1. 校园生活场景
  1) 借书: book for reading assignment; check out; volume; check for sb; on the upper shelf; a book hard to identify/ is missing; has been misplaced
  2) 教授和学生关系:学生问老师问题;学生寻求老师的帮助;学生 询问老师对作业的意见;老师要求学生对论文打印错误等 do research for; semester; work as one's teaching assistant; trouble a professor; may I ask you a few questions; I have a class at ten; come in one's office hours; finish reading one's research report; revise (improve) some parts of it; get it published;
read some papers he recommended; correct all the typing errors in a paper; read it through again; check the paper for typing errors
  3) 同学之间交流:选课;听课感受;对老师讲课的评价;提供老师 论文复印件;交流论文写作进展;交流如何读书;考试通过互相祝贺; 对生病同学补课;认识新同学;为打印论文而向对方询问如何找纸;谈 论学习进展等 stay awake; sleep through; unnecessarily long; more attentive; on this topic; hard to follow; think of; speak highly of; consider sth. dull; choose a good topic; attend; think of sb.'s lecture; the topic is interesting; difficult to follow;
say about; a copy of article; get on with one's essay; have a real hard time; two sleepless nights; be through with; finish the assignments; political science class; each present a different theory; read more than one article; get a full mark in math exams; do a good job; librarian; miss classes; bring sb. up to date; help sb. to catch up; show up late; on the first day of school; get to know; find quality paper to type essay; bookshelf; stock room; go and check;
typewriter; have one's hands full with; book report; how are lessons going; make progress; well worth the time and trouble; rewarding; boring; entertaining; time consuming; take five classes next semester; too many courses offered to students
  2. 家庭生活场景
  1) 外出活动(看电影、逛街、参加晚会): go to the movies; go out for dinner; see a different type of movie for a change; be tired of movies about romantic stories; love stories; detective stories; royal theatre; I'm starving; what to wear to the party;
cannot afford something new; attend a party; all of the clothes look so old; And with our student discount; the tickets will be a real cheap;
  2) 外出旅行 the holiday is well soon be here; be on the plane; it is exciting to travel by air; fly somewhere for one's vacation; we'll have another fine day; let's go to the seaside; leave very early; set off early; go sightseeing; take a half day tour of the city; spend more time on sightseeing; get to the airport in time to catch the flight; get one's flight changed; switch to a different flight
  3) 家居生活、休闲: sit out in the backyard to enjoy the beautiful day;
there is a lot of laundry to do; wash clothes; why did sb. call; pick up magazine she learnt; get some magazines back; paint the house; have the house painted; climb the ladder; go home for the summer; count the days; on one's way home; pack for the summer vacation; the apple pie taste very good/delicious; even my mother cannot match this; have a look at the book I bought; bought out the bookstore; bought a lot of books; a large selection of books
  4) 在家请客: ask sb. to the party; know one's address; invite Tom to the party;
get the Johnson's address; call to tell him about the reception
  3. 顾客与医生/服务员/秘书场景:
  1) 买票/机场: I would like two tickets for 9 o'clock show; sell out; attend a show; have a ticket for 6 o'clock flight to New York; I am afraid I can't make it; is there a seat available for; all the morning flights have been booked up; fly to someplace; return one's ticket; change one's destination; here is a 10-dollar bill; give me two tickets for tonight's show please; you are not supposed to be here; this area is for the airport staff only; fly over to see; keep in touch; see sb. off; complain about the poor airport service;
meet sb. at the airport
  2) 约见: I'd like a talk with your director; could you arrange it for me; rather busy these days; arrange an appointment for sb. with sb.; you've arranged to meet sb.; going to contact Mr.Johnson; I am ringing to confirm my appointment with; expect sb. at; make an appintment; would you get me through to sb.; be with sb.
  3) 餐馆/旅馆 have a table for four; a corner table; a table near the window; reserve a table; I'll be back with your order; how about the food I ordered; book a room with a bath; a single/double room on the second floor

