:Really well.Thanks P:what do you think your new boss? J: She’s not bad .she’ a bit bossy, but I’m sure I’ll get used to her. P: Would you rather have her or your old boss back? J: she ...


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   一、评分标准 CET-SET 主考在评分时使用以下标准: a. 准确性 指考生的语音、语调以及所使用的语法和词汇的准确程度 b. 语言范围 指考生使用的词汇和语法结构的复杂程度和范围 c. 话语的长短 指考生对整个考试中的交际所作的贡献、讲话的多少 d. 连贯性 指考生有能力进行较长时间的、语言连贯的发言 e. 灵活性 指考生应付不同情景和话题的能力 f. 适切性 指考生根据不同场合选用适当确切的语言的能力 二、语言功能 CET-SET 考试要求考生参与不同形式的口头交际,其语言能力将根据其 ...


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   (一)Fire Prevention on Campus 1.前段时间校园火灾频发,造成生命和财产损失 2.分析火灾发生的原因 3.作为学生,如何预防校园火灾发生 ●审题概述● 这是一分析火灾原因和如何预防火灾为中心的文章,撰写时重点即在于此。开篇综述校园火灾频发情 形及造成的生命和财产损失,然后说明火灾原因,最后提出可能的火灾预防措施。第一段,主要概述;第 二段,说明原因;第三段,详细论述措施。 【范文】 Fire Prevention on Campus People are alar ...


   九年级英语语法大全 九、动词 1、动词的分类: 、动词的分类: 类 别 意 义 例 句 实义动 词 连系动 词 助动词 情态动 词 含有实在的意义,表示动作或状态,在句 She has some bananas. 她吃些香蕉。 吃 子中能独立作谓语。 They eat a lot of potatoes. 他们常吃土 吃 豆。 I’m reading an English book now. 我现在正看一本英文 书。 本身有一定的词义,但不能独立作谓语, His father is a te ...


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   1.abandon, desert, forsake, leave, give up 这些动词或词组均含“抛弃、放弃”之意 abandon〓强调永远或完全放弃或抛弃人或事物等,这可能是 被迫的,也可能是自愿的。 desert〓着重指违背法律责任和义务,或自己的信仰与誓言 的行为,多含非难的意味。 forsake〓侧重断绝感情上的依恋,自愿抛弃所喜欢的人或物 。也指抛弃信仰或改掉恶习。 leave〓普通用词,指舍弃某事或某一职业,或终止同一某人 的关系,但不涉及动机与果。 give up〓普通 ...