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  1. Please talk about the importance of time. What’s your view on it?
  2. Green food is now becoming more and more popular. Do you know why? And can you say something about the changes in people’s diet nowadays?
  3. Your best friend’s sister is going to marry an American, and you two talk about the marriage across nations.
  4. Finding a job, further study or going abroad, which will you choose and how do you prepare to achieve the goal?
  5. You find your best friend is smoking, and you want to stop him /her, so you talk with him /her about the harm of smoking and try to persuade him /her to quit smoking.
  6. “The thinner, the better?” You are free to exchange your views on beauty.
  7. How would you like to get rid of your stress in daily life? Please share your experiences with your partner.
  8. Live to work or live to enjoy? You are required to present your opinions to your partner.
  9. How do you understand “Green Olympics”, what do you think is our duty to achieve this goal?
  10. Campus marriage: good or bad?
  11. Do you think surfing on the Internet can help you? And how?
  12. Do you believe in love at first sight? What’s your definition of “true love”?
  13. What can you do to resist temptation(诱惑) when shopping? (Your partner is crazy about each hot item on sale, while you are rather sensible and are ready to give some advice.)
  14. Do you have a mobile phone? If you do, do you think it’s good or bad? If you don’t, would you like to buy one? Why?
  15. Do you like developing friendship or love with a key pal(网友)? Why or why not?
  16. Is it better for a woman to find a good husband than to find a good job? You two are on opposite sides and are supposed to give your own opinions.
  17. If you got 5,000,000 Yuan by winning lottery ticket, what will you do? Share your opinion with your partner.
  18. “Laughter is the best medicine.” You two can discuss it freely.
  19. Do you think there is a friendship between parents and children? How can you improve it?
  20. Do you often judge people by appearances? How do you think about it?
  21. My view on the value of life.
  22.There still exists sexual discrimination against the female in job
market in China. What’s your opinion on it?
  23. Do you think honesty is going out of style ?why or why not?
  24. Are you afraid of making mistakes? What helps you overcome them? Can you give an example?
  25.Have you ever cheated on exams or thought of cheating on exams? What are the reasons?
  26. What is intelligence? Does a high score in an intelligence test mean one is intelligent ?
  27.What kind of feeling do you have when you are praised? How do you feel when you are blamed?
  28. If a foreigner comes to visit our university, how do you make a brief introduction of our campus to him or her?
  29. Your friends ask you to go to see a film this evening. You don't want to go as you have a lot of homework to do. What do you say to them?
  30. What is your idea of a qualified teacher?
  31. What are the essential qualities to success?
  32. Do you think what is your most difficult part when you learn English?
  33. Can you describe the importance of self-confidence? Can you give some examples or tell your own experience about it?
  34. What do you think a young person can learn from an old man?
  35. Do you think who are more important, old friends or new friends? What’s the most important among friends?
  36. Do you have any idea of the greenhouse effect?
  37. What’s your feeling about the earthquake in Wenchuang?
  38. When an earthquake comes, what should we do to protect ourselves?
  39. Discuss a person you respect or admire. And why?
  40. What can we do to build up a healthy environment?
  41. My view on opportunity and challenge.
  42. Discuss the difference between college life and middle school life.
  43. Do you want to find a job you are interested in or a well-paid one? You’re free to talk about your future jobs.
  44. What kind of TV programs do you like best? You are required to make a conversation about one of your favorite TV programs you have watched recently?
  45. How do you define “Happiness”?
  46. Have you ever taken part in a certain elective course? How is it going on? Why did you choose it? Do you benefit a lot from it?
  47. What kind of physical challenges do you enjoy best? Describe the excitement of that activity. And how about mental challenges? (Reference words: mountaineering, skating, car racing, chess games, marketing, etc.)
  48. What’s your own way of spending two-day weekend? Anything special? You are welcome to name some advisable choices for our weekend.
  49. What is your favorate holiday? (reference: Spring Festival ,Moon’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Easter , Christmas, etc.)

  50. Do you love traveling? What places of interest have you ever been to? Please share your traveling experiences with your partner and tell him or her what you learn from it?
  51. Teacher, a person who you care, famous, neighbor, old person, my friend: I will describe a teacher who taught me when I was in the primary school. He was very friendly and kind-hearted person. No matter what trouble you were in he would always give you his hand. He was very patient with his students. I remember one thing very clearly. Once I made a big mistake. I thought he would be very angry with me. But to my surprise, he gave me a gentle persuasion and encouraged me with his smile. He was very famous for his teaching in the education scope and awarded many times because of his excellent performance. You know childhood is quite important for the growth of a child. The influence he imposed on me will keep me company through my whole life.
  52. child I will talk about the things about my brother. He was five years old. Although he is very little, he gives everyone around him a mixed feeling. He is a trouble-maker and always play tricks with others. I remember he put an artificial snake on his father’s bed and gave him a big jump. Besides this, he is very cute and kind-hearted. Once he brought back a lost dog that hurt in his leg. After his considerate care ,the dog recovered very soon. At that moment, he acted as a man as if he had taken some sense of responsibility. He often reminds me of my beautiful memory about the childhood which is a little far away. I hope my brother can maintain his nature and enjoy his time. After all, childhood is the most memorable period during the whole life.
