Say No to Pirated products Pirated products have become a severe problem in recent years because of technology advances and the attraction of lower prices to the consumer. While it is illegal to steal another person’s property, that is never a consideration of the forgers or their customers. One of the reasons for the increase in pirated products is the ease with which those products can be duplicated. The affordability of available technology provides the equipment, which encourages this process. Pirating is especially prevalent in the music and the computer software industries. Those original products are normally produced under copyright and involve a royalty payment to the owners when duplicated. Most original work involves expenditure in time and money, plus additional marketing costs that need to be recouped from sales. If pirated products reduce the sales of the original, it represents a loss of revenue to the owners. There is no easy solution to the problem without a firm stand by authorities to stamp out the practice. International copyright laws need to be observed and the rights of the owners properly enforced. 177 words
范文汉译 近年来盗版问题日益严重,原因在于高科技的便利以及低价格对消费者的诱惑。 近年来盗版问题日益严重,原因在于高科技的便利以及低价格对消费者的诱惑。盗取他人 的财产是违法的,但盗版商和盗版产品的消费者却全然不顾这一点。 的财产是违法的,但盗版商和盗版产品的消费者却全然不顾这一点。 盗版产品猖獗的原因之一在于正品可以轻易被仿制。制造仿造品的技术设备价格低廉, 盗版产品猖獗的原因之一在于正品可以轻易被仿制。制造仿造品的技术设备价格低廉,因 此也助长了盗版泛滥。在音乐和电脑软件领域盗版尤为猖獗 原版品通常要付版权商版权税, 软件领域盗版尤为猖獗。 此也助长了盗版泛滥。在音乐和电脑软件领域盗版尤为猖獗。原版品通常要付版权商版权税, 因此享有版权,可以进行合法复制。大多数正版产品的制造过程费时耗资, 因此享有版权,可以进行合法复制。大多数正版产品的制造过程费时耗资,还要附加市场开发 费用,而这部分费用则要包含在销售价格内。如果盗版产品使得正版产品的销量大大降低, 费用,而这部分费用则要包含在销售价格内。如果盗版产品使得正版产品的销量大大降低,那 就意味着版权商的版权税流失了。 就意味着版权商的版权税流失了。 、 只有有关负责部门在打击消灭盗版上态度坚决,这个问题才能得以解决。 只有有关负责部门在打击消灭盗版上态度坚决,这个问题才能得以解决。我们应遵守国际 版权法,保障版权所有者有效行使自己的合法权利。 版权法,保障版权所有者有效行使自己的合法权利。
更多有用的句子 pirated In recent years there has been a significant increase in the supply of pirated products. 近年来盗版产品增长速度显著。 近年来盗版产品增长速度显著。 pirated The availability of pirated products has become a severe problem for legitimate retailers. retailers. 盗版产品的使用已成为合法经销商的头痛问题。 盗版产品的使用已成为合法经销商的头痛问题。 The ready availability of modern technical equipment has made it easier for counterfeiters duplicate counterfeiters to duplicate products. 现代的技术设备为盗版商生产盗版产品提供了便利条件。 现代的技术设备为盗版商生产盗版产品提供了便利条件。 Pirated products avoid the need to pay royalties to the copyright owners. royalties 盗版产品逃避了应向版权人交纳的版权税。 盗版产品逃避了应向版权人交纳的版权税。 standards duplicated Modern technology has allowed the quality standards of duplicated products to original. match the original. 现代发达的科学技术使得盗版产品的质量能与正版产品相媲美 量能与正版产品相媲美。 现代发达的科学技术使得盗版产品的质量能与正版产品相媲美。 词汇及表达法 盗版商, counterfeiters 盗版商,盗版者, forgers 盗版商,盗版者 counterfeiters 盗版商,盗版者,伪造者 duplicate 复制品,复本; duplicate n. 复制品,复本;v. 复制 royalty payment 版权使用费 recoup 补偿 loss of revenue 税收流失 消灭、 a firm stand 坚定的立场 stamp out the practice 消灭、杜绝这种行径 ready availability 随时可以提供的便利 availability legitimate retailers 合法的正当的销售商 思路点播 提出问题,概述原因?盗版猖獗的具体原因、危害? 提出问题,概述原因?盗版猖獗的具体原因、危害?如何解决的问题
How Can Students Rate Their Teachers? 学生如何评价老师? 学生如何评价老师?

  1. 评价老师的主要标准
  2. 如何看待学生评价老师
  3. 所教授的科目会影响对老师的评价么?
The principle criterion for rating teachers varies according to who is doing the rating. The school administration may have quite different goals to some of the students, especially when it comes to a curriculum. One of the principle criteria relates to the examination marks achieved by each class. Assessing the class opinion of a teacher can be a difficult exercise if the students have different goals regarding the purpose of their education. Most students need to pass the exams and achieve as high a pass mark as possible. Those students who achieve that goal will have a good opinion of the teacher, but students with lower marks than expected, may think the teacher was ineffective. Some students will respond to certain teaching methods and others won’t. The subject being taught can have a significant effect on how a teacher is rated. If the students find the subject difficult, or cannot see any practical value in studying it, they are unlikely to get good marks in the exam. This can then result in a poor rating from both, the administration and the students.
