英语 M1 ?M6 基础知识 复习卷

  1. The ticket cost him fifty dollars.(同义句转换) He fifty dollars the ticket.
  2. 用 some time,sometime,some times,sometimes 填空, (
  1) It took me to walk here. (
  2) I have been to Beijing . (
  3) We will go camping next week. (
  4) It is warm and cold.
  3. He went out in a hurry and his wallet at home. A. left B.leave C. forget D.forgot
  4. -You've stayed in this school for several days,haven't you ? - Yes ,I think I'll be here for more days. A.few B.a few C.little D.a little
  5. ? Where's Mr Smith? - He to Tianjin. A.has gone B.have gone C.has been D.have been
  6. We have already seen Beijing Opera.(改为否定句) .
  7. I have already posted the photos,(改否定句) I the photos .
  8. will you please show me your pictures?(改为同义句) Will you please show ?
  9. This is one of this year . A. the most interesting book B. the more interesting books C. the most interesting books D. the much interesting books
  10. My father has gone to Beijing for two years.(改为同义句) My father has gone to Beijing .
  11. Tom came here two years ago .(改为现在完成时) (
  1)Tom here . (
  2) Tom here .
  12. He couldn't go to work because he was ill.(改为同义句) He couldn't go to work .
  13. Basketball is so popular a game in the world that people play it for fun and exercise. A. million of B. millions of C. millions D.two millions of
  14. We have worked for four hours.Let's ' A.stop having a rest B.stop to have a rest C.stop working D.stop to work
  15.How much does the train ticket from Harbin to Beijing ? A.cost B.spend C.pay D.take
  16.Let us have a rest .(转换为反义疑问句) Let us have a rest ?
  17. I don't think he'll come here on time,? A.won't he B.will he C.does he D.is he
  18. There was a musician Xian Xinghai in China. A. calls B.called C.is calling D.call

  19. Jay Chou is famous singer. A.for B.from C.of D.as
  20.- Whose dictionary is this ? - It Li Lei 's. A.may be B.maybe C.may D.mays
  21. He is unhealthy,so he should do more exercise . A.a kind of B.kind of C.all kinds of D.little
  22.Xiao Ming is reading in the library now,but at this time yesterday she shopping. A.is going B.was go C.were going D.was going
  23.Look at the photo! The cat was smiling . A.on tree B.on the tree C.in the tree D.in tree
  24. My mother cleaned the house yesterday.(用 at this time yesterday 代替 yesterday) .
  25.- What's the article about ? - It's in China .And the government has worked well controlling the population. A.something important ; from B. something important ;in C.important something ; on D.anything important ; in
  26.The river flows the city from west to east. A.across B.through C.past D.in
  27.Did you see them TV just now ? A.to watch B.watching C.watched D.watches
  28.- I'm afraid the meeting has begun. - Don't worry .It until the bell . A.doesn't begin/rings B.won't begin/will ring C.won't begin/rings D.doesn't begin/will ring
  29.Do you know this time yesterday? A.what she is cooking B.what is she cooking C.what she was cooking D.what was she cooking



   写出下列单词的复数形式。 写出下列单词的复数形式。 book 1knife 2orange mango 3box sheep 4 cap radio 5 woman yo-yo 6 tomato knife 7 bus children 8 hero man 9 boy Walkman 10 baby tooth 11roof 12watch 13 photo 14class 15 foot 16house 17pen 18car 19horse 20shelf 21radio 22fox ...


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   1. Tom came in a moment ago. He must be in his bedroom A. after a while B. just now C. just then D. all the same 2. Eric is younger than Marx. I think he is less than twenty years old. A. above B. about C. under D. over 3. The meat tastes wonderful ...


   一.根据句意,完成句子,第一个字母已给出。 根据句意,完成句子,第一个字母已给出。 ⒈ ⒉ Grandma is s hospital . In w a we fire can ski and s school on S she s now . near the a wallet sea . on the yesterday .Then d . . for don’ ⒊ We don’t often go to ⒋ Pat saw help . ⒌ ⒍ ⒎ ⒏ ⒐ things A lot ...


   非谓语动词之动词过去分词 练习题 (2010-01-10 17:13:01) 转载 标签: 分类:考试专题 音乐 to 非谓语动词 教育 1.The Olympic Games, in 776 B.C,did’t include women players until 1919。 A.first playing B.to be first played C.first played D.to be first playing 析:根据题干,必须选表示被动的选项,故排除 A、D;因 B 选项表 ...


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   ? 1、You bet.一点也没错。因为 bet 是下赌注的意思,所以 "You bet." 就是指,"You can bet money on that." (你可以把钱下注在上面)。 2. There you go. 就这样了。 希望结束一段对话时用,特别是在完成某项交易的时候。也常常用来鼓励别人有好的表现。 3. Here you go. 干的好。 "Here you go." 指的是一件事情还在进行之中,而 "T ...


   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   Part One 1、What are you trying to say? 你到底想说什么? 2、Don't be silly. 别胡闹了。 3、How strong are your glasses? 你近视多少度? 4、Just because. 没有别的原因。 5、It isn't the way I hoped it would be. 这不是我所盼望的。 6、You will never guess. 你永远猜不到。 7、No one could do anything abou ...


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   Lesson 25 The Spirit of Explorers 京 人 扩 人 张 图 洋 探 险 维 1 1 海 的 京 维 - The Vikings dominated the seas and coach of Northern Europe between the 8th and 10th centuries AD. 维京人的船是维京文化中重要的组成部分,可以说维京人 维京人的一切都与他们的船有密 维京人 维京人 切联系。维京船制造的材料主要取自高大笔直的橡树。维京船分为战船和 ...


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   Let’ Let’ sing What would you like for lunch Dumplings,dumplings,noodles or rice. Hamburgers,hot dogs,would be nice. French fries,french fries,bread or pies. Chicken or vegetables ,would be nice. It’s 12:00 Are you hungry? What’s your favourite foo ...


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