  53. An activity in English class: When I was in senior high school my teacher assigned a task that we would prepare for a small drama in English in groups which consist of five people each. We would translate lines and rehearse on our own. You know, studying English is a boring thing to some degree. You must have a strong interest in it if you want to have a good grasp of it. That activity made me do it. And during the preparation, we not only improved our English very rapidly, but also learnt how to get along well and co-operate with others. Every group did not want to lag behind, so every member in one group tried their best and was very careful with his part. You can guess, in the end the activity achieved great success. It became an unforgettable memory during my tense and monotonous life of senior high school
  54. Advantages of studying English: I think there are many benefits if you have a good grasp of English. First, with the advent of globalization, we communicate and trade more and more with the people from other countries. You have to admit that English is the most preferred language in the world. If you speak English fluently,
language barrier will be removed. You will be in a more favorable position in the future. Second, if you want to keep pace with the latest information, you must study English well. They are all written in English. Third, one language represents one culture, it will decide the way how you are looking at the world. Studying English will make you open-minded and have a diverse outlook of the world
  55. When to start to study English for children: I think children should study English as early as possible. Children have an innate ability to have a good grasp of one language; this ability will disappear step by step as he grows up. Some people say it will influence the learning of his mother tongue, I think it is no need to worry about it. After all he lives in an environment of speaking his native language
  56. English is useful if you work in a Chinese company: It depends on. With the advent of globalization, we trade more and more with other companies abroad. Many Chinese companies also have international business or have the strong wish to do it in the near future. If the case is like this, English will play a very important role. But if the company where you work only focuses on domestic trade, English is seemingly useless. But grasping another more skill is not definitely a bad thing I think.
  57. Second foreign language I want to choose French. France is a country I like very much. And their romance, enthusiasm, tasty food and long history interest me deeply. If I can speak French well, I will have no difficulty when travel in France one day in future. Language barrier is the biggest problem if you want to have a clearer picture about one country
  58. Shopping I like shopping in the supermarket. because there are a wide variety of goods on the shelf. The beautiful goods themselves are beautiful scenery for me. even if I buy nothing. It is also a good time traveling around the shelves. In addition, the price of the goods there is reasonable. For a student, buying something in the supermarket is very economical. I go to the supermarket once a week generally
  59. Business: I want to open a small shop selling the discs about the films and music. because they are my favorite. Films can let me experience different life and music can give me a light mood and a refreshing spirit. And the combination of my work and interest is the ideal way for me to spend my life. Maybe you think my ambition is too small. But I like it, I think that is enough. I think my shop should be located in one neighborhood where many young white collars live. Their living tempo is fast and working pressure is great. They also like to buy or rent some discs to enjoy after
a long day’s work. In addition, the rent of this kind of house should be reasonable, because it does not belong to the downtown You know, most of the people don’t have a great sum of money. They can’t afford to set up a big business. And small business does not occupy too much money and more importantly, it is flexible. If the consumption trend changes, it is easy for people to give up one and engage in another. Small businesses in china are developing very fast. I think they will have a very bright future. You know china is a developing country and has a vast market potential. If you set up a small business here, you don’t need to worry about the sales unless you are poor at the management. However, the biggest problem for small business, I think, is the funding shortage. As long as you want to develop, you have to face this difficulty. Banks are unwilling to lend money to small businesses. And they also demand enough mortgages. The cost of borrowing money from other channels is relatively much higher. Maybe, vicious competition is another problem they will face. I think the business about women and children has a bright future. In china, women normally take the charge of finance in their family and parents spend their money on children without any hesitation, even if the spending goes beyond their financial ability. And women are unreasonable consumers. As long as they like, they will buy at once, no matter if the thing is practical or not. think besides a sharp eye for fashionable trend and a good ability of management, how to communicate with others is also very important. During your business, you should get along with local officials, customers and people from all walks of life. Doing business means handling all kinds of social relationship. They are both important; knowledge will lay a solid foundation for you to grasp practical experience. It can help you absorb the essence of predecessors and give you theoretical guidance. But without practical experience you are only a bookworm. There is always something you can not learn from books. I think no matter which country you are in, grasping some skill is very important. With the increasing pace of the society and technology, young people have to upgrade their knowledge and go for future study, or they will fall behind the times. I think in future computer and financial skill will play a more and more important role. We live in a computer-literate world. Without it, we find doing something is next to being impossible. And with the increasing wealth people possess, how to manage your money well and how to utilize it to earn more is a basic skill for people to master. We often learn some academic knowledge and practical skill from the school and some social skills and an ability to distinguish right from
wrong from parents. The job needs expertise and some know how will gets relatively higher salary and the job had better be closely bound up with people’s daily life, such as doctors, lawyer and teachers and so on.
  60. A story



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