1. abnormal a. 不正常的> I’m normal, you’re ~ !
  2. abolish v. 废除 > CET-Band 4 should be abolished ! A daydreamer
  3. abrupt a. 突然的, 唐突的 > Your~ manner embarrassed her!
  4. absurd a. 荒唐的 >What an ~ idea!
  5. accessory n. 附件, 零件 >Handbag, lipstick, etc. are women’s accessories. What are men’s ? Tie, lighter and a fine purse.
  6. accommodate v. 提供膳宿> How can a small town ~ the Olympic Games?
  7. addict v. 上瘾 >I’m ~ed tocomputer games. Please save me!
  8. acquaint v. 使熟悉 > Are you ~ed with that MM?
  9. adhere to v. 遵守 >Adhere to your own principle
  10. adverse a. 不利的, 有害的 >Adverse circumstances can test a person’s wisdom and courage.
  11. aggravate v. 加重 >Smoking ~s cold.
  12. alleviate v. 减轻 >No one can ~ my pain.
  13. alternate v./a 交替(的) >a day of ~ sunshine and rain /Day and night ~
  14. ambiguous a. 歧义的 >The policeman is looking fora man with one eye. Why not use two? 你知道此幽默在何处?
  15. amplify v. 扩大(声音)>
  16. analogy n. 类比 by analogy
  17. anonymous a. 匿名的 I received an ~ letter.
  18. applaud v. 鼓掌; 赞许> I ~ your suggestion.
  19. apt a. 易于 >One is ~ to make mistakes if given too much pressure.
  20. array n. 陈列, 一系列>the ~of fruit and vegetables in the supermarket
  21. arrogant a. 傲慢的> An ~ man is a self-importantperson.
  22. ascend v. 上升 > The balloons are ~ing.
  23. ascribe v. 归因于>He ~d his failure to hissmall vocabulary.
  24. aspiration n. 抱负 Your ~ is your ambition or strongwish.
  25. assault n. 攻击, 袭击>A robber ~ed him.
  26. assert v. 断言 He ~ed that the thief would comeagain.
  27. assurance n. 保证, 把握 >I give you my ~ that the product is safe and reliable.
  28. attendant n. 服务员, 随从

  29. authentic a. 真实的, 可靠的>Is Clinton’s biography ~?
  30. avert v. 避开、转移 We ~ed a loss .
  31. bald a. 秃顶的 A ~ man is considered to be intelligent.
  32. barren a. 荒芜的,不能生育的>Without dream, life is a ~ field.
  33. betray v. 背叛; 泄露 You ~ed me.
  34. bewilder v. 使迷惑 The new traffic lights ~ theman.
  35. bias n. 偏见 Bias is prejudice.
  36. blaze v. 燃烧; 发强光 >Thesummer sun is blazing.
  37. bleak a. 荒凉的; 凄凉的>a ~future
  38. blink v. 眨眼睛; 闪烁 >
  39. blunder n. 大错
  40. bluntly ad. 直言不讳地
  41. blur v. 变模糊 >Fog blurred my vision.
  42. bribe v. 行贿 >Who bribed the bride? Bridegroom.
  43. browse v. 浏览 ~ a web-page
  44. brutal a. 残酷的=cruel/savage/
  45. capsule n. 密封仓, 胶囊
  46. carve v. 刻
  47. casualty n. 伤亡人员 Many casualties are reported inthe battle.
  48. cater to v. 迎合 > cater to the consumers
  49. caution n. 小心
  50. cherish v. 珍视; 怀有>~friendship/~ the hope that
  51. chronic a. 慢性的;严重的
  52. circulation n. 循环; 发行(量)>Reader has the largest ~ in China.
  53. climax n. 高潮 the ~ of the play
  54. cling to v. 紧紧抓住, 依恋; 坚持, 墨守>The baby clung to his mother./ ~ to the hope that....
  55. coincidence n. 巧合
  56. collaboration n. 合作 in ~ with
  57. collide v. 相撞; 冲突 The two opinions ~ with each other.

