1. Your phone number again? I quite catch it. It's 695684
  42. A. didn't B. couldn't C. don't D. can't
  2. You don't need to describe her. I her several times. A. had met B. have met C. met D. meet
  3. I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Oh, not at all. I here only a few minutes. A. have been B. had been C. was D. will be
  4.Mary a dress when she cut her finger. A. made B. is making C. was making D. makes
  5. As she the newspaper, Granny asleep. A. read;was falling B. was reading; fell C. was reading; was falling D. read;fell 三.巩固练习
  1.That man wasenough not to tell the manager that he would not do the job. A.care B.careful C.careless D.carelessness
  2.The soldier died for saving the child,so his is heavier than Mount Tai. A.die B.dead C.died D.death
  3.The child lookedat his brother who was badly wounded. A.sadly B.sadness C.sadly D.sad
  4.He is an expert at chemistry.We all call him a . A.chemistry B.chemical C.chemist D.physician
  5.The three- chair isn’t suitable for a young child.He may fall off. A.legging B.legged C.legs D.leged
  6.Stephenson became therailway engineer in the world. A.lead B.leader C.leading D.leadership
  7.When the teacher praised him for working out the maths problem,Jack lookedabout at his classmates. A.proud B.proudly C.pride D.pridely

  8.To everyone’s ,the girl finished the job quite well. A.satisfied B.satisfactory C.satisfying D.satisfaction
  9.?What are you doing here? ?Oh,my teacher asked me to write a passage about in English. ?You can writepassage in English? A.600 words;a 600-words B.600-word;a 600-words C.600 words;a 600-word D.600 words;a 600-words
  10.No one should enter the spot without theof the police. A.permit B.permission C.permitting D.permittence
  11.You must come with us to the police .Our head is waiting for you. A.headquarters B.headline C.headmaster D.headache
  12.Letting that animal escape was no accident;you did it . A.intend B.intention C.intentionally D.intentional
  13.The shop owner welcomed all the guests with asmile. A.practice B.practise C.practical D.practiced
  14.Theordered him to pay a $100 fine. A.judger B.judgment
C.judge D.judgement
  15.My TV is out of order.Can you tell me what is thenews about Iraq War? A.lately B.latest C.later D.latter
  16.The Great Wall is more than 6000 li in . A.longer B.length C.long D.longing
  17.To my ,I passed the exam easily. A.joy B.joyful C.joyless D.joyness
  18.Canada is mainly ancountry. A.English-speaking B.speak-English C.spoken-English D.English-spoken
  19.How he is! He is always acting.He is really a . A.foolish;foolishly;fool B.fool;foolish;fool C.foolish;fool;fool D.foolishly;foolish;fool
  20.The necklace that she lost is very expensive.It’s of great . A.valuable B.value C.valueless D.unvaluable
  21.There werefish in the river in South America. A.in danger B.danger C.dangerous D.dangerless

  22.The letter “b” in the word “doubt” is. A.sound B.silent C.silence D.sounded
  23.The child looked at me. A.stranger B.strangely C.strange D.strangeless
  24.The black people were against slavery and fought for theirbravely. A.free B.freely C.freedom D.frees
  25.What you said sounded but in fact it was untrue. A.reasonable B.reasonful C.reasonless D.unreason
  26.We have to learntechnology from other countries. A.advance B.advancing C.advantage D.advanced
  27.The children live in a village .They come here almost every day. A.nearby B.near C.nearly D.near by
  28.Mr Black is an in the army,not anin the government.You can not easily find him in his. A.official;officer;office B.officer;office;official C.official;official;official D.officer;official;office

