六年级英语期中卷 六年级英语期中卷 英语
听力部分 一、Listen and choose(听音,根据你所听到的内容,选择相符合的一 项,并将其字母编号写在题前的括号里。(10 分) ) ( )
  1.A. B. C. (
B. It’s next to the theme park. C. Walk straight for 5 minutes, then turn left. )
  5. A. Yes, I’m. B. No, I am C. Yes, I am.
三、Listen and fill(听录音,填写下列句子中所缺的单词,使句子完整, 每空一词。(10 分。 ) )
  1. What are you going to this evening? A comic book.
  2. We must at a red light. ? It's east of the science museum.
  3. Where is the
  4. How do you go to Guangzhou ? I go by .
  5. Turn at the hospital, you can see it. 笔试部分 五、Read and choose(阅读对话,根据上下文,选择正确的句子,把字 母编号填在相应的横线上。(10 分) ) A. Where is it? B. How can I get there? C. Thank you very much. D. What are you doing to do there? E. Is it far from here? F. That's OK. G. When are you going ? A: Excuse me, I'm new here. I want to go to the bookstore. B: It's north of the post office. A: B: Yes ,it is . A: B: You can go by the No.14 bus. Get off at the science museum, and then turn left .You can see it. A: I'm going to buy a story book. B: You're welcome. 六、 Read and choose.阅读下面的短文,按要求答题。 (每小题 1 分, 共 10 分。)
  2. A. B. C.
  3. A. trip B. ship C. sheep )
  4. A.foot B.food C. fruit )
  5. A. plant B. plane C. plate )
  6. A. twelve B.twelfth C. twenty )
  7. A. light B. right C. fight )
  8. A. stop B. story C. store )
  9. A. Next to the hospital B. Near the hospital C. Next to the cinema. ( )
  10.A. Get off the No.14 bus B. Get on the No.4 bus C. Get on the No.14 bus 二. Listen and chose the best answer. (听录音,选择最合适的答语。) ( )
  1.A. It's south of the park. B. .It's not far. C. I can go by bus. ( )
  2.A.I’m playing the violin. B. I’m going to listen to music. C.I can clean my room. ( )
  3. A. It’s north of China. B. I’m going to go by plane. C. I go by train ( )
  4.A.I can go by the No.5 bus.
( ( ( ( ( ( (
(一)根据短文内容,选择恰当的答案。 Tomorrow is Saturday. Ben isn't going to school. He is going to get up early. In the morning, he is going to Xinhua Library .He's going there by bus. He's going to have lunch in KFC In the afternoon, he is going to play ping-pong with his friends. At about 4:30,he is going home to do homework. Then he is going to water the flowers .He's going to cook the meals for his parents in the evening. ( )
  1.What day is it today? Today is . A. Friday. B. Saturday. ( )
  2. What’s Ben going to do on Saturday morning ? He is going to A. Xinhua Library B. visit his grandparents ( )
  3. Ben is going to have lunch ? A. In KFC . B. In McDonald's ( )
  4. Ben is going to Xinhua Library by A. train. B. bus ( )
  5. Is Ben Jie a good boy? A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn't. B. (二) 阅读下面的短文,判断下列句子的对错。 Today is Friday. I’m going to take a trip tomorrow. Now I’m going to the supermarket. I’m going to buy some food and a comic book. First , I ’m going to Guangzhou tomorrow morning. I’m going to go by train. I’m going to read my new comic book on the train. Then I’m going to Kunming by plane from Guangzhou. In Kunming , I’m going to see folk dances and eat snack. I’ll be very happy. ( )
  1. I’m going to take a trip next Friday. ( ) 2 I’m going to buy some food and a comic book tomorrow. ( )
  3. I’m going to Guangzhou by train this morning. ( )
  4. I’m going to Kunming by plane. ( )
  5. I’m going to see modern dances in Kunming. 七、 选词填空。 分) (5
(often, library, behind, name, subway, minutes, post office, foot, live, right, straight, far, sometimes, right) My is Ann. I in Flower Street. I usually go to school on. I go by bike. My home is not from my school. Go from the west school gate, turn left at the , Walk about four . You can see a post office on the side. My home is the post office. 八、Ask and answer(根据答句写问句。)(5 分)
  1. ? I usually go to school on foot.
  2. ? You can go to the post office by the No. 30 bus.
  3. ? I am going to visit my grandparents tomorrow morning.
  4. ? Yes, the cinema is in front the hospital.
  5. ? The bookstore is south of the supermarket



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