  4) 买书 I'd like to buy a copy of; that book has been out of print; it is no longer available; the information in the book is out of date; the paperback edition of this dictionary' hard cover is on sale;
  5) 买东西/邮局 the newest model; represent the latest technology; we sell nothing but the best; be of the same brand; have a good sale; nice-looking straw hat; you can wear it rain or shine; I'm going to send the parcel to London; what's the postage for it;
  4. 医院或诊所 what can I do for you; what's the matter with sb.; make an appointment to see the doctor; twist one's ankle;
the injury does not seem serious; foot still hurt; put my weight on it
  5. 运动/爱好/娱乐
  1) 运动 boating and skating are my favorite sports; walk all the way to the office; find great pleasure in walking; take it as a kind of exercise; fishing is a good way to kill time; give a talk on fishing; have the same hobby as sb.; show great enthusiasm for; be enthusiastic for; be interested in; be willing to swim; how do you like yesterday's play; play one's part quite well/exaggerate his part= too dramatic to be realistic; see last night's film on channel
  2) 闲聊: it's high time we turned our attention to the problem; I can't agree with you more;
I'd ride a bike to work; take a crowded bus during the rush hours; take good care of one's car; the car is well maintained; the car is in good condition; no scratches on the outside and the inside is clean too; car can stand any crash
  3) 公共场合: the music is beautiful; I'd like to dance; I don't know the steps; give performance; listen to the music; dance to music; Tom looks awfully nervous; be not used to making speeches; an awful/inexperienced speaker; be terribly embarrassed; the audience get up and leave in the middle of the performance; appreciate the real life drama; the title of the oil painting; an early 18-century work;
look it up in the catalog; at an art gallery
  6. 工作 compaint about one's job; accept a job; turn down the offer; it means frequent business trips away from family; the pay is too low to support one's family; get bored with the same routine; year after year; awfully dull; really exciting; very exhausting; quite challenging; stimulating; how did your experiment go; be through with your work; my boss ususally finds something for me to do at the last minute; be confident about the job interview;
  7. 天气 have a severe winter; warm up;
the weather is mild; enjoy the wonderful weather;
  8. 居住/租房 move into a new apartment; it is more expensive; can't put up with the noise; have a room to let/for rent
  9. 警察与公民 you were seen hanging about the store; unsolved case of robbery; search for reliable witness; this is a one-way street; didn't you see the sign; park car in a wrong place; break a traffic rule; drive at a low speed/ too fast



   六级听力必备词汇 1. 校园生活场景 1) 借书: book for reading assignment; check out; volume; check for sb; on the upper shelf; a book hard to identify/ is missing; has been misplaced 2) 教授和学生关系:学生问老师问题;学生寻求老师的帮助;学生 询问老师对作业的意见;老师要求学生对论文打印错误等 do research for; semester; ...


   1. accompany sb while ...当...陪伴某人 2. account for 解释 3. a fraction of 一小部分 4. all ears 全神贯注 5. appeal to 吸引 6. as adj. as n. eg:as different as day and night 7. beyond larse 总的来讲 8. at a loss 不知所措 9. beside oneself 疯狂 eg:he must be beside himself 10 ...


   abnormal a. 异常的,反常的 abolish vt.废止 absurd a.荒唐 accessory n. 附件;同谋 accord v. n. 一致,符合(with) acknowledge vt.承认,答谢 acquaint vt.使认识,了解 acute a.尖锐的,剧烈的 adhere vi.粘附;遵守,坚持(to) administer vt.掌管,执行 advocate vt.倡导,拥护 n.倡导者 alert a.n. 警觉,警戒 allege vt. 断言,声称 a ...


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   无数 innumerable ; countless 许多 plenty of ; many ; much ; a great deal of ; a lot of ; ample 非常多(大)的 tremendous 依序列举 list in sequence 时间词 过时的 outdated ; antiquated ; outmoded ; obsolete ; anachronistic 短暂的 ephemeral ; transitory ; transient ; short-l ...


   英语六级考试网(www.cet6.net)为您提供最新最全的英语六级复习资料 弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 英语六级词汇(新大纲 英语六级词汇 新大纲) 新大纲 abbreviation abide abolish absent absorption abstract absurd abundance accessory accord acknowledge acquaint action adhere adjacent adjoin adjus ...


   Passage One In January 1989,the Community of European Railways presented their proposal for a high speed pan-European train network, extending from Sweden to Sicily and from Portugal to Poland by the year 2020. If their proposal becomes a reality,i ...


