全国网络教育统一考试( 全国网络教育统一考试(大学英语 B) )
  1. ?Could you help me with English? 你能帮我英语方面的忙吗? --D.不好意思,我不能。我现在正有一个预约。 A. No, no way. B. No, I couldn’t. C. No, I can’t. D. Sorry, I can’t. I have an appointment right now.
  2. Can I get you a cup of tea? 我给你倒杯茶好吗?
A. 太谢谢你了。 A. That’s very kind of you. B. With pleasure. C. You can, please. D. Thank you for the tea.
  3.?Excuse me, but can you tell me the way to the post office? 劳驾,您能告诉我邮局怎 么走吗? --B. A. Don’t ask that. B. Sorry, I am a stranger here. 抱歉,我也是刚到这里。 C. No, I can’t say that. D. No, you are driving too fast.
  4. ?Who is that speaking? 请问你是哪位? --This is Tom C. 我是汤姆。 A. speaks B. spoke C. speaking D. saying
  5. ?This box is too heavy for me to carry upstairs. 箱子太重了,我搬不上楼去。 --B. A. You may ask for help B. I’ll give you a hand 我来帮你。
C. Please do me a favor D. I’d come to help Passage One: Very few people were coming to eat at the White Rose Restaurant, and its owner didn’t know what to do. The food in his restaurant is cheap and good, but nobody seems to want to eat there. 以前很少有人到白玫瑰餐厅来吃饭,餐厅老板也不知道怎么办。 他餐厅里的食物既便宜又好,但是好像没有人愿意在那里用餐。 Then he did something that changed all that, and in a few weeks his restaurant was full of men and their lady friends. Whenever a gentleman came with a lady, a smiling waiter gave each of them a beautiful menu. The menu looked exactly the same on the outside, but there was an important difference inside. The menu that the waiter handed to the man gave the correct price for each dish and each bottle of wine; while the menu he handed to the lady gave a much higher price! So when the man calmly ordered dish after dish and wine after wine, the lady thought he was much more generous than he really was. 于是餐厅老板采取了一些行动,情况大大改观,几周之内,他餐厅里便满是男顾客 和他们的女性朋友了。只要一有男顾客和女伴来餐厅,满带笑容的侍者便会给每人 一份漂亮的菜单。菜单表面看起来是一模一样的,但里面的内容却有差异。侍者递 给男士的菜单上面标注的是每个菜和每瓶酒的准确价格,而侍者递给女士的那份菜 单上标注的价格高的很。所以当男士泰然自若地点着一个又一个菜、一瓶又一瓶酒 时,他的女伴会认为他比事实上更为大方。
  6. CTo whom did the waiter gave a beautiful menu when the man and his lady friend came into the restaurant? 当男士和女伴来到这家餐厅时,侍者把漂亮的菜单给谁? A. The gentleman B. The lady C. Both of them 他们俩个人。 D. Neither of them
  7.C Were the menus for the guests the same? 客人们的菜单都是一样的吗? A. Yes, they were. B. No, they weren’t. C. They were the same on the outside but different inside 外表是一样的,但内容不同。
D. They were different on the outside but the same inside
  8.A Why could the male guest remain calm when he ordered dish after dish? 当男顾客 一个菜接一个菜地点时,为什么他能保持镇定? A. Because the prices of the dishes were reasonable 因为菜的价格很合理。 B. Because he could have some discount C. Because he was rich. D. Because he knew that the lady would like to share the cost with him.
  9.D What did the lady think of her friend after a meal at the restaurant? 女士在这家餐厅 用餐后会对她的朋友有怎样的看法? A. She thought he wanted to impress her. B. She thought he was only pretending to be generous. C. She thought he was very rich. D. She thought he was very generous. 她认为他很大方。 10A. What does the story mainly suggest? 这则故事主要讲的是什么? A. Knowledge of customer psychology helps promote business. 把握顾客的心理对做 生意有好处。 B. A restaurant owner should design different menus for different guests. C. All men pretend to be generous before their lady friends. D. People like to go to expensive restaurants. Passage Two: Laws have been written to govern the use of American National Flag, and to ensure proper respect for the flag. Custom has also governed the common practice in regard to its use. All the armed services have precise regulations on how to display the national flag. This may somewhat vary from the general rules. The national flag should be raised and lowered by hand. Do not raise the flag while it is folded. Unfold the flag first, and then hoist it quickly to the top of the flagpole. Lower it slowly and with dignity. Place no objects on or over the flag. Do not use the flag as a costume or as athletic uniform. Do not print it on cushions, handkerchiefs, paper napkins or boxes. A federal law provides that the trademark can not be registered if it comprises the flag, or badges of the US. When the flag is used to unveil a statue or monument, it shouldn’t serve as a covering of
the object to be unveiled. If it is displayed on such occasions, do not allow the flag to fall to the ground, but let it be carried high up in the air to form a feature of the ceremony. Take every precaution to prevent the flag from soiled. It should not be allowed to touch the ground or floor, nor to brush against objects.关于美国国旗的使用已制定了法律对 其加以规范,并确保人们尊重国旗。风俗习惯对国旗的使用也起着规范作用。所有 的武装部队都对如何展现国旗有着准确的规范,这会跟一般的规定有所不同。国旗 升降都必须用手,国旗折叠的时候不能够升起。先把国旗展开,再将它快速升到旗 杆的顶端。降旗的时候动作要慢,要庄重。国旗上方不能放任何物品。不能将国旗 作为服装或运动服。不能将国旗印制在垫子、手帕、纸巾或箱子上。联邦法律规定: 如果商标上有国旗或美国徽章则不能注册。如果国旗被用来为雕像或纪念碑揭幕, 不能将国旗遮盖在揭幕的物品上。如果国旗在这样的场合展示,不能允许国旗掉到 地上,而应让它在高空中飘扬以制造一种仪式的氛围。防止国旗被弄脏。国旗既不 能触到地面或地板,也不能擦到其它东西。 11A. How do Americans ensure proper respect for the national flag? 美国人怎样确保对 人们尊重国旗? A. By making laws. 通过制定法律。 B. By enforcing discipline. C. By educating the public. D. By holding ceremonies. 12B. What is the regulation regarding the raising of the American National Flag? 关于升 美国国旗有什么样的规定? A. It should be raised by soldiers. B. It should be raised quickly by hand. 国旗必须用手快速升起。 C. It should be raised only by Americans. D. It should be raised by mechanical means.
  13.D How should the American National Flag be displayed at an unveiling ceremony? 美国国旗在揭幕式上应该怎样放? A. It should be attached to the status. B. It should be hung from the top of the monument.
C. It should be spread over the object to be unveiled. D. It should be carried high up in the air. 它应该在高空中飘扬。

