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题目: 题目:The Comparasion of the Legend of Stone and Pride Prejudice
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齐齐哈尔大学 齐齐哈尔大学继续教育学院 毕业设计(论文) 毕业设计(论文)任务书
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毕业设计(论文)题目: The Comparasion of the Legend of Stone and Pride Prejudice 毕业设计工作内容:
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ABSTRACT……………………………………………….. …….Ⅱ 摘要……………………………………………………………….Ⅲ 摘要 I Similarities in Aestheretic………………………………………1 II similarities in content and Topics…………...…... ………… ….….4

  2.1 Plots of the Legend of Stone and Pride and Prejudice…...…….……………4
  2.2 Endings of the Legend of Stone and Pride and Prejudice..…………………6
  2.3 Contents of the Legend of Stone and Pride and Prejudice….………..……..7
  2.4 Topics of the Legend of Stone and Pride and Prejudice…….…….…….…..7
III Reasons for Existing Similarities…………………….……..….……..9

  3.1 The Outcome of the Development of National Literature… ..………..………9
  3.2 The Exchange between Chinese and English Culture…………….…..…….10
Conclusion………………………………………………………………………….17 References…………………………………………………………..19 Acknowledgement…………………………………………….……21
There is no direct interrelationship between The Comparison .of the legend of stone and pride & Prejudice but actually the comparability still exists in them There are many similarities between the two novels. The two novels both reflect the reality of the society and the viewpoints
of the authors From the angle of aesthetic they both choose a relative small angle to show extensive dimension From the angle of humanism ,they both stress on the
combination of the figures ’dispositions and story plots . From the angle of topic choice ,they both success fully describe the everlasting subject matter love ,From the angle of the contents, they are the autobiographical writing of the authors. From the angle of the writing style ,they are both influenced by the trend of
a combination of European and Chinese cultures. From the angle of instructive significance, they both demonstrate the idea of free love and marriage, and deny the angle of psychology they both touch characters profoundly. The paper is composed of three parts. Part one of the paper deals with similarities between the two novels in aesthetic. Part two points out the similarities in disposition, contents and topics. In part three, the writer offers an explanation for the existing similarities. the inner and exterior world of the
Interrelationship, similarities, differences
之间没有直接的相互关系的比较。对石头和傲慢与偏见,但实际上它们的可比性仍存 在之间有许多相似之处传说两部小说。 这两部小说都反映了社会现实,从审美的角度,作者的观点,他们都选择一个相对较 小的角度,展示从人道主义角度广泛的层面,他们都对人物的性格和组合应力故事情节。 从主题选择的角度来看,他们都成功充分说明爱情永恒的主题,从内容角度来看,他们是 作者的自传体写作。从创作风格的角度来看,他们都受到了许多欧洲和中国文化相结合的 趋势。从指导意义的角度看,它们都体现了自由恋爱和婚姻观,并否认心理学的角度来看, 人都接触了人物的内心和外部世界的深刻。 本文是由三部分组成。第一部分的纸张处理国与国之间的两部小说在审美异同。在第 二部分进行处置,内容和主题的相似点。在第三部分中,作者提供了一个现有的相似性的 解释。
齐齐哈尔大学继续教育学院学士毕业论文(设计) 齐齐哈尔大学继续教育学院学士毕业论文(设计)
The Comparison of Legend of stone and pride
the & Prejudice
There is no direct interrelationship between the L egend of Stone and Pride Prejudice by Jane Austen,but we can’t deny the comparability still exists in them. It is well known that the comparability of literature is built up on the basic of some kinds of similarities. And according to the likeness between them,we can draw a conclusion that the two books both belong to the “world’s ways”novels.But what are the “world’s ways ”novels on earth?MR.LuXun,the most outstanding essay’s in Chinese literature had ever given an accurate generalization on it. “They always involve in the description on the vicissitudes and transtormations of the life.”So both The Comparosion of the Legend of stone and Pride Prejudice
have touched upon “love”the everlasting topic of the cosmos in different ways of China and England,and it is of great singnificance studying them relatively. Opening both novels,the two artistic worlds, which are not only attractive but also resemblant, are appearing before our eyes. In these two worlds, they concentrtate on the reality and conception of the society, as well as the emotion and ideal of the writers. So,although the artistic world is closely concerned with the rcality,it isn’t equivalent to the reality, because it includes the novelists choices and creations. It may be clear to every reader that why The Comparison of the Legend of Stone and Pride Prejudice can become milestones in world literature after reading these
two great works intensively ,love is a common topic but it is an everlasting one .The reason that why the two great works become the masterpieces of love is not only for the real love world they referred ,but also for the variously subtle and sophicated relationship between the inner and outer world they reflected relationship between the inner and outer world they reflected Although they wrote the vicissitudes of life
differently ,they make readers believe that love should sprout and develop just
齐齐哈尔大学继续教育学院学士毕业论文(设计) 齐齐哈尔大学继续教育学院学士毕业论文(设计)
like that . The Comparasion of the legend of Stone and Pride Prejudice are the outcome of the development of their individual national literature ,the similar ideological contradiction and developing course.
齐齐哈尔大学继续教育学院学士毕业论文(设计) 齐齐哈尔大学继续教育学院学士毕业论文(设计)
I. similarities in Aesthetic
In accordance with the history of China ,Cao Xueqin lived in an unstable and capricious period,which the palace of the feudalisticempire was floating over the craters,and the doom of extermination was irresistible. At the same time ,the elements of Capitalistic productive style had appeared.The contradiction between the new force and the old camp became sharper and sharper, and the decisive battle was inevitable.However as we all see,in The Legend of Stone Cao Xueqin. didn’t,touch upon the social upheaval dircctly ,nor the “sinverity of offivials”,nor the rebellion among the people .On the contrary,he coceteated on the girls in “Da Guan Yuan Park”,especially on describing their and decline of Jia ’ family was just the artistic choice and creation of Mr.Cao Xueqin, Turning back to the period Jane Austen lived in, it was also unsteady.At that time,European capitalists were fighting the final battle against the old feudalists.That was an era filled with fire and blood.but ,in Pride and Prejudice,we could neither hear the sound of artillery fire,nor smell the scent of gun-power.Instead,this novel was full of romantic love and heart-felt laughter:the soldiers in this works were not active in the hail of bullets,but in the banquets of the hosts,in the dance halls of garden,and under the “pomegranate dress” of the minds ,Jane
Austen paid much attention to the girls of the Bennets.By the different sufferings of Jane,Charlotte,Lydia,and Elizabeth,the authoress wove a vivid and delicate artistic painting.That was just Austen’s artistic creation and choice ,which was similar to Cao Xueqin’s Maybe it seems that the two writers concentrated on trivial things in the critical moment,but in fact, they both became the milestones in the world literature.Their successes disclose an aesthetic rule?the charm of artistic world cannot be measured by the degree of seriousness of the theme.
齐齐哈尔大学继续教育学院学士毕业论文(设计) 齐齐哈尔大学继续教育学院学士毕业论文(设计)
II Similarities in Dispositions and Contents and Topics Dispositions
Literature is humanism. Narrative literature describes the dispositions of fugures;meanwhile,the dispositions are exposed by the development of the plots. In the aspect of dispositions and plots,The Comparasion of the Legend of stone and pride &prejuce also have many similarities.We can see, Lin Daiyu and Elizabeth are two love seeds planted in China and England by Cupid respectively,The two novels are both based on their love and marriage. They molded two rebellious girls with some resemble artistic methods, though their endings of fate were different-one was tragedy, the other was comedy.