   为迎接2010年6月19日的六级考试,可可网为大家整理了往年听力考试中出现频率最高的120个重要习语,只要大家坚持用心去练,肯定会对你们听力提高会有帮助的,而且在考试的时候你会发现这样的效果特别好,当然这种感觉是建立在你大量练习和能力提高的基础上的。 above all - most importantly   account for - explain   as a matter of fact - in fact ,to speak the truth   as a rule - ge ...


   新东方英语六级听力课堂笔记 听力部分题型分为: A、短对话+长对话(8+7) B、PASSAGE 短文(四级怎么听六级就怎么听) C、复合式听写(四级和六级没有区别) 语言文化背景 考试的一切都建立在美国的文化体系上,特别是英语中的俚语和习语特别难。 大原则: 悲惨性原则(做事的结果不好) 二大原则:一、悲惨性原则(做事的结果不好) 阴盛阳衰原则(男生糗,女生光明高大的形象。 二、阴盛阳衰原则(男生糗,女生光明高大的形象。、 ) 三、听到什么不选什么 往往出现在第二个人的对话中,而第一个人的 ...


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   2008 辽宁高考英语试卷分析 2008 高考英语辽宁卷, 体现了英语考试大纲的要求, 即突出 了语言交际能力的测试,高考试卷整体难度平稳,无偏、难、怪 题。试题难度与 2007 年持平。延续了 2007 年的模式,突出了新 考纲的要求。注重基础知识,强化知识的运用。综合性较强,对 高中英语教学起到了良好的导向作用。 一、单项选择: 在 15 道选择题中, 考查知识比较全面。 突出了在语境中基本 语法知识的运用。考查中心仍然是基础知识和基本能力。同时, 又重视应用,不是死板和孤立的考查某一内 ...


   词根、词缀记忆法 英语发展大体有四个阶段: 第一阶段:古英语阶段 这阶段的单词的特点是词短,但是难记。 往往记得快忘得也快。如前面口诀记忆法 里的 rim 系列。 第二阶段:中古英语阶段 这一阶段引进了很多意大利语、法语的词 汇,如在前面联想记忆法中提到的 chaos,quaint 第三阶段:资本主义萌芽阶段 这一阶段又引进了希腊、罗马的词汇,如 在前面联想记忆法中提到的 charisma,orison 第四阶段:高级英语阶段 这一阶段引进了大量的拉丁语汇,特点是 有大量的词根、词缀,就像汉 ...


   2010 中考英语复习解题全攻略 一、查漏补缺,梳理知识条块,逐项击破 查漏补缺,梳理知识条块, 首先我们应该检查自己知识条块是否分明,主干知识是否明确,知识梳理是否到位。过 去学习的知识点是单一的,而现在必须要把它们联系在一起,融会贯通。我们可用树图的形 式在白纸上画出来。比如下面从句的知识块: 我们可以每周复习一个大的知识块, 每天一个小知识块, 每个知识点之后还可以注上历 届真题中这一部分考点是什么。用这样的形式,既能清楚地梳理知识点,记忆的时候会更有 效率,在考前最后的准备中,也可以 ...


   2009 年江苏省高中英语口语等级测试纲要(试行) 2009 年江苏省高中英语口语等级测试纲要(试行) 年江苏省高中英语口语等级测试纲要(试行) 一、 测试目的 高中生英语口语等级测试的目的是:落实《 英语课程标准》的要求,促进中学 英语教学改革,提高学生综合语言运用能力,从而进行一步推进素质教育。 二、测试要求 高中生英语等级测试分两级:一级和二级。两个等级的具体要求如下: 一 级 (一)能比较连贯地朗读所学课文或难度略低于所学语言材料的短文,语音语调 基本正确。 (二)能根据所读短文的内 ...


   句子翻译 1. 我们相信农民的生活会越来越好.(believe) 我们相信农民的生活会越来越好. We believe that peasants'/farmers' life will be/is getting better and better. 2. 一本书是否畅销取决于诸多因素. 一本书是否畅销取决于诸多因素. (Whether. . . ) Whether a book sells well depends on many/various factors. 3. 我不需要买新车 ...