  29.You’d better give up smoking if you want to keep . A.health B.healthy C.healthily D.healthier
  30. speaking,I didn’t do it on purpose. A.Honestly B.Honest C.Honesty D.Dishonest 用动词的适当时态填空:
  1. Light(travel)faster than sound. He (get) up early in the morning
  2. John usually (go) home on Sunday morning.
  3. Cats (like ) fish while dogs (like ).
  4. He always(sleep) with his windows open.
  5. One tree (not make) a wood. Two and three(be ) five .
  6. I (say ) you are wrong. Everything (go )well in spring .
  7. He(not wok) on Sundays. He (take) a walk after supper.
  8. Lucy (prefer) coffee to milk. Lily (hate) traveling.
  9. Children (love ) to play games. The boy (look ) like his mother.
  10. The sun (rise ) in the east and (go) down in the west.
  11. Where you (go ) just now? I (go) to the library.
  12. He(live) in China last year, but he (live) in Japan now. He (live )there for three months. He (live) there by the end of this year.
  13. He (pay) ten yuan for his new book yesterday. It (cost) him so little.
  14. What you (wear )yesterday? I (wear ) a blue skirt.
  15. He (feel ) very tired last night ,he (fall) asleep very quickly .
  16. He(say )he ( will)write to me as soon as he came home.
  17. He (take )his temperature half an hour ago.
  18. We (win ) the league match last week, we (be ) the winners.
  19. She (keep)me waiting for an hour last night . She (be )late.
  20. He (find )it difficult to get to sleep. because he (be)too glad.
  21. He (read ) a book when I (see) her .
  22. Great changes (happen ) in the village last year.
  23. He (drive ) to Shanghai last week, he (choose )many presents for his family.
  24. Just now ,he (mistake ) me for Lucy.
  25. What you (do )now ? I (look) for my pen .
  26. Look ,they (read)over there, others (dance)under the tall tree.
  27. Listen ,someone(sing)English songs next room.

  28. It’s five o’clock. . I(do )my homework, My brother (play)games , my mother (cook) supper, my father (mend ) his car in the garden.
  29. Tom (fly ) kites with his classmates on the hill now.
  30. Who (wash ) clothes over there ? It’s my mother.
  31. you (look ) for a ball? Yes .I am .
  32. He always (try )out his new ideas.
  33. The world population (grow ) faster and faster .
  34. What Lucy (wear) today ? She (wear)a dark blue skirt.
  35. you ( make )a cake ? No . I(make) dumplings.
  36. It(rain )hard now. If it(not stop ) ,we(not go )to the park.
  37. The children (go )the park next week.They (have )a good time there.
  38. He with his father (play)football tomorrow .
  39. My friend (come) to see me in two days.
  40. What you (do )this Sunday ? Nothing much . we ( go )shopping? That’s a good idea. When we (meet) ?
  41. There (be )a football match the day after tomorrow.
  42. Jim (have ) a swim this evening. After that ,he (do )his homework.
  43. ClassThree (not have )any classes next week.
  44. I(buy )a skirt for my daughter next month.
  45. you(start)your homework? Yes, but I(not finish) it yet.
  46. What you(do )with the library book? Ijust (return)it .
  47. Excuse me . I (lose ) my cat. you (see) it anywhere?
  48. If I (lose )the book, I must pay for it.
  49. I( come )to get my pan back. . you ( finish)using it? Not yet.
  50. you ever (milk) a cow? No, never.
  51. How long you ( be) at this school ? For two years.
  52. He (teach ) in this school for ten years . I( live )here since last year.
  53. More than two days (pass) since we left.
  54. you (take )her temperature? Yes, I have. I(have)a cold for a week.
  55. you (sleep )well? Yes, I (sleep)well all night.
  56.I never(hear)of that before.
  56. Chinese (speak ) by the largest people in the world.
  57. This bike (make ) in Shanghai .Bananas(grow )in the
south of China.
  58. Metal (use)for making machines.
  59. Sheep (keep) farmers for producing wool and mutton.
  60. The watch (buy) two years ago . It (buy) for two years.
  61. The bike (use ) for ten years. It (break )down for two months.
  62. you (wear )it a lot ? Yes . It (wear ) for ten years.
  63. The young tree must (tie ) to the stick.
  64. Trees should (plant ) in spring .
  65. Silk (produce ) in Suzhou.
  66. Some of the things (show ) in the museum now .
  67. The PRC (found)on October 1,19
  68. The lost boy (find ) yesterday.
  69. The book (write ) in English It can (read ) by many people.
  70. Old people should (speak )to politely .
  71. The teacher should (listen ) to carefully.
  72. She (surprise ) at the news just now.
  73. She (see)to run into the room by me five minutes ago.
  74. The ground (cover) with snow in winter.
  75. Fruit should (harvest) at the right time.
  76. There are twenty more trees to(plant).
  77. He (mistake ) for Jim by the man yesterday.
  78. Great changes(happen ) in the village since 19
  79. The cheapest pen (choose ) by him at last .
  80. The car must (drive ) slowly by old men. 综合练习: 综合练习:
  1. The girl (draw ) a co on the blackboard with chalk now.
  2. When you (lose ) the book?
  3. How many times your uncle (be )to Dalian ? Twice
  4. The girl always (prefer) Chinese to maths .
  5. The girl (learn )to milk since last year .
  6. ?What`s the girl crying for? She (cut) her finger.
  7. Stop .(guess). Mrs Hu has told me who won the high jump.
  8. The dog often (follow)the young man everywhere.
  9. Can you (guess) it isn`t his ?
  0. Hurry up, or you(catch) the train .
  11. Rechard (give) you a call as soon as you comes back.
  12. The little boy hurt his head . He (need) an operation at once.
  13. Don`t worry. We (send) for the policemen.
  14. My radio (break).I can`t listen to it.
  15. Robert lay quietly while the doctors (operate) on him.
  16. Don`t worry .They (take) good care of your sin if you go to save
the soldiers.
  17. Most people (hate) the bad weather.
  18. The spy (cover) the blanks while the policemen came in .
  19. Don`t go to see him . He (change) his mind .
  20. Jim (make) a few friends since he came to China.
  21. Don`t worry. The foreign children (get ) on well on well with their classmates.
  22. Who (wear) the sweater outside last night?
  23. Look. You brother (fight) with John.
  24. the door ?(lock)
  25. Glasses (make)of glass .
  26. Silk (sell) in some shops in the town..
  27. The factory (produce) machines.
  28. Do you know the Frenchman/ Yes , I(know ) him for two years.
  29. The farmers often ( sell) their vegetables in the market.
  30. How many televisions (make ) in the factory last week?
  31. Athermos is used for (keep ) the water hot.
  32. Can the motorbike ?(ride)
  33. The old woman (lock ) the box when she goes out .
  34. Don’t be afraid . The dog must (tie ) to the tree.
  35. All the new words (not look ) up in the dictionary yet .
  36. How many babies (bear) in the world every year”
  37. The woman (have ) ababy this morning.
  38. The shoes in your size (sell) out.
  39. Jack fell over while he (pass0 the stick on to the second runner.
  40. Sorry , I kept you (wait) so long.
  41. The boy is always made (wash ) his face in the morning.
  42. What (be) the population in the world by the end of this century?
  43. Mr Brown has stopped smoking since he (operate ) on ?
  44. Tom said he (be) a teacher when he grew up.
  45. His jacket (wear ) out . He wants to buy a new one .
  46. The woman (seem)always angry.
  47. Will you go to see the film? Thanks, but (see) it ?
  48. Miss Li (be ) Washington for one and a half years.
  49. When will you finish the book ?(write )
  50. I (leave ) my pen in the bedroom . I have to write with a pencil.
  51. Stop talking . The headmaster (come).
  52. The book can (keep) for two weeks.
  53. After supper she went on (do) her homework.
  54. It was a cold night . An old man (lie) under a chair in the park.
  55. Doctors (need ) in every part of the world.
  56. She (say ) she works in an office.
  57. His father (die ) for two months .
  58. By the end of this month , Bill (catch) up with Bruce.