  2.1 Plots of the Legend of STONE AND pride and Prejudice
Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu fell in love with each other at their first sight.Logically thinking,their affection would be developed smoothly and their marriage seemed to become true.But, with the development of the story, they always quarreled and struggled,even shocked the whole “Da Guan Yuan Park”. In the end ,an anticipant comedy became an irretrievable tragedy. On the one hand ,it was because Baoyu’s revolt against feudalism was so immature;on the other hand, it was because the interference on the destructor-Xue Baochai. From the very beginning to end, the so-called “gold and jade” predestined affinity had always been a threat to the “wood and stone” destiny; and eventually ,the love between Daiyu and Baoyu became a sacrifice of the feudalistic Confucian ethical code . From Daiyu’s angle ,she pursued free love and marriage bravely and insistently, but as an orphan who lived under another’s roof ,she had no coice but to be more cautious, more suspicious and more jealous ,all of above formed a certain kind of sentimental character. At the same time, entangling in serious disease made her live in the sorrow and depression . To the happiness of love and marriage, it was an undoubted obstructive shadow. However, the reason why her tragic character could become an immortal model in Chinese literature doesn’t lie in her sentimentalism, but in her brave rebellion. Her suspicion, acrimony, pride and caprice were just the
齐齐哈尔大学继续教育学院学士毕业论文(设计) 齐齐哈尔大学继续教育学院学士毕业论文(设计)
ineveitable manifestation of the struggle for the free love and marriage under the oppression of the rigid feudalism, the exterior component of her rebellious disposition. Of course, Elizabeth and Mr.Darsy didn’t fall in love at first sight. Just for havng no mutually favorable impression, it impelled a desire for them to comprehend each other. That was also a kind of tortuous and sad love. In the course of sorrow, Mr.Darsy overcame his aristocratic arrogance gradually. But as for Elizabeth, she had great difficulty in discarding her bias.It was not merely because of the vicious malign by the swindler-Wicham and the obstacle in the marriage of Jane and Mr.Bingley. In the author’s opinion, the more important reason was that, although Elizabeth wasn’t so solitary as Daiyu, but the low status of her family, the philistinism of her relatives, always made her feel inferior to others. This kind of mental burden urged her to be extremely discreet when she sought ,the free emotion and marriage. Moreover between she and Mr.Darsy, there also existed a character like Xue Baochai who intended to make love tragedy- Miss Bingley. This hypocritical lady criticized that Elizabeth had a little caprice just like Xue Baochai slandered Lin Daiyu; she tried her best to ingratiated Mr.Darsy and his sister to get a chain marriage that let her brother marry Miss Darsy and she herself could marry Mr.Darsy just like Baochai flattered Baoyu and his family. Therefore, the caprice and prejudice of Elizabeth was also the exterior formation of her rebellious character. Seeing essentially, she went after the happiness of free love and marriage bravely and insistently as well. Every time after she made fun of Mr.Darsy, she would always lost in thought and annoyance. Wasn’t it just like the complicated mentality of Daiyu longing for getting together but actually becoming estranged. She refused the proposal of Mr.Darsy so resolutely that she announced her rejection even r



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