  58. commence v. 开始
  59. commute v. 乘车上下班 >I have to ~ between theuniversity town and the downtown area.
  60. compact a. 紧凑的, 结实的 a ~ car/office
  61. compatible a. 相容的; 兼容的>That husband and wife are very ~.
  62. compensate v. 赔偿 >The insurance company ~d theman for his injuries.
  63. compile v. 汇编, 编辑 ~ a encyclopedia
  64. complement v. 补充,与。。相配 The music ~s the filmwell. 。
  65. compliment v. /n. 赞美
  66. comply with v. 遵从
  67. compulsory a. 必做的 ~ education
  68. conceive of v. 构想 I can’t ~ of why he did such a stupidthing!
  69. confidential a. 机密的
  70. confrom to v. 遵守 ~ to the local customs
  71. consensus n. 意见一致> If everyone consents tosomething, they reach a consensus.
  72. consequent a. (作为后果) 随之发生的 lack of electricity and the ~ loss in economy
  73. conserve v. 保护,Ifyou conserve something, youuse it carefully and will not wasteit.>In winter some people ~ energy bylowering the heat at night.
  74. consolidate v. 巩固
  75. conspicuous a. 显眼的 The girl in red in the snowfield is very ~.
  76. contaminate v. 污染 If you ~ something, you make itdirty.
  77. contemplate v. 沉思; 凝视 >You must ~ the results of the action.
  78. contempt n. 轻视 >Before the competition,Williams held the little known player in contempt.
  79. contend v. 主张=assert > The lawyer contendsthat the man is guilty.
  80. contradict v. 相矛盾
  81. contrive v. 谋划, 图谋>The terrorists ~d to hijack a plane.
  82. converge v. 会合, 聚集 (meet at a common point) The two rivers converge here.
  83. cordial a. 热情的
  84. corrupt a./v. 腐败的; 腐蚀 ~ officials
  85. cozy a. 舒适的 a ~ bedroom

  86. counterpart n. 对应的人或物
  87. criterion n. 标准 =standard
  88. curb v. 控制, 约束=restrain/restrict/> I my curbed my appetite for food.
  89. cynical a. 愤世嫉俗的> a ~ young man is a angryyoung man
  90. dazzle v. 眩目;使赞叹不已> The sunlight dazzles me./Her dance ~d me.
  91. deduce v. 推断
  92. dedicate v. 献给
  93. defendant n. 被告
  94. deficiency n. 缺乏, 不足 a vitamin ~ in his diet
  95. defy v.(公然) 违抗 The uniondefied the management and went on a strike.
  96. degenerate v. 退化
  97. degrade v. 降低身份
  98. deprive v. 剥夺 You ~d him of his right toprivacy.
  99. descendant n. 后代 1
  00. destiny n. 命运=fate



   知识改变命运 勤奋塑造成功 chronic α.慢性的 commentary α. 实况报道 compact α.紧凑的 小巧的 整理人 时间 落叶 2011-4-15 competitive α.竞争性的 有竞争力的 compact a. 紧凑的 小巧的 compulsory a. 强迫的 强制的 义务的 confidential a. 机紧的 秘密的 conservative a. 保守的 传统的 consistent a. 和……一致 conspicuous a. 显而易见的引人注目 ...


   杂七杂八的资料,一起整理都上传了 历史无声走,潮流滚滚来。(五言 律绝?潮流) 闭月偷偷乐,泥牛不进村。(五言 律绝?月黄昏) 雾里看花花看月,云中游月月游云。 (七言律绝?迷离境) 人遇万难何所惧,心中不灭夜明灯。 (七言律诗?心灯不灭) 空山松子悄悄落,黑白盘中局局迷。 (七言律绝?烂柯山悟道) bound α.一定的 chronic α.慢性的 commentary α. 实况报道 compact α.紧凑的 小巧的 competitive α.竞争性的 有竞争力的 compact a ...