不同的人对老师进行评价,评价准则自是不同的。校方的教育目标与每个学生的学习目标 可能大相径庭,尤其当具体到某一科目时。校方对老师的评价标准中最主要的一条是看班级学 生在考试中取得的成绩。 校方对学生给老师的评价标准进行评估也是很难的事情,因为每个学生都有不同的学习目 的和目标。大多数学生的目标是通过考试,尽可能的拿到较高的分数。如果他们的目标实现, 那么他们就会高度评价他们的老师,但那些分数比预期要低的学生则会认为老师的方法没有用。 有的学生会游刃有余的使用老师所教的方法,而有的学生则不会恰当使用,所以分数不高。 另外,所教授的科目也是影响学生评价老师的重要因素。如果学生觉得这门课很难,或者 觉得学习这门课不实用,那么他们就不可能在考试中取得好成绩。这样的话,就会导致校方和 学生都对老师不满,从而做出较低的评价。
更多有用的句子 There are several criteria for rating teachers and they vary according to who is doing the rating . 评价老师的标准有很多,这要看是由什么样的人来作评价。 The statistical figures relating to the examination results of a class have a direct bearing on how a teacher is rated. 跟学生考试成绩相关的各种数据直接影响对老师的评价。 A teacher’s personality will affect the way the students tend to rate a teacher, but the exam results would probably be a more important factor. 老师的个人魅力会影响学生对老师的评价,但考试成绩也许是更为重要的影响因素。 The school administration is more likely to rate a teacher purely on the basis of the exam results of the class. 校方更倾向于仅凭学生的考试成绩去评价一位老师。 The interest of the students in the subject being taught will certainly affect the way the students rate a teacher. 学生对于所学课程的兴趣肯定会影响他们对老师的评价。 词汇及表达方法 criterion 标准(criteria 复数) curriculum 课程(curricula 复数) ineffective 无效的 respond 做出反应,有起色 practical value 实用价值 statistical figures 数据 tend to 倾向于 direct bearing 直接影响 a more important factor 更为重要的因素 思路点播 从学生和校方角度提出对老师不同评价准则?举例分析,不同学生对老师的不同评价?评价客 观因素(课程的设置)
范文 5 Reform of College English Education 大学英语教学改革
  1. 有些老师认为应该补充、更新大学英语教学;
  2. 很多学生应用所学的英语知识是有困难;
  3. 我们应该尝试不同的方法
Some teachers believe college English education needs updating because the focus is on passing a written exam rather than using the English language. Most school lessons teach the linguistic aspects on English, concentrating on grammar and vocabulary, supported by textbook reading and listening in language laboratories. As a result, there tends to be less emphasis on speaking English. Many students have problems applying their English knowledge to communicate orally. By the time students reach university level they’ve had several years of English education and acquired a reasonably good vocabulary of English words. Part of the communication difficulty comes from the lack of oral work as part of the school curriculum. A different approach needs to be tried by focusing on teaching the students to use what they are taught rather than concentrating on the technical things about the language. The English classrooms should display only English language and programs need to be set up to encourage students to use English outside of the classroom.
范文翻译 很多老师认为应该改革现在的大学英语教学, 因为现在的教学中心在帮助学生应对笔试, 而 非英语的实际使用。大多数学校英语课上教授的只是单纯的语言层面的知识,着重语法和词汇, 并配以课本中的阅读练习和语言实验室中的听力训练。因此,渐渐忽视了对学生说英语的培养。 很多学生在把所学英语知识运用到实际的口语会话时遇到很多麻烦。 学生来到大学时已经学 了多年的英语,并掌握了一定程度的词汇量。他们之所以在会话中遇到麻烦,是因为学校的课 程安排使得他们缺少口语会话的联系。 我们应该尝试不同的教学方法, 要重点教会学生实际运用所学知识, 而不是把重点放在讲授 过于专业的语言知识上。英语课堂教学应该仅限英语讲授,另外,多位学生设计一些内容,鼓 励他们课堂外使用英语。
更多有用的句子 The principle focus of most English language curricula is teaching about the language so students can pass an exam. 多数英语课程重点在于讲授单纯的语言知识,使学生顺利通过考试。 Learning the grammar and acquiring a vocabulary are essential aspects of learning English. 学习语法、掌握词汇是学习英语的必要方面。 There needs to be a more concentrated focus on teaching students to use English for practical communication. 我们有必要更加重视培养学生在实际交流中运用英语的能力。 Listening and speaking are essential components in communicating, along with being able to write correctly. 英语的听、说在交流中很重要,当然正确的书写也很重要。 Students need to have the incentive and opportunity to use English outside of the classroom. 学生应该有在课外使用英语的动力和机会。 词汇及表达法 updating 更新,增加新的内容 the linguistic aspects 语言知识层面 incentive 动力,鼓励,刺激 思路点播 提出论点?举例说明?解决问题
范文 6 Do Libraries Become Useless in the Age of Digital Information? 图书馆在数字信息时代没有用了吗? 图书馆在数字信息时代没有用了吗?
  4. 数字信息时代改变了很多观念;
  5. 传统的图书馆的变化;
  6. 你认为传统的图书馆过时了吗?
The age of digital information is changing concepts, particularly in the case of printed material. A vast library of electronic data is now available on the Internet and accessible to anyone in the comfort of their homes or offices. In the past, most recorded information was only available through books, magazines and newspapers but the foundations for change were laid with the advent of radio and then television. Traditional libraries are changing from the quiet, somber, studious sanctuaries surrounded by shelf after shelf of thousand of books. The change started with the electronic cataloguing of the books and has now spread to include Internet terminals and in-house library search facilities. Modern libraries have added many other features, such as, displays of topical or historical interest, child minding areas, photo libraries and copying services. I do not think libraries are outdated or ever likely to be. There is a limit to how long a person can read information from a computer monitor, so most articles of an



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