  59. Why you always (follow) me?
  60. The girl (hurry ) off just now .
  61. How much you (spend) on the next tr



   写出下列单词的复数形式。 写出下列单词的复数形式。 book 1knife 2orange mango 3box sheep 4 cap radio 5 woman yo-yo 6 tomato knife 7 bus children 8 hero man 9 boy Walkman 10 baby tooth 11roof 12watch 13 photo 14class 15 foot 16house 17pen 18car 19horse 20shelf 21radio 22fox ...


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   1. How (be) you? I (be) fine. Thank you. 2. (be) you free now? Sorry, I (be) very busy. Today (be) a busy day. 3. Look, the boys (play) football in the playgroud. And the girls (run). 4. Listen, the children (sing) in the music room. 5. Wang Bing i ...


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   ? 1、You bet.一点也没错。因为 bet 是下赌注的意思,所以 "You bet." 就是指,"You can bet money on that." (你可以把钱下注在上面)。 2. There you go. 就这样了。 希望结束一段对话时用,特别是在完成某项交易的时候。也常常用来鼓励别人有好的表现。 3. Here you go. 干的好。 "Here you go." 指的是一件事情还在进行之中,而 "T ...


   Part One 1、What are you trying to say? 你到底想说什么? 2、Don't be silly. 别胡闹了。 3、How strong are your glasses? 你近视多少度? 4、Just because. 没有别的原因。 5、It isn't the way I hoped it would be. 这不是我所盼望的。 6、You will never guess. 你永远猜不到。 7、No one could do anything abou ...


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