一. 对比选择型
Study Abroad or in China? There is no consensus of opinions among people as to whether students should study abroad or not. Some people are of the view that the youths should go overseas for further study if possible, while others take an opposite stand, firmly believing that it is of no necessity for students to study in a foreign country .
Those people who maintain that it is good for students to go abroad for further study believe that diverse culture background can broaden students’ horizon. They also claim that overseas study can shape students’ personality because they are forced to deal with all kinds of difficulties by themselves.
Nevertheless, the other people who contend that domestic education is good enough for students argue that our educational quality has been greatly improved during the past decade. They also point out that domestic education is convenient and economical
As far as I am concerned, the former opinion holds more weight. For one thing, it can strengthen the learners’ abilities to understand and communicate with people from other cultures. For another, the developed countries still have a lot advanced knowledge which is worth our study. When all the factors are examined, we may reasonably come to the conclusion that studying abroad if possible is advisable.
二、 观点论证型实例
2003年1月(It pays to be honest) 模板: 模板:It is true that (指出普遍存在的观点). However, (谈不同的观点). I think (提出自己的 观点,即文章的论点). (过渡句,转向观点的论证, 根据情况选择具体的词) can be listed as follows.
Firstly, (论证理由一 Secondly, (论 论证理由一). 论证理由一 论 证理由二). 证理由二 For example, (举例具体 举例具体 说明理由二). 论证理由三). 说明理由二 Thirdly, (论证理由三 论证理由三 A case in point is that (举例具体说 举例具体说 明理由三) 明理由三
It goes without saying that (转折句, 提出执行该观点时应注意的事项). There is no doubt that (得出结论). In conclusion (总结全文).
真题演练: It Pays to be Honest 真题演练: (2003年1月) 年 月
It is true that most of us value honesty highly. However, nowadays we often confront confidence crisis such as cheating, overcharging, fake commodities and so on. I think that we should be honest because being honest is not only beneficial to ourselves but also to others and the whole society. The reasons can be listed as follows.
Firstly, only honest people can be truly respected by the others and can make more friends over a long period of time. Secondly, honesty, which is the traditional virtue of the Chinese people, can make our life easier and more harmonious. For example, consumers will not be afraid of being overcharged if dealers are honest, and thus dealers can win over more customers. Thirdly, honesty can make our society more stable. A case in point is that Singapore, a society featuring trustworthiness and integrity, has a comparatively low criminal rate.
It goes without saying that being honest is of great benefit to both the community and individuals. There is no doubt that we should foster the spirit of honesty. In conclusion, laying stress on honesty will become the public morals in our society.
三. 问题解决型
实例: 实例:2001年1月(How to Succeed in a ( Job Interview? 面试在求职过程中的作用、 面试在求职过程中的作用、 面试成功的因素:仪表、举止谈吐、能力、 面试成功的因素:仪表、举止谈吐、能力、 专业知识、自信、实事求是……), ),2000年 专业知识、自信、实事求是 ), 1月(How I Finance My College ( Education?)1998年1月(My View on ) ( Fake Commodities) )
模板: 模板:With the evelopment/improvement of (铺垫), (某一问题). It is necessary that (关注解决现象引出的问题很必要). On the one hand, (理由一). On the other hand, (理 由二). Therefore, how to (承上启下句,要解决 的问题) is worth paying attention. Firstly, (办法一). Secondly, (办法二). For example, (举例解释解决办法二). Thirdly, (办法三). In other words, (阐明解决办法三).
In fact, the ways to (解决问题的办法多种 多样) are countless. It’s time that (强调解 决问题时不可待).
真题演练: How to Succeed in a 真题演练: Job Interview?(2001年1月 ( 年 月
With the development of job market, job interview plays an important role in jobhunting. It is necessary that we should learn some tricks to perform better in a job interview. On the one hand, a job interview offers interviewees and interviewers respectively a chance to know each other within a very short time. On the other hand,
excellent performance in an interview will enable the interviewees to exert a good impression on the interviewer and finally win the job. Therefore, how to succeed in job interview is worth paying attention. Firstly, interviewees should dress neatly and properly. Secondly, interviewees should be confident. For example, when asked about
professional questions, interviewees should give a clear and definite answer. Thirdly, interviewees should have some knowledge about the company and the position they apply for. In other words, interviewees should prepare themselves something about the interview in advance so as to show that they attach vital importance to the job.
In fact, the ways to succeed in a job interview are countless. It’s time that we laid stress on interview because it’s the first step of our work experience.
热点追踪The Damage of Public 热点追踪 Facilities

