“Three Criterions”in English Teaching
【Abstract】:With the continual reform of language teaching and learning methods, there should be three criterions about the evaluation of the effectiveness of English teaching:whether it is conducive to students' interest in learning Englisht;whether or not conducive to improving the overall quality of the students;whether it is conducive to improving the academic performance of students. 【Key words】effective, interest , overall quality ,academic performance
Introduction Facing the teaching reform,our teachers of English try using all kinds of teaching methods in order to satisfy the students' demands.There must be teaching methods,but there is no regular methods.So,how should we evaluate whether it is effective?I think that we can refer to the Mr.Deng's words: whether it is conducive to students' interest in learing English;whether or not conducive to improving the overall quality of the students;whether it is conducive to improving the academic performance of students. Ⅰ Whether it is conducive to students' interest in learning English Interest is the best teacher.As Confucius said,"He who likes it does better than theperson who knows it,while he who enjoys it does better than the person who just likes it." Nowdays, Tao Xingzhi,a great educator,said"If the children have interest in something ,they will put their heart into it and we should not separate learning with enjoyment." Interest is a conscious trend that one looks forward to gaining knowledge.It can lead us to seek knowledge ,think over problems and widen our vision. Interest in learning English is students' positive mood in English activities and an important inner power.Thus, as a teacher,how can we develop students' interest in learning English?I think we should do the followings. A Pay special attention to morning reading and cultivate English language feeling. Reciting contributes to developing the language feeling.One of aims in our language-teaching is to enable students to use English freely to communicate in intercultural environment.English language feeling is a base for using English correctly and freely.Once the students gain the feeling,they will express themselves naturally and frankly.But how to make our children recite with great enjoyment? 1 Choose suitable reciting materials."Not too difficult but be very easy."The reciting materials should be realistic and practical and should be conducive to stimulating the children's interest in reciting. 2 Comprehend the materials. After choosing the materials ,teachers should directe students to comprehend the meanings by using their knowledge and experience.We can lead a reading model and teach students to pay attention to the pronunciation,intonation and speed because standard reading contribute to developing correct pronunciation and intonation and improving the abilities of listening and speaking. 3 Set different reciting aims for students in different levels.
a.For the low-level students,they should set original texts as their aims. b.For the high-level studenrs,we can suggest them enlarging ,shorten or adapt the original text.It helps develop the language feeling. 4 Strengthen spoken exercises based on the text-reciting. a.Organize the students to take part in activities ,such as "Let's talk in English", "Listening Practice","Let me try"and so on. b. Oral retelling,rewriting,and imitating composition. B.Make full use of the five minutes before class to develop their interest in speaking. A successful teacher is good at stimulating the students' interest. So the activities before class must be attractive as follows: 1 Greet students in English for a while and then enter the formal topic.
  2.Describe daily life in English
  3.Tell story in English. C. Fill the grammar lesson with enjoyment. In general,grammar lesson is always boring and dull.However,teachers should design the lesson in a familiar environment ,take some easy sentences as example and encourage the children to find the basic nature by themselves.For example, There are many students in our classroom. There is a book on the desk. The students can summarize the basic nature and use "There be ……"to make up some sentneces about their daily life. Thus,grammar enters our life. D.Read books widely,cultivate interest in learning and enlarge your knowledge. As everyone knows,English reading is very important in the College Entrance Examnation.It involves astronomy,gergraphy,history,culture,customs and other aspects of life.So we shoule encourage children to read more books and magazines in English to learn more about Britain and American culture to widen vision. "No interest,no strength." As teachers, we should make our children learn with enjoyment.If so,our teaching methods is effective. Ⅱ Whether or not conducive to improving the overall quality of the students Quality-oriented education is to improve the overall quality of the students..Students need to gain some scientific approaches to mastering knowledge and capacity.Good learning methods helps develop one's talents better.Students should be the centre in our learning abilities.Teachers should encourage students to study independently and give them more free time and room .Thus,they can learn to learn by learning by themselves , As for English, it is only one of the subjects that students should study.As a language, English is difficult to learn because students are in a completely different environment.So I think we should bring quality-oriented education into our English class to develop their abilitis to creat and practise knowledge.We can make it as follows: A. Mobilize students' enthusiasm to learn English and teach them to learn not passively but actively. Teachers are the organizers of the teaching process and the guide to achieve the teaching objectives .So he is not only a director but a actor. During teaching, every action will draw students' attention.Teachers' right tone of voice ,amiable state of teaching, accurate