  14.C What do we learn about the use of the American National Flag? 关于美国国旗的 使用我们都学到了什么? A. There has been a lot of controversy over the use of flag. B. The best athletes can wear uniforms with the design of the flag. C. There are precise regulations and customs to be followed. 有一些准确的规定和风俗 需要遵守。 D. Americans can print the flag on their cushions or handkerchiefs.
  15.B How are Americans towards their National Flag? 美国人对他们国旗的态度是怎 样的? A. Arbitrary B. Respect 尊敬 C. Happy D. Brave
  16.A Some architectural designs are better than.一些建筑设计比其它的 设计好。 A. others B. another C. the other D. the rest
  17.B Tom, what did you do with my documents? I have never seen such a and disorder. 汤姆,你对我的文件都做了些什么?我还从没见过这么乱七八糟的景象。 A. mass B. mess C. guess D. bus
  18.D Uncle Sam sent him a bicycle as present. 山姆叔叔送给他一辆崭新的红 色运动自行车做礼物。
A. red sports new B. sports new red C. new sports red D. new red sports
  19.A There was so much noise in the classroom that the teacher couldn’t make himself.教室里太吵了,老师都不能使自己讲话的声音被听到。 A. heard B. hearing C. to hear D. hear
  20.C ?Take this medicine twice a day, Peter? 皮特,这药一日服两次。 --Do I have to take it? It so terrible. 我必须要吃吗?这药尝起来太糟糕了。 A. is tasting B. is tasted C. tastes D. has tasted 完形填空: 完形填空: Two hundred years ago, people in the West did not know coffee or tea. They were __21__ to drink them because they thought coffee or tea could kill a person. Once the king of England decided to find out __22__ it was true. At that time there were two brothers in prison. They would be killed __23__ a
few days because they did wrong. The king said, "I shall let them live but they must drink coffee or tea to the end of their __24__. One brother must drink coffee and must drink tea every day." And they __26__ the king's words. They __27__ lived many years. At last, the elder brother __28__ when he was eighty-three years old. The younger one died a few years __29__. After that, people __30__ that coffee and tea were not bad to man. 二百年前,西方人不了解咖啡和茶。他们不敢喝茶和咖啡,因为他们认为它们有毒。 从前,英格兰有一位君王决心弄清楚它们是否真的有毒。 那时候有一对兄弟被关押在监狱中。他们犯过罪,在不久的将来就会被处死。君王 __25__
说:“我可以让他们活下来,不过他们必须在生命终结前喝咖啡或茶。兄弟中的一人 必须每天喝咖啡,另一个必须每天都喝茶。他们按照君王所说的去做了。 兄弟二人都活了许多年。最后,他们中的哥哥活到 83 岁,弟弟在哥哥逝世几年之后 才离开这个世界。从此以后,人们才知道茶和咖啡对人身体无害。 21B. A. happy
  22.C A. when
  23. DA. after
  24. CA. life
  25. DA. one
  26.C A. heard 27A. A. both
  28.C A. killed
  29. CA. ago
  30. DA. shouted B. afraid B. what B. later B. live B. another C. strong C. if C. behind C. lives C. other D. rich D. because D. in
D. living D. the other C. followed D. all D. dead D. before C. kept D. knew D. did
B. listened to B. each B. lived B. old C. neither C. died C. later
B. spoke