  1、公共设施破坏严重的问题亟待解决, 、公共设施破坏严重的问题亟待解决,
  2、解决办法有哪些, 、解决办法有哪些,
  3、你的看法。 、你的看法。
The Damage of Public Facilities
With the improvement of living standard, more and more public facilities, such as public telephone booths and ATMs have been installed in the streets. It is necessary that we have to pay attention to the damage of these public facilities. On the one hand, some people use them without care, which leads to inconvenience to others. On the other hand, the damaged public facilities stain the beauty of the city.
Therefore, how to prevent public facilities from being damaged is worth paying attention. Firstly, public facilities should be made of hard materials so as to be more durable. Secondly, some devices should be adopted to protect them from being damaged. For example, like cars, we can install alarm devices in public facilities. Thirdly, from my point of view, it is essential that we civilize our citizens to behave morally. In other words, we should tell the citizens that it is shameful to destroy public facilities.
In fact, the ways to reduce the damage of public facilities are countless. It’s time that we took most effective ones to protect them.
四. 图表说明型
实例: 实例:2002年6月,1991年6月 模板:(概括性词语最近出现的总体现象) has 模板 become a common part of people’s life. And(题目要求讨论的具体现象) has always And( ) aroused the greatest concern. What impresses us most is (现象的具体表现).
The reasons (现象或现象带来的结果, 为下文分析产生的原因做铺垫)are varied.Among the various reasons, (原因 一) plays an important part. That is to say, (具体说明原因一). What is more, (原因二). For example, (举例说明原因二). When talking about (作者要讨论的现象), (作者的看法). On the one hand, (支持看法 的理由一或说明看法的第一个方面). On the other hand, (支持看法的理由二或说明看法 的第二个方面). In brief, (总结).
真题演练:Student use of 真题演练: computers (2002年6月) 年 月
Using computers has become a common part of people’s life. And the tremendous growth of student use of computers has always aroused the greatest concern. What impresses us most is that, in 2000, college students averagely spent 20 hours per week on computer, which is the size more than ten times that of ten years ago.
The reasons why computers are widely used are varied.Among the various reasons the decreasing price of PC plays an important part. That is to say, more students can afford a personal computer. What is more, the Internet provides college students an amazing world to explore, For example, people can get the latest news and information as well as conveniently make friends around the world.
When talking about disadvantages and problems existing in student use of computers, I think that their lack of skills and disciplines is the point we should pay attention to, On the one hand, their lack of skills fails students to make full use of the computer and the Internet. On the other hand, their lack of necessary disciplines makes some students indulge in computer games and net world, and even other negative materials, forgetting their major tasks as college students. In brief, there is still a lot to do to help students make good use of computers.
热点追踪:Cheating in Exams 热点追踪:

Cheating in Exams
Trying to defeat the cheat has become a common part of people’s life. And cheating in exams on campus has always aroused the greatest concern. And cheating in exams on campus has always aroused the greatest concern. What amazes us most is that many methods are adopted by students.
The reasons for cheating in exams are varied.Among the various reasons, to get higher scores or scholarships plays an important part. That’s to say, some students are under great pressure from their parents or they fear to fall behind others, so they to get high scores in exams. What is more, some students just play the time away and want to pass the exams without efforts. For example, they spend the whole night playing PC games but fall asleep in the class.
When talking about how to deal with cheating in exams, I think education and punishment might work. On the one hand, we should explain the harm of cheating to the students. On the other hand, punishment or penalty should be given to those who have been found cheating. In brief, we should try our best to put an end to cheating.
五. 应用文A:批评、抱怨、投诉信: 应用文 :批评、抱怨、投诉信:
Dear , My name is (姓名). I am (身份). I venture to write you a letter about (表述抱怨内容).
The focus of the complaint is (抱怨内容的 核心点). For one thing, (抱怨内容的一个方 面). For another, (另一方面). Honestly speaking, (客观评论). But (抱怨产生的原因 之一). Besides, (抱怨产生的原因之二).
All in all, there is still much room for improvement (总结说明所抱怨现象或事 物还有很大改进空间). I do hope (表达本人 的愿望). Thank you for your time and kind consideration. (信件结尾常用语) Sincerely Yours, Signature
真题演练: 真题演练:2002年1月 年 月
假如你是李明,请你就本校食堂的状况给校 长写一封信,内容应涉及食堂的饭菜质量、 价格、环境、服务等,可以是表扬,可以是 批评建议,也可以兼而有之。
A Letter to the President of a College
Dear President, My name is Li Ming. I am a senior junior student of the civil engineering school in this university. I venture to write you a letter about the canteen service on campus, which has given rise to many complaints among students.



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