and vivid expression as well as neat writing on the blackboard can attract students' eyes.Therefore, teachers should not scold children just because of the little mistakes in listening,speaking,reading or writing. Instead,we should encourage them to speak English loudly in class and give them more chances to perform.In the beginning,they probably don't understand or aren't used to speaking.Teacher should be patient wirh them and give them bravery through your eyes.Keep on doing,they will be improved.We can praise those who speak and pronounce well and on the other hand, we must help those who behave badly timely.,especially the falling-behind students.Confidence is very important for them. When some makes a little progress ,praise them timely to stimulate their interest in learning,mobilize stucents'enthusiasm to learn English actively and improve their overall quality. B. Guide and encourage the students to innovate through a variety of ways. Students are the leading role in class.So we must give them enough freedom space to practise.We can add more pair-work.Pair-work will let students perform themselves freely ,learn from each other .Their imagination and potential quality will be seen by doing this.Group-discussion does work.Collect wisdom of every one of us ,discuss and solve the problem.For example ,before class we can give students a chance to tell a story,or report some news by using familiar words and phrases.And we can encourage them to play games,dramas and so on to learn English together with others. No matter what ways we choose,we shoule make our children happy and pleasant not boring.We can make them do what students can do .For example,they can prepare the new lesson if the sentences is simply,and design a new lesson.Teachers can help them Improve themselves.Creat some vivid life environment and encourage students to practise speaking.Only through commuciation, language is meaningful. C. Cultivate students' divergent thinking and enhance innovative capacity As Tao Xingzhi said," Teaching is to teach students to learn to learn." It is said that teaching in discussion or questioning helps to develop students' divergent thinking and enhance innovative capacity. Teachers should imagine and creat scene to give every student a chance to participate in.Students can use knowledge they have learned to do some divergent creation.For example,give them some key words and let them make up a story . They can communicate with each other and help each other to use the language freely .They can improve abilities to solve problems by themselves and master new knowledge.During the course of this ,they improve their abilities to creat and practise. D. Bring quality-oriented education in English class and teach students based on different temperament and sexual distinction. Generally speaking, girls are very careful ,concentrative and patient while boys are careless ,active and flexible.According to that , I teacher them based on their separate characteristic to take advantage of their strength. For example ,girls do well in doing something again and again while boys prefer to do something by using their brain ,hands or eyes. On the contrary, most of the girls are quiet and self-respectful but timid. They expected to be respected and be paid much attention to.So I let girls do some service or volunteer work to satisfy their psychological needs. In short, the process of teaching is a process of exploring and creating. We should give students a guide and put them on the stage .Teach them to learn ,study and solve problems.Only by this way can we improve their overall quality.
Ⅲ Whether it is conducive to improving the academic performance of students. College Enterance Examination is very important in students' whole life.Evaluating whether a teacher's teaching is effective or not ,people always emphasize the academic performance of the students. Then, how can we improve our grades? We can do something as follows: A .Summarize the mistaken examination questions. First, write the title of the mistaken probems.Then, record the wrong and right keys to the problem.Next,turn to your teacher to help you analyze the reason for mistakes. Make sure you really understand and before next examination,go over your summary to avoid future ones. B .Make a breakthrough by spoken English. Practise your spoken English by many ways,such as reading English magazines loudly,listening English broadcast.And if you have a chance ,you can go to the English corner to communicate with foreign people. C .Read newspapers or maganizes. When we come across new words,we can refer to the dictionary in paper .Thus, we can pay more attention to the English explanation.It will help us develop thoughts in English,which contributes to improving our English feeling. He who does well in reading comprehension will succeed in the College Entrance Examination in English.According to the examination,students should pay special attention to the reading comprehension.In order to improve the academic performance,students can do this: 1 .Enlarge the words vocabulary. 2 .Learn to analyze the long and difficult sentences. 3 .Pay much attention to the title of every reading comprehension.
  4. Pay special attention to the every choices. D .Recite texts. Reciting the text not only helps students to develop English feeling but also master some sentence-patterns,phrases and knowledge about grammar. E .Pay attention to the language environment. In English learning,words and phrases are very important.Put every word and phrase in real environment and you will remember them better and quicker. .0As for compositions, the sentence is the largest unit .If we can write beautiful sentences ,we can write some fine paragraph and some passages.Among the three,making up sentences is the easiest .So we should focus our attention on sentence patterns.
conclusion No matter what methods of teaching, as long as it keeps to the three criterions,it must help to improve students' quality and their academic performance.That is an aim that every one of our educators should pursue.
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