  31. Karsh was praised as a master portraitist, often working in black and white, influenced by great painters of the past. 卡什被誉为人像摄影大师, 由于受到以往一些 著名画家的影响,他在拍摄中经常运用黑白摄影。
  32. Go down this street until you reach the second traffic lights.沿着这条路走, 直到第二 个红绿灯处。
  33. Jack works much harder than before. 杰克工作地要比以前努力的多。

Instructions: 建议你在30分钟内, 根据下面所给的题目用英语写出一篇不少于80词的 短文。 Plant More Trees
  1. 树是一种重要的自然资源;
  2. 树有利于环境的改善;
  3. 让我们多种树。 Plant More Trees 多植树 Trees are an important kind of natural resources. Some of them, such as those fruit trees, can provide us with some food we need in our daily life while others may serve as
indispensible raw materials. Our houses, furniture, paper are all produced out of trees.树 是一种重要的自然资源。它们中的一些,如果树,可以为我们提供日常生活中所需 的食物,而其它的树则是不可或缺的原材料。我们的房子、家具、纸都产于树。 Trees also play an important role in improving our environment. On the one hand, they can take in carbon dioxide but discharge oxygen for us; on the other hand, they can prevent soil erosion effectively. 树还可以改善我们的环境。一方面,它们能吸收二氧 化碳排出氧气;另一方面,它们还能防止水土流失。 Trees are so beneficial to our life that we are supposed to protect and plant more trees. Only in this way can our life become more convenient and the air much fresher. 树对我们的生活很有益,我们理应保护树木、多种树。只有这样,我们生活才 会越来越便利,空气才会越来越新鲜。



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   注释) 基础导学阶段 长难句 44 (注释) (2010-09-27 14:39:57) 转载 标签: 分类: 考研英语 教育 (01) (10-R-1) 【译文】我们甚至感到陌生的是:从 20 世纪初期到第二次世界大战之前,这一期间的英国报纸 评论内容不拘一格。那时候报纸非常便宜,而且人们认为发表时尚的人文批评可以给刊登评论 的出版物增加色彩。 分解】句子的主干为:“We are … removed from … reviews (句子主干部分) … at a time (时间 状语)… ...

英语语法 动词

   1) 表示动作中状态的词叫做动词。 2) 根据其在句中的功能,动词可分为四类,分别是:实义动词(Notional Verb) 、系动词(Link Verb) 、助动词(Auxiliary Verb) 、情态动词(Modal Verb) 。 说明:有些情况下,有些动词是兼类词,例如: We are having a meeting. He has gone to New York. (has 是助动词。 ) 3) 动词根据其后是否带有宾语,可分为两类,分别是:及物动词(Transitive V ...