   学英语,练听力,上听力课堂! 学英语,练听力,上听力课堂! 一、名词词组和固定搭配 1.介词+名词 by accident 偶然 on account of 因为,由于,为了……的缘故 in addition to 另外,加之 in addition 除…之外(还) in the air 流传中 on (the/an) average 按平均值,通常 on the basis of 根据,在…的基础上 at best 充其量,至多 for the better 好转,向好的方向发展 on b ...


   (怕以后丢了, 就转来了, 实在是太有用了! 没看过的, 高频词组笔记 怕以后丢了, 就转来了, 实在是太有用了! 没看过的, 赶紧点吧~) 赶紧点吧 ) 2008-07-28 16:35 | (分类:默认分类) 1.abide by(=be faithful to ; obey)忠于;遵守。 2. be absent from…. 缺席,不在 3. absence or mind(=being absent-minded) 心不在焉 4. absorb(=take up the atten ...


   1. 短语动词 be about to do 刚要,即将 be friends with 与...友好 bear in mind 记住 bring into effect 实行;使生效 bring into operation 实施;使生效 can not help 禁不住,忍不住 carry into effect 施行;使生效 cast light on/upon 阐明,使了解 catch fire 着火,烧着 catch one"s breath 喘气,松口气;屏息 catc ...


   英语四级高频词组 英语四级高频词组 1. at the thought of 一想到… 2. as a whole (=in general) 就整体而论 3. at will 随心所欲 4. (be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with) 富于,富有 5. access(to) (不可数名词) 能接近,进入,了解 6. by accident(=by chance, accidentally) 偶 然 地 , 意 外 . Withou ...


   TOP80个使用高频词搭配 英语写作最 TOP80个使用高频词搭配 1.随着经济的繁荣 with the booming of the economy 2.随着人民生活水平的显著提高 with the remarkable improvement of people's living standard 3.先进的科学技术 advanced science and technology 4.为我们日常生活增添了情趣 add much spice / flavor to our daily li ...


   abandon v. 遗弃;放弃 absorb v. 吸引…的注意 access v. 接近 accommodation n. 住处,膳宿 accompany v. 陪伴,为…伴奏 accord n. 一致;谅解 account n. 记述;帐户;解释 accumulate v. 堆积 累积 accuse vt 指控 achieve vt 完成 acknowledge vt 承认…的权威(或主张) ;确认;报偿 acquaint vt 使认识,使了解,使熟悉 acquire vt 学到,取得 ...


   英语四级高频词汇表 1.alter v. 改变,改动,变更 These clothes are too large; they must be altered. 这些衣服太大,得修改。 2.burst vi.,n. 突然发生,爆裂 (例)They burst out laughing. 他们突然大笑起来。 (搭配)a burst of laughter 突发的笑声 3.dispose vi. 除掉;处置;解决;处理 (例)We have to dispose of this pile of ...


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   2009 年 8 月 第 32 卷   4 期 第 中国英语教学 ( 双月刊) Teachi ng English i n Chi na ? EL EA J ournal (Bi mont hl y) C Aug. 2009 Vol . 32 N o. 4 RECONSIDERATION OF TASK DESIGN IN READING & WRITING COURSE BOO KS OF COLL EGE ENG ISH SERIES L L iu Sujun Hai na n ...


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   温州市 2010 年中考英语词汇表 词汇表 I (共 1266 个单词) a (an) art. 一个(只,把,台……) * able * above * accept adj. 能够的;有才能的 prep. 在上方;过于;超出 v. 接受 about prep. / ad. 关于,涉及,在……方面 * airplane n. 飞机 airport n. 机场 alive all A anywhere adv. 任何地方 appear v. 出现;露面;(公开)演出 apple n